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"Your in the Danger Zone"


most people on this site can no longer simply enjoy games

they want to argue and talk smack, and topics like resolution disparity are like crack to them. take this away from them and many would find that they actually don't like gaming as much as they enjoy being narrow minded a$$holes.

if game x runs at 1080p on my console and 900p on your console we should still be able to talk about a games story, game mechanics, art style, etc.

but n... #1.3.3
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Its a fun game. IMO its the best looking new gen game, and the fact that its open world makes the graphic fidelity all the more impressive.

I do wish the open world felt more diverse and alive. I've never been to Seattle but second son makes it feel like a large town and not a vibrant city. There's less fun randomness to the NPC's compared to GTA or Saints Row.

small personal gripe, otherwise well done to sucker punch good stuff out the gate #19
Here opinions matter more than games #1.2.1
The power of Christ compels you #16.1

Say hello to project Morpheus #8
The ps4 headset is simply using a standard 3.5mm male to male audio cable that has mic capabilities.

I use my ps4 headset with my xb1 and it works just fine. #1.6
No one said that

Great deal though forwarding this on to all my friends #11.1
with or without titanfall the xb1 will be more successful than the 360, which was more successful than the original xbox.

the xb1 will most likely never catch up to the PS4 but that does not mean it will not be successful #11
Mag and star hawk were both 60, online only, and fun as hell just like titanfall

Can you spot the glaring difference #1.4.2
It sporadic I'm in ct and I can't get on but 2 of my fiends were able to log in a few minutes ago #23
Live is down on xb1 no titanfall at launch for many #14
Son of a bitch, I just wanna play #11
Unsubstantiated speculation

Waste of time unless you enjoy the uninformed reporting non news to the uninformed so that we can have a pointless uninformed conversation about nothing

I hate Daylight savings #1
Same here i got my ps4 gold headset plugged into my adapter. I get the static at dash everywhere else is cool, looks software related so I assume an update will resolve it #1.1
Works with my ps4 gold wireless headset #5
"The install base is at a point where we will be limited in terms of what we sell," Zampella told MMGN. "I think everyone on Xbox One should buy it [laughs] but there is some limitation there."

Are people really arguing over this benign statement. #17
Cerny is nice #1
I loved mag and that game was mp only #1.5.4
everyone i beg you lets take this an an opportunity to call a truce.

resolutiongate is dead

now lets focus on the quality of the games #89
I love mine. Sound great on the ps4. #8
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