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"Your in the Danger Zone"


I like them both, so as a gamer it's win win #23
damn me too, i miss the multiplayer, #2.1
Without them there would be nothing for fanboys to fight about and this site would cease to be relevant.

At this point I assume that most of the people on here are the same folks who work on these crap sites just pretending to fight with each for hits.

I come here for the front page to see if there is any news I missed, but at this point one could just go to neogaf and find the same info that will eventually become thousands of N4G articles hours before t... #1.4.1
no that is pretty much the case with N4G, like it or not N4G encourages the worst mob mentalities. No matter which console you like if you want to argue pointlessly this is the place to do it. #24.1.1
"During a recent interview with Japanese economic website Toyo Keizai, ever-charming Ken Kutaragi had this to say about Sony's goal for the PS3: "for consumers to think to themselves 'I will work more hours to buy one'. We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else."

Here is... #1.5.5
Can't wait for the coming plex app on the xb1

I hope the ps4 gets a plex app as well #4.1
These article premises are becoming more and more nonsensical, it's not even comparing apples and oranges, it's comparing apples and Tupperware #1
I would feel dirty writing articles like these #11
We have known about this for over a year #6
good news is good #5
Or the X1 can run games at 1080p if the dev and the engine they are using are optimized to take advantage of the hardware.

everyone cares about graphics and to a lesser extent resolution.

not everyone cares to engage in endless back and forth about which console is better, some of us just want to enjoy gaming. #13.1
I wish they would sell the mp separately I'd buy it #2
I love it on the xb1 I love watching people play classic games on speed runs, and watching people play dark souls 2 #3
Like pavlovs dogs, site writes flame bait and the usual pointless conversation begins. #12
Fun game, still play it, looking forward to the doc, especially the tree map #17
most people on this site can no longer simply enjoy games

they want to argue and talk smack, and topics like resolution disparity are like crack to them. take this away from them and many would find that they actually don't like gaming as much as they enjoy being narrow minded a$$holes.

if game x runs at 1080p on my console and 900p on your console we should still be able to talk about a games story, game mechanics, art style, etc.

but n... #1.3.3
Its a fun game. IMO its the best looking new gen game, and the fact that its open world makes the graphic fidelity all the more impressive.

I do wish the open world felt more diverse and alive. I've never been to Seattle but second son makes it feel like a large town and not a vibrant city. There's less fun randomness to the NPC's compared to GTA or Saints Row.

small personal gripe, otherwise well done to sucker punch good stuff out the gate #19
Here opinions matter more than games #1.2.1
The power of Christ compels you #16.1

Say hello to project Morpheus #8
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