Your in the Danger Zone


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Well said

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I hope that all future 360 games with gold games are backwards compatible. Also hopefully ea will start adding some 360 games to the ea access vault.

More free games is always a good thing.

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Hopefully all future 360 game with gold games will be bc.

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Well said

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I'm bonafide! I'm a suitor!

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I have them, they are great. I use them on my ps4 and my Xbox.

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I'd love a from software Star Wars game in the souls style

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Neogaf looks downright classy and calm as opposed to n4g. It's the stupid bubble policy, also I miss have two zones.

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So I'm assuming this site won't have a review of battlefront or any other game ever again.

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How so?

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30.00 dollars a year, access to an ever growing list of games, early access trials for new games, discounts on new games and dlc.

Just because some folks dont see value there does not mean the value does not exist. Do the math, you get more than your moneys worth with EA Access.

Now if the games dont interest you then fine, but that is purely subjective, the value in this optional service is a straight fact.

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I just don't feel any strong emotions for companies or thier products. My feelings about gaming are linked to specific games and the shared moments with friends. Those games and moments are not restricted to one console or platform. This sycophantic fanaticism towards one company is so strange to me.

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Jesus Christ stop beating this dead f$cking horse. The order is a really good game, your game time will vary depending on how you play just like every other game that has ever existed.

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N4g is part of the problem we are fish in a barrel g

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It's the only game on my gamefly list, that usually guarantees I'll get a new game when it launches. I'm looking forward to playing a well crafted SP game.

I can understand if folks don't wanna pay full price for something they may not see value in. But no one is forcing anyone to buy this game at full price. Either find a way to borrow, game share, or rent it, or wait however long until the price drops. Everything else is just the usual suspects looking f...

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FTA: "But some groups are signing on for full information sharing, starting now. They include...the Entertainment Software Association, which represents Sony and Microsoft’s video game divisions, as well as many more of the largest video game companies in the country...

Members of the Entertainment Software Association:

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I'm gonna get this for my ps tv

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Don't y'all get it creeping judas is a mountain man

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Game is good

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Anyone still waiting for the ps+ edition is waiting for what we were promised from the launch of the ps4.

i dont care who it is sony or MS when you promise a game (even a portion of a game) to your customers and then don't deliver we should not be rewarding that behavior with apathy or money.

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