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Actually precisely the opposite is happening. There is a marriage strike. Men are refusing the marry their girlfriends in ever increasing numbers.

That the author doesn't know this invalidates every other thing he says.

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20% of Microsoft's revenue comes from Xbox, I don't think they are going to sell it off just yet...

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About a company that was on a rocketing growth trajectory for 20 years then he took over and everything stagnated for a decade.

A may not be his fault though, Microsoft was under anti-trust supervision for much of that time. But he certainly was not a tech visionary like Gates or Jobbs.

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Thanks to google, hackers no longer need for you to have a GPS to track where you are. Your Wifi is good enough to get your location.

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Would be more interesting if it was a list of launch games like Microsoft gave, but as of right now, the PS4 has no games, and that is gonna be a problem for the console....

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Sony gained no points by having a conference that was boring and mostly not about the PS4.

Microsoft didn't lose points by not having a conference.

Score: Microsoft: 0, Sony: <0

There was not winner, but Sony lost by doing more harm that good.

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Nope, Ive understated it actually. It will not only doom the PS4 to obscurity, but it will be the kill shot for Sony as well, because Sony needs the PS4 in order to survive another 5 years.

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Load up the Gap app, try on differnt outfits in the Kinect mirror, show your friends in Skype.

They just captures >90% of the girl gamer demographic. If the only reach parity in guy gamers, to have acheived total console domination.

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Would be a Megaton announcement and Doom the PS4 to obscurity.

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This is a product you can go and buy, not a concept

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The Kinect in every house helps finds enemy tanks... Didn't you read the article?

Why are you in favor of helping the enemy tanks hide?

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Well you seem pretty ignorant for someone who "actually been working on it for a while", as this is not a Microsoft product. This is a third party company that is selling software that uses a Kinect and a projector.

But this does represent the first time you can contemplate projecting star craft onto a wall or a table and play it all futuristic like. Hmm, looking at how it works, looks like you can use to to retro fit your giant Samsung LCD TV with touch screen as...

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Yeah, but this is a thing you can actually buy. Those other things on the market costs $10's of thousands of dollars, and require engineers to come out to your place to install them, need special custom software etc...

Personally I would still like to see projector, Kinect sensor, etc all be integrated to the point that you just plug the touch screen projector into your laptops HDMI port and it all "just works".

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Meh. This is just software, pretty pricey software at that. You still need a projector, Kinect and a computer.

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Selling out in those 13 countries. They won't have enough consoles to meet demand, so no reason start selling in smaller countries until they have enough consoles.

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here is the commercial in question because the story doesnt have it...

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Nope sorry guys. Rumor comes from PS4 SDK manual. Also, the PS4 only has 4.5 gig of ram. The extra 1 gig is only for debugging.

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Yes, but the x1 has more ram for games!

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Wow looks vain and desperate on the day we find out that the PS4 only has 4.5 gigs for games.

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