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No you won't. A whole slew of those games will get canceled.

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A lot of these games will get canceled and never ship. It happens every console generation.

Microsoft doesn't announce games until they are just about ready to ship.

Next summer at e3, Sony will be announcing all these same games again, and Microsoft will have a whole new lineup...

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Yes, I saw that video.

And your proposition is that leaving the game going to a different app is superior to simply watching the app and not leaving the game?


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You can't be stuck in a game, then bring up an internet browser right there in game to get a hint.

The PS4 definitely will not do that either...

The PS4 it only does the stuff that it used to do.


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No Sony will not have down one downloads of full games. They don't have internet game sharing. They don't let you use your game on two consoles at once. They don't have picture in picture multi-tasking. You can't play a game and watch a Netflix tv show at the same time. You can't video chat while you game either. There is no live TV, and no voice controls.

Really the only thing that the PS4 has that the X1 doesn't is the PS4 requires you to chang...

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Oh and Just downloading free Fable 3 right now. Still works.

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Oh my I do. N4g is scrapping the bubble system?

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I wonder if i have five bubbles?

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You are wrong by the way. We have more than one way to fight this DRM scheme. We could start a White House petition to investigate the Xbox One for PRICE FIXING.

Because if Gamestop (or whoever the authorized re-seller is) can sell the game to my friend, but I can not, it is a text book example of a violation of US anti-trust law. This DRM scheme is ILLEGAL.

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Spoiler alert!!!1

The dog dies!

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Yeah, we will be talking about this in 10 years. This is the new Microsoft Bob, Clippy, BSOD, and Zune all rolled into one.

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The XBox One has real potential to kill off the console market here in North America...

I'm starting to wonder if that was the plan all along...

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The Wired article showed Kinect logging people in and identifying the controller that they were on pretty much instantly...

So does that mean, when I go over to my friends house and log into his xbox, and play my games on his xbox, that if I try to hand the controller to him, the digital restrictions management will stop him from playing my game on his xbox?

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You mis-spelled $kype...

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I used to have a problem with people Spelling Micro$oft with a $ in place of the S. However, I can eat enough crow, and admit I was wrong, and that the way everyone should Spell Micro$oft no is with the $ in there instead of the s.

Micro$oft made it clear that is the only thing they care about on tuesday...

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It has hard to believe that with this announcement, and the release of the Ouya later this year, that the 4 will stand for...

Fourth Place....

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I realize this might be taken as trolling...

But Disney bought the Star Wars Franchise...

And they are making three more movies...

And a theme park...

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IIRC Sony only showed three games. The rest were engine sizzle reels, but no games.

Also, there was very little in the way of exclusives...

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Words like hypocrite are generally reserved for matters of importance. Particularly as it relates to actions, rather than words...

If you wanted to use a term like "mildly inconsistent" I think that would be fair.

But hypocrite... I don't think you understand the severity of the word...

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I was thinking they would make BF4 online free to play. Now all you have to do is buy bullets....

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