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When Microsoft does it, it must be sinister.

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He could just be a honey badger and doesnt care if people think he is a fanboy or not...

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I was confused when I saw the video and was like "Wow this looks a lot like wing commander", and now I completely understand why.

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Well except that option has no games...

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No we won't. Sony will be bankrupt before console turns profit, and the ps4 will be orphaned junk...

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Seriously, the news submission algorithm at n4g is totally broken now. You guys should just shut it down and burn the servers. Its too far gone to ever work again...

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If it is a slight hiccup at launch. Yes, blowing it out of proportion. Many years on and you still need whole days to patch your network, your servers suck.

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No chance of this getting approved. The gaming media is in full dereliction of their responsibilities mode now. Gamers need to know that they are buying a console that will probably be orphaned within the year.

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I was on while it happened. I was down for a good 3-4 minutes. The horror!

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Sony doesn't have the money to fend off the corporate raiders, who are now driving the stock price down with heavy option plays(look at the ticker... See how the price goes down on heavy volume? Those are the corporate raiders getting people to sell with option trades). Once they get the stock price down to about $12 a share, some capital investment firm will get a controlling share (institutional investors abandoned the stock last year, sitting at 5%), who will promptly fire all the s...

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But but but, Always online DRM is good when Sony does it.

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Im sure with all the compression artifacts and lag that are sure to be present in Sony Now technology you will not notice the jaggies one bit.

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No fakechartz numberz are fake. According to Fakechartz, the X1 stopped selling the week before xmas. Then it sold 600k the week after Christmas. Which is like, lol.

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According to metrics, anything less than 9 million PS4's at this point and the PS4 should be considered a failure. The PS4 was supposed out outsell the X1 3:1.

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It will get approved, but the n4g heat ratings are fake. So it will quickly fall off the front page in spite of being huge news.

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Fakechartz stealth updated moments after this announcement.

In anything this confirms that are fake.

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OIC, lol Sony has 150 billion in assets, yes, but they also have 130 billion in liabilities.

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Nope Amazon and Best Buy still both have them...

OIC, you are talking about the $400 version. You say that like its my fault that Sony lied to you about how much the console costs, and is now baiting and switching.


EDIT @ below, nope, Walmart has PS4's as well. Just the bait and switch edition.

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Sony failed to sell 3 million by the end of the year. So either Sony is having production problems, or the demand is simply not there...

Right now we just don't know why Sony failed to meet their sales forecast...

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With the singular exception of Amazon, just about every online store has them now as well, and Amazon is shipping on the 10th.

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