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Sounds more like positions for the next gen surface devices than xbox.

Article take down confirmed.

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well except for Bing... With Bing I just speak out to my xbox what I want to watch, and Bing finds it for me.

But I agree... If all I did was streaming, I would go with a free to use box instead of the 360.

Ive been an unapologetic xbox fanboy for 8 years now, and here in 2013... If I have to pay for basic connectivity in the next xbox I will think long and hard about my options.

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Pretty much why I quit trying to be a game developer right there...

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/in before shipped not sold BS

So if you give any credence to FakeChartz numbers, you now have to accept that Microsoft keeps more xbox's in inventory than they sell in a three month period.

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No it isn't. This concept is garnering a huge amount of comments from trolls. The vast majority of people in the world dont mind internet connected devices the way you guys do, and this issue will have no affect on them what so ever.

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You also get discounts with Gold as well, you just have to sign up for them...


Also the sales on XBox have matched the sales on steam this year... So...

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The XBox total domination of the worlds totally dominant military, financial and cultural only remaining super power market in the world continues.

Suck it world.

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Kinect is probably built right into the New XBox controller. That way it can capture facial expressions. Also a huge amount of the development on the Kinect has been as a 3d scanner, and Kinect embedded right in the controller would make it the game makers 3d scanner of choice. Also you will be able to set it under your TV, to enable touch screen functionality, or on your coffee table, so you can touch screen in the air from your couch. Then it will still have the fallback where you can p...

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Or Primesense doesn't release the new Kinect sensor until later this year as has been prominently posted on their website since January...

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Its not that. It is that PS4 fanboys interpret anything less than enthralled adulation of the PS4 as hatred.

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The press is bashing Sony because they did a classic VAPORWARE press conference. No console means no validation that the tech demos we saw were actually being run on PS4 hardware. Additionally they did things like... Offer 8 gigs of GDDR5 ram without any explanation or history of such a thing happening, and the announcement took everyone off guard, and surprised everyone. An extraordinary claim.

That matters because the only example they have of lots of GDDR5 ram is the N...

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Moving parts wear out in very predictable ways. All they have to do is track for the age of the blu-ray drive, and they can probably develop some function of legitimate slowdown, vs the slowdown caused by pirated disks.

@r21 below...

Welcome to the x86 world, where every caveat and detail about the cpu is known by hackers around the world. Now that the PS4 is based on that, I expect it to have a piracy problem comparable to what the xbox 360 has...

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Industrial espionage is actually considered a national security issue...

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Being a launch game and easy to develop for means that is no longer true. While there has been moderate improvement to xbox games over the years, there has not been the dramatic shift where all the launch games on the PS3 looked like ass, and then 7 years later they look decent.

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Its funny, as an indy casual gamer the PS4 wowed me because the PS4 looks like it will be the casual gaming platform of choice, which is going to necessarily erode the coreness of the core games on the PS4, and will eventually kill off the Sony exclusive.

So in that Sony would start the March down the road to the end of the console exclusive the way Microsoft did nearly a decade ago, is quite impressive to me.

Gonna be bad for so called "core" gamer...

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~No it doesn't it means you intend to substitute a null terminated string in a pritnf command in the the c programming language.~

You surround your sarcastic statement with ~tildes~ if you are intending to point out your sarcasm.

For example...

~you have a great sarcastic sense of humor~

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1. Of the parts of the world that play video games, streaming is absolutely a possibility. There are a few smaller markets where it may not be pervasive, but for most of North America, Europe, East Asia, and Australia, streaming is absolutely a possibility.

2. The evidence all suggests that the Kinect 2.0 will be integrated right into the xbox 720 controller, giving xbox players a Leapmotion esque touch screen control of their living room TV. I predict that Halo Wars 2.0 ...

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I suspect given the trend on the internets the last two weeks, I will get the most agrees if I offer that this update is designed to enhance the xbox's ability to ruthlessly murder babies, puppies and kittens.

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Well police have raided e-bay auctions for Fraud as well. Say everything he posted was bogus, and was doing it to pump of the auction price of his bogus dev kit, well that would be FRAUD.

Fraud would trigger the criminal element that is now in play, not just the civil remedies of violating an NDA.

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Never mind that launch titles all tend to be.... launch titles...

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