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He pretty much failed to confirm that it was 1080p, just like Penlow did last night. In Gaf logic, that is total confirmation that it is 720p.

Toodles! #3.2
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Seriously, have some empathy for PS fans. This is literally the only good news they have had in weeks. Their games look like crap compared to X1 games, all their games have been delayed, they have a single use UI and Sony won't show publically, without any apparent ability to add third party apps.

Not to mention there are many videos of their console over heating and crashing when you try to play games.

Show some compassion, let them have this. #2.2.2
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If by "cool", you mean "losing steam" then yes. Sony has been losing steam here in the run up to launch. #3.1
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Like random crashes when trying to demo units...

Or hiding and obscuring the dashboard UI because it is awful...

Like canceling large signature games, literally at the last minute...

Those kind of problems??? #1.4.1
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Here is some Troll spray...


X1 exclusives look better than PS4 tech demos.

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Here I have an image for you that will ram the facts down your throat.

Ryse vs The PS4 Sorcery tech demo...


X1 Playable games look better than PS4 tech demos. #1.1.3
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That destructoid link there, it confirms that Shadow Fail does indeed have dedicated servers for match making and proxy. However the games are hosted on consoles... #4.5.3
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PS4 lacks the critical dedicated server and compute infrastructure to support this game. For that reason alone, this game remains a console exclusive to the X1. #4
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The headline does not match the article. It says right in the article that KillZone Shadow Fail will be on 100% player hosted servers. Only matchmaking and proxy stuff exists on servers.

Sheesh some of you guys are thick. #6.1.14
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Shadow fail will have a proxy system to tunnel through NATs, what it will not have is dedicated servers.

In all the articles you listed they described a match making system and proxy system. But the actual game host will still be on a PS4 somewhere, and when that player quits you will still have to do host migration.... People will still be able to use lag switches. You still have the problem of your game being hosted on a home ISP, rather than in a data center somewhere.... #6.1.10
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It wasn't in a plastic case in this video...


When it overheated and crashed while trying to play Knack. #1.1.8
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That begs the question... So why do they put them in those enclosed cases then? Microsoft is not demoing the X1 in enclosed cases. Sony clearly thinks that they can.

But the overheating issue that the PS4 ~is~ having is only part of the problem. Two major launch games have been canceled as well.

The PS4 has major problems, they are not going to magically go away in the next month... #2.2.3
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I am living in the universe where the PS4 is having some sort of technical problem that will not go away, and is causing games to be delayed.

Not little games either. Big signature launch games.

The disagrees can pretend that there is not some serious problem with the PS4 at this point, but there quite clearly is to those of us without fanboy blinders on. #2.2.1
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Every Sony CD player and dvd player that burnt out in a years time that I ever owned over the last 20 years says hi! #2.1
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I am assuming that Sony will not put together a cloud effort in the next month, or even year. After that they ~might~ be able to cobble something primitive together. But Azure will be larger than the Amazon cloud by the end of 2014, so Sony has a few years (and billions of dollars they don't have) to catch up.

Like I said, between dedicated mp game servers, The massive amounts of CPU and GPU (and yes Azure supports GPU compute) that each x... #1.1.20
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Let me give you another example of how this is utterly destroys and ruins Sony's whole business model. Why this is a deathblow to Sony.

A indy developer releases a game on the X1. Game price is free (as in free not free to play). The developer uses the X1 users compute units to mine for bitcoin. The more popular the totally free game is the more money the developer makes.

You can go ahead and cry now, I won't judge;) #1.1.17
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Dedicated servers are not a megaton. Free dedicated servers are. It is not only a megaton, but Sony just lost any notion of being a relevant MP console, and the console war.

Game over. Better luck next time. #1.1.15
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This has been confirmed since May. This is just a re-confirmation of something we already knew. It is just so incredibly awesome that certain groups of people were in disbelief.

Remember Blows statement about 300k virtual servers spun up on a single computer?

It is shocking because people forgot it under the weight of all the FUD emminating from N4G and gaf. #1.1.9
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No. It looks like for the time being the only console that will have XBL compute is the X1.

Also, every game from every developer will have access to free dedicated servers. If a game doesn't use it, it is because of lazy developers, as there is no excuse to not utilize them. #16.1
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there is no such thing as 900p... #1.5.1
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