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"Your in the Danger Zone"


I use my playstation TV in my upstairs bedroom to play my PS+ vita games and remote play from my PS4 if the rest of the family is using the TV in the living room.

So far it's been a useful addition to my gaming ecosystem but I can see why it might not appeal to everyone. #16
Spherical Wank #7
Very enjoyable game #12
This comment section is n4g in a nutshell #45
Gaming news is just depressing now #3
God the discourse on this site is pathetic #40
At n4g gaming is secondary. Most people come here to argue with each other and have thier limited world views reenforced. #3.1.1
Is Blizzard Announcing Warcraft 4 At BlizzCon This Weekend?

How the f*ck would I know, it's your job to find that information and report it. #13
Literally the end of the world #33
If a is good i will play no matter the resolution #33
It's very old news but sites gotta stir the fanboys here with something #26.1
I purchased one so I could play my ps+ vita games and remote play my ps4 to my upstairs bedroom. It was expensive though. The ps tv + a 32gb card + 2nd ps4 controller + Ethernet over powerline adapters (cause wi fi sucked). So I just spent a little under 300 to get this going in my scenario.

I like it so far but in the end I'm not gonna buy vita games im just gonna play the ones I get with my sub, I feel like I expanded my Sony gaming ecosystem #19
Sh$t was never this sh$tty #4.1.3
Wonder why the are shutting it down, did it cost more money than it made? #9
Come on gamefly can't wait #7
I'm enjoying the game #85
oh they realize it. this "argument" is what these websites feed off of, and look at all the folks that play into it. The sites that clutter up n4g are bottom feeders who fight over click scraps by trying to create news and controversy where their is none. They are the worst of the gaming community because they exploit gaming by monetizing gamer on gamer discord. #10.2
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people take all this way too seriously #39
Why is it one or the other? Over the course of a console gen it's not much hurdle to get more than one console if you want. Or just pick one, but this idea that we have to take sides is childish and serves no other purpose than to fuel flame bait articles that try to rile people up.

I'm really surprised people aren't tired of being manipulated in this way. We seem to pride ourselves on the choices we make and our individualism while one cursory glance at gaming... #16
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Brettman I'm surprised your not being disagreed to hell for stating that the og xbox ant the 360 were better consoles during their gen than the ps2 and ps3. #7.1.3
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