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Incorrect, Textures are still limited by the limited ram on the consoles. Bluray does nothing to address this.

Incorrect, uncompressed textures take longer to load (from your slow bluray drive) than compressed textures. decompressing textures takes very little cpu load. Also, you get a lot fewer textures in ram if you load them decompressed.

The only thing I have witnessed the bluray extra space used for this generation is really long cut scenes, and g...

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These are my suggestions for Squenix more than this game.

1. Stop making games, and jusk make an animated series.
2. After you do that, fire all of your writers, and get compotent writers, and stop writing dreck.
3. After you do that, fire all of your voice talent, and hire all
new voice talent.
4. After you do that, fire all of your animators, and hire all new animators.

5. Make a feature length movie based upon ...

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Kinect already has core games... For example... Dance Central is a casual game in the same sense that DDR was a casual game... Which is to say it is not at all a casual game.

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Still Microsoft does brain dead things...

XBLA is the perfect venue for kinect games, yet there are still no XBLA kinect games, and seemingly there are no plans for XBLA kinect games...

Also, why can't I buy download versions of kinect games??? Why do they force me to go to store to get kinect games???

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Have you tried it??? It is a lot of fun. That is the nature of its appeal, why is that surprising??? Has there been an advertising campaign in Europe??? If not yet, then as soon as it starts 360 will become the dominant console there as well.

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The 360 is the best selling console in america right now therefor it is doomed???

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