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"Your in the Danger Zone"


I'm enjoying the game #85
oh they realize it. this "argument" is what these websites feed off of, and look at all the folks that play into it. The sites that clutter up n4g are bottom feeders who fight over click scraps by trying to create news and controversy where their is none. They are the worst of the gaming community because they exploit gaming by monetizing gamer on gamer discord. #10.2
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people take all this way too seriously #39
Why is it one or the other? Over the course of a console gen it's not much hurdle to get more than one console if you want. Or just pick one, but this idea that we have to take sides is childish and serves no other purpose than to fuel flame bait articles that try to rile people up.

I'm really surprised people aren't tired of being manipulated in this way. We seem to pride ourselves on the choices we make and our individualism while one cursory glance at gaming... #16
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Brettman I'm surprised your not being disagreed to hell for stating that the og xbox ant the 360 were better consoles during their gen than the ps2 and ps3. #7.1.3
Hey look another "journalist" found a way to make the same folks on n4g argue with each other over nothing. Great job. #18
It's a fun game #18
There is always reddit or neogaf. In fact most of the "articles" on n4g are neogaf threads repackaged. #1.9.2
Why are we still going on about this? The ps4 edges out the xb1 in hardware performance. There done. This does not mean the xb1 sucks or incapable of providing gamers a great experience this gen. Likewise the ps4 is not some super machine. Both offer great games and compelling services. Pick one if must, pick both if you can. But for gods sake the important thing is the games. Let's enjoy, play, and talk about the games. This constant back and forth about resolution is boring. #48
Ms should have made a new shadow complex game that was a AAA third person shooter, it would have Nathan drakes voice, platforming, in the metroidvania style just like the xbla original. Wasted opportunity. #17
There is more to gaming than this. #3
I'd rather have both. It's much easier to save up and own both consoles during a given gen rather than bitch and moan all day on this website

But hey I prefer gaming to posting, that's just me #33
Tomb raider 2015 exclusive, emphasis on 2015

If it is a real total exclusive then holy sh$t but it sounds timed to me #22
Loving the setting #9
Easy way to end the war , stop reading and responding to these articles and just enjoy the games. #26
let me sum it up

playstation = options good
xbox = options bad

n4g debate in a nutshell #118
I like them both, so as a gamer it's win win #23
damn me too, i miss the multiplayer, #2.1
Without them there would be nothing for fanboys to fight about and this site would cease to be relevant.

At this point I assume that most of the people on here are the same folks who work on these crap sites just pretending to fight with each for hits.

I come here for the front page to see if there is any news I missed, but at this point one could just go to neogaf and find the same info that will eventually become thousands of N4G articles hours before t... #1.4.1
no that is pretty much the case with N4G, like it or not N4G encourages the worst mob mentalities. No matter which console you like if you want to argue pointlessly this is the place to do it. #24.1.1
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