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Or just boot into windows, and ignore Linux solutions because any interesting linux software was ported to Windows more than a decade ago...

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Please go away and stop calling yourself a gamer.


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Hmmm... That is one way to spin Micrsofts total domination of the media the last few months, but not the one that I would use. I mean the n4g and gaf hive minds have tried to spin the X1 as bad, but seeing as it is on track to be the largest console release in history, I don't think the haters have had the impact that they hoped to have...

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PS4 fan very loud confirmed!

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Nothing that you said changes the FACT that you are a PS4 bully troll who in this circumstance is trolling with faint praise, and trying to shut down discussions about the X1 because your mother never breast fed you and your father sexually abused you.

But Kinect 2.0, and the ability to capture mocap and play it back in your game. There is your reason for both Kinect and the X1, in particular as it relates to Spark.

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He is referring to the ability to record mocap with the Kinect and play it back on the avatar, which you can not do in LBP...

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Spark also doesn't have the intense douchbag quality that Sack boy has.

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Because the X1 is going to get the exclusive Rare add on content.

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Ryse Screen Grabs look like the Deep Down target renders.

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So with an obvious and clear advantage, it shouldn't take long to see the results. The advantage will be clear day one.

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Seems legit.

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I agree but not in the way you think.

I think Sony is going to sell a ton of the Vita TV (Wii like numbers) and it ends up hurting the end life of the PS3, X360, and the PS4.

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Do the graphics match what we saw at reveal of PS4 last year? Nope, not even close.

Why would I be embarrassed about my comment? You saw a very early build of a game that will not be released for a year or more, that is loaded with the types of problems you had to dig deeper down to find in Ryse a few posts back.

Do you know what I did see in that video? Higher detail models... Say about the 40k limit we see in every PS4 game. No where near the 130k poly...

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Ryse is a game, so far Deeper Down is just a tech demo.


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That it is all very interesting, but not relevant to the fact that from a technical perspective, the hair/geometry shader that is persistent in Ryse, is a technology that is next gen, and totally absent in KZSF.

KZSF seems to take last generation tech, and push deeper into it, with obviously a very large particle count in its particles engine, but particle engines are a last gen technology...

On the other hand, the extremely high detai...

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Ok, first exhibit... Every frame of every Ryse demo. That hair/geometry shader at the top of his head.

Ok, your turn, what video and time code of KZSF has a hair shader in it?


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Technically there is a lot more going on in Ryse than in KZSF. That is not opinion, that is fact.

The detail level of the models... Both the technical model, and the animation skeletons.

The various geometry shaders all running in Ryse, that are totally absent for KZSF

Also, the physics system for Ryse is ~obviously~ a much more involved thing, while physics in KZSF seem to be entirely arcade simulation...

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We know that GTA games have ~never~ been about cutting edge graphics...

Which makes the graphic whore fanboys doubly funny in this thread.

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Sony's business model requires that they dominate to make money. The X1 is good enough that they won't dominate... At best they will do slightly better.

Thus, even with a slight victory, Sony faces bankruptcy.

Winner: X1 and Microsoft.

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And yet another comparison that fails to point out that the PS4 has no games...

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