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Well for some reason they put a USB 3.0 in it, but then a 50MB a second hard drive. A hard drive so old they had to go back to 1999 to order it. According to the article, the hard drive is only 50MB a second.

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It confers all the advantages to Microsoft. That is a fact, and we know it is a fact because all the people who will now click disagree, agreed with Kaz when he said that Sony would let Microsoft go first just a short month ago.

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Its Apples fault. Most of the big computing increases came from Microsoft and Intel. Apple released the iPhone and all the development went to low power devices.. Us gamers got screwed.

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The problem with the numberz is not that they are inaccurate. It is that they are made up. Even worse than rational just made up numbers they contain wild speculation on important things...

Like even though retailers are only selling 150k xboxes a month, we are supposed to believe from Microsoft numbers that retailers (in just america) are keeping a million of the things in stock, or about a 6 month supply this time of year...

Retail inventory systems simpl...

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Unless developers give Microsoft third party exclusives because the XBox blocks used game sales and the PS4 does not.

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I suspect Microsoft doesn't want to upset retailers...

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Sony didn't say they shipped 77 million consoles. An IDC forecast which has been horribly inaccurate in the past guesses they have sold 77 million. We might have some idea in the next few days when Sony reports earnings. If they have outsold the xbox, they will make a big point of throwing it out there then, because other than that there will be little good news in their earnings report.

Having said that, you are right about these numberz being horse poopy. Accordin...

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And the PS2 was in fact doomed. They had to discontinue it because it was selling so poorly, and no one was supporting it anymore.

The same fate it certain to happen the the PS3.

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No they are not. First those are consoles sold to retailers.

Second, there are not multiple millions of consoles in inventory at various retailers around the United states, or even the world. A quick survey of retailers in the US would suggest at most there are a couple hundred thousand, Double that if you count Europe. (treble that if you count japan and the PS3) and not millions.

WTF, why would retailers have more in stock than they sell in a given week, ...

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Um, wait a second...

Are you seriously trying to say that Sony didn't hype to mother effing capsular out of Little Big Planet long beyond the time it was obvious that it was a total failure and had no cultural cache???

I mean to this day they hype the crap out of Sock Boy, and no one even knows who he is...

Trying to make a trade mark out of Sock Boy (which Sony is still doing to this day, even though the effort was a total failure) absol...

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Well a sales forecast from IDC doesn't in fact matter. What matters is the actual numbers from the company. Microsoft puts their official number out there every quarter, and Sony has been coy about their number, and they do things like conflate it with PS2 numbers when they do give us a number.

One thing that certainly does matter is that Sony hasn't issued a statement at places like CES "We have now outsold the xbox 360" which given Sony's history, th...

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Actually, if they announce last, then they look like the 'also ran'

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Dont exaggerate. With their current cash supply, Microsoft could only buy Sony 5x over.

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I agree, yet disagree with your exception.


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Sales forecasts are not sales results. For that IDC FORCAST to be correct, the PS3 had to have its best Christmas season ever, which it did not, it had its worst Christmas season ever.

No worries though, when Microsoft announces their real numbers in about two weeks, and Sony obfuscates their numbers again by combining them with ps2 numbers, we will all know the score.

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The xbox success is only confusing if you subscribe to PS3 groupthink.

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Microsoft has already announced that they no longer plan to do any announcement inside of trade shows. See the Surface reveal.

If there was going to be a console this year, they will stage an announcement with about a months notice, then E3 will be where the public gets to try out the new console. It will be launched on September 25th.

But I no longer think we will see the neXtBox announce this year. Instead we will see the Illumiroom projector, which wi...

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FPS games are inherently casual. The real hard core games are found in arcade. Like Minecraft for instance.

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The xbox will sell for $400 at launch again, and its price will be subsidized by a mandatory subscription to xbox live. It will be a beast of a machine, with a high end GPU, and a SOC processor. Kinect v2 will be an integral part of the product.

Sony will either eat the price of the PS4 (they have no built in subscriber base for mandatory online subscription fees) or they will release a dumbed down console that is about half way between the wiiU and and the XBoxDominator. ...

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All the IRL gamers that I know are single adult men. Generally they live in barren apartments with their 50" lcd or plasma being a the focal point of their couch. They all smoke lots of pot. They have no living plants or wall hangings in their temple of game. They already game with the lights off.

Every single one of them would go for this.

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