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They don't track anything. They make up numbers based on some hidden calculus that they won't show anyone.

Their numbers are CONSISTENTLY wildly off base, then they stealth edit their website to reflect the changes when real data becomes available done by real market research firms.

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I will now make up some imaginary numbers as well...

The square root of negative 3.

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Reviewers should disclose if they got their game and hardware for free in addition to how they get paid.

In addition to that, PS4 game reviewers should indicate if they went to the PS4 press only launch event, and received a 3 night vacation in a 5 star hotel, and the monogrammed PS4, basically if they took part in the extravagant gifting that Sony engaged in right before the launch of the new consoles.

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Not to mention the PS4's are selling for retail price on EBay, once you factor in shipping and EBay's cut most of the flippers are losing money.

Plus there is precisely ZERO mainstream interest in ~either~ console.

This generation is already a flop. The PS4 is merely the biggest loser.

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Wrong. Sony needed to dominate, they failed. The very best you can say about PS4 sales is that they are mildly outselling the X1 because they released in more countries.

However, the PS3 did that the entire last generation, except for the first two years. Sony lost billions of dollar by only outselling the x360. That financial reality will really start to hit home this year, and Sony is in store for another couple of rounds of downsizing.

Realistically, t...

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You are boring and repetitive as well...

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If the mods don't get on this thread and start popping some troll bubbles soon, im done with N4G. I lost a bubble for saying the X1 is selling just as well as the PS4.

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Dude, the Sony Move controller was not shaped like a penis. It was shaped like a clit massage.

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Yes, helping people find a console even though it may not be the one that you would buy is so controversial, that it is now trolling.

But then so is the mere existence of the idea that the X1 is selling like hot cakes on n4g.

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Suspend-resume should have been available at launch.

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Not really, they released in like 30 countries, that is only like 70k consoles per country.

The X1 is at like 90k+ consoles per country. That was before it dominated the Quad on Black Friday...

Edit: lol at disagrees. This was your argument like one single day ago. Why the change?

Edit2: Lol again, 2.1 million word wide minus the 1.2 million sold in US, means USA > World.

So much pwnership here. You guys are a bunch o...

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Well except the PS4 got curb stomped so baddly this weekend its skull is cracked open and brains are dripping down into the sewer.

PS4 is doing ok in Europe, but Europe is not the world. The States is going xbox again, that much is clear this monday.

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The weaker more expensive console is selling better than the stronger less expensive console here in the states.

Why on earth would they lower the price in that environment???

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Again, Europeans are LAME AS HELL.

Here watch as real shoppers overthrow the barricades like soccer hooligans.


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Man Europeans are such pussies, no wonder we Americans need to go bail you guys out every few years.

This is how you do a proper Black Friday sales rush.


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Yes, because the PS4 is more sold out than the X1. Just like before launch when the PS4 pre-orders were more sold out than the X1 pre-orders.

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Just pointing out that there are no records being broken here.

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Ouch, good thing Sony didn't use online DRM. LOLOLOL

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