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Dino crisis 1 had a really scary moment, when the T-Rex breaks a window.

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well, maybe retarded is not the best word, but i just had a little hope that XB1 would be a lot of different from W8: both in aesthetics and functionality. W8 sucks most of the time (happy to be back to my W7.

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Most like if u tell me "use windows apps to practice for xbox apps" it sounds retarded already...

As I said before: the only problem i have with my 360 is M$, sadly its a big one.

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KI took my heart already. Not a good enough reason to buy a XB1 yet, but... man I MUST make some ultra combos =)

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I like your list. Just would pick KI instead of The Division (not that innovative, IMO)... and... yep, my bet for DKC tropical freeze =)

* Happy to see someone who loves games instead of companies

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OK, thanks for taking the time to reply and not just disagree, lol.
Let me make it clear: me posting this here has NOTHING to do with a preference for Microsoft over Sony, I own both a PS3 and a 360 (though, to be honest, i havent played any of these in a while, I've been playing LoL for about a year :D ok, whatever...)

Now about this: "Sony care about gamers". We all know that M$ and $ony ONLY care about money, right?? That's why in my opinion the b...

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*DISCLAIMER: I own both a PS3 and a 360, so I'm NOT a MS or SOny fan, and have a lot of criticism about certain policies from both companies.

Now, I find it absurd - and boring- to start arguing to persuade people and yourself that you must take <THIS> side, especially when you can't play neither PS4 nor XB1 yet. Why don't you just wait to be amazed without thinking "Oh, it's a <INSERT COMPANY> product, I can't look at it..."

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Seriously, I just dont get why people is becoming PS4/XB1 fanboy ALREADY! I mean, why would you defend a brand JUST because it belongs to Microsoft and Sony... This is stupid, you simply have no reason to give em any kind of loyalty, they are not doing any favor to you... (Personally, I couldnt buy a console without a chance to try it.)
My point is: fanboyism kinda ruined gamer community this generation... I thought people had grown up and we could be smarter this time to just ENJOY V...

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GOOD! Finally someone mentioned League of Legends. However, for some reason, it isnt tagged... ¬¬
I wonder why this game - currently one of the most played online - is almost completely omitted by gaming journalists, while COD fills too many webpages. IMO, that demonstrates that journalism is actually dirty propaganda, so a free-to-play game (that also sustains very well) is not a profitable topic. And of course fanboys are good audience for that.

A comprehe...

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Shadow moses.... :') Snake's dream in MGS1 style is another proof that Kojima is a GENIOUS.

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T.. That gave me chills!! o_o

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Honestly, I loved Move the first time I tried it. Also, it was cheaper than kinect - and not so awkward. If Time Crysis wouldn't suck, I would buy it right now! But Sorcery?? bitch, please

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The title is smarter than the article. Despite the ESRB rating, it is clear that nowadays gamers have a different concept of what a RPG is...

These are Mass Effect and Skyrim times (both great games).

I just would like to say that when FFVII came out... it was AMAZING. Even the graphics were amazing (nobody would care about characters models, the WORLD was just so rich and beatiful). But is impossible to communicate the impressions that such a story caused in...

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Maybe Activision would consider it a good idea...

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Agreed, Jack was the only character I left to die in the end. Anyway, Subject zero is probably the best mision in ME2. I was high when played it and I really loved videogames that day. The ambientation, the dialogs, the sounds... the decision you must take. Everything is great in that quest. I played the rest of the game on weed, but honestly I found it boring and with bad graphics. The ending was crappy. Jack side quest still is the part I remember best.

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Yep. You're trolling. I'm sure that PSN activity must be very similar (however, I'm just happy to see that still a lot of people is playing uncharted 2).

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Most likely I'll be playing a pirate copy in my 360


(just like I played Black Ops campaign)

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Great year, indeed. I still think Portal 2 is GOTY.

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Completely agree. Amazing graphics for a crappy game.
Seems like GG reached a quality peak with KZ2 (for those who don't remember, the first game sucks even more than KZ3).

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