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*realizes that the ps4 only has 4.5 gig for games*

*gets x1 instead*

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You never played Kinectamals did you?

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A big fan moves the same amount of air as a smaller fan at higher RPM.

The reason for the big fan is noise, not heat.

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All previous cross plat motion control games to become X1 exclusives, confirmed.

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ok I hit edit instead of reply... /sigh Didnt mean to stealth edit

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I don't know if I would go that far, but I think you are right, in so much as it will see a pick up in sales just because it is the least expensive console.

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The people like you will not. However the parents or grandparents that know that their child or grandchild is asking for a console, will.

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Dance Central 1, 2 & 3

With a series lifetime sales somewhere in the 6-8 million sales.

I can agree that you don't like it, but claiming it is not a great game is an assumption on your part.

Kinect dance games are the de facto standard in dance games now.

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They were trying to get you more games on disk. Now you will get fewer games on disk, as publishers opt out of disk based distribution...

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It is funny because gaming websites like actually made the situation worse.

The publishers are simply going to opt out of disk distribution for smaller games, on both consoles.

Only trible A games like COD and Madden will get disk distribution.

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Well and there will be far fewer console exclusives this gen as well. They will also be most heavily affected by policies to blunt the resale value of games...

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It doesn't matter what you want. The publishers now set the pricing and distribution policy for both Sony and Microsoft.

The main reason that download edition of ~some~ games will be discounted is to blunt the resale value of the disk based games.

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The article makes a mistake... Disk based games will not be an option. They were going to be an option, but Microsofts efforts to limit used game sales failed.

What you will see in the coming generation is that only Triple A block busters get released on disk. Everything else will be download only.

Another thing that you will see is games that are download timed exclusives. They will be available for download a couple of months before the disk release, se...

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This is the big ~why~ EA dropped online pass. I would expect all EA games to have online pass here on out...

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Not having to have a disk in the drive is a restriction? You've got it backwards buddy.

Having to change disk every time you want to play a different game is the restriction...

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Best article ever.

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Well, then get an x1 where this is REALITY.


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Um... No... mimicry is the sincerest for of flattery...

This is also basically proof that the hive mind on n4g has it wrong. If the x1 was going to be the failure you have all declared, Steam would not be copying the x1 just days after this announcement.

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And thanks to the x1, is getting better!

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Well now Sony has responded to x1 game borrowing showing their decidedly last gen and obsolete game borrowing solution, rather sarcastically.

Steam is now reacting to X1 game borrowing by adding their own game borrowing scheme.

Next up is Nintendo... What will Nintendo' game borrowing mimicry of the x1 look like?

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