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In other words everything is normal in PSN land...

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Dude, PSN was never able to handle 80 million people. PSN goes down 2x a week from some error or another like clock work.

This is just confirming what we already knew... Sony's PSN is assy. Always has been, always will be. The difference is that now they have to pay for it...

The truth of the term PS3.5 continues unabated.

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Lol, the iPhone sold 9 million devices in a single weekend.

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LOL. By all reports the PS supply issues are even worse across the pond.

All consoles are basically sold out everywhere. There is no domination happening.


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There is no domination happening. The PS4 might sell mildly better than the x1. But for the time being, it is neck and neck.

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Working great on X1!

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I tired out of last gen shooters a couple years ago. I was quite rusty. I keep getting tagged as a High Value Target just one week later;)

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Heh, I just played like 3 conquest maps in a row. No lag.

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So BF4 is still a X1 next gen console exclusive sounds like?

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Incorrect. It is an X1 exclusive;)

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It is from the made up fantasy place of he pulled it out of his A$$.

The PS4 has sold barely more than they sold two weeks ago, because they have been out of stock the whole time everywhere.

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Well OK... A company like Sony that has consistently lost money over the last 10 years delivering products exactly like the PS4 is exactly the type of company I wouldn't buy.


Sony, we use to make stuff, now we Make believe.

Where as Microsoft on the other hand... If you had bought in last may when the X1 was announced, you would have doubled your money now.

No. Sony goes in the Short forever fund.

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The PS4 being stupidly successful will only be enough to keep Sony from going bankrupt. As it is, with the X1 and PS4 neck and neck, Sony is doomed for bankruptcy.

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You can't find the PS4 in stores because Sony has quietly recalled all the unsold consoles until they figure out what is causing the Blinkin Blue Light of Death.

Not because they are selling though...

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Interesting progress. So PS4 defenders are now backing off of the 3:1 to 5:1 ratios you guys were spouting off just one week ago. FWIW, Microsoft will announce 2 million+ sold on Friday as well.

Then you will have to PS4 defend back to "but but but, the PS4 is still mildly outselling the x1! sputter mif snort" as you try and not cry. LOL.

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The denial about the success of the x1 is hilarious. You guys should do stand up. LOL

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One of the worst things about BF4 was the day one dlc code did not have an accompanying QR code.

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Well that is an obtuse way to look at it. Most people who mail ordered probably bought their x1 right on the xbox store.

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Actually it is probably internet connected so that they can deactivate stolen Kiosk units, and the guy in the picture unplugged the ethernet cable in the back of the Kiosk, launched the game, laughed because he felt like a haxor, and snapped the pick...

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