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Kudos to Iceball2000 for have common sense. I tired of people referring to the next installment as RD2.

Bubbles 4U #1.1.2
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As for CoD and AC I've left these franchise's in my rear view mirror a long time ago. When a game begins to be expected year after year that's not a sport franchise its curtains for it, may take some time before the curtain drop's, but it just a matter of time before they fall victim to being over looked but true gamers.

S\N: FallOut, if announced is going to steal e3 IMO. Lol I just started replay FO3 just off rumors of another FO being announced. #1.1
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GG have always delivered IMO, there isn't a doubt in my mind that there game is going to be visually stunning. I really want to see how they introduce these robot dinosaur's, and how we get to use them. #1.1.1
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Holy snikes!!

This will own E3 IMO, just based off skyrims engine(which is last gen) I'm expecting it see greatness on the screen. Finally get some concrete info, mainly the location and gameplay, and see what improvements they've add to the game. Really looking forward to this.... #1.1.2
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I already know my post will have plenty of disagrees mainly cause of who Nintendo is. I really think they should shelve Nintendo's flag ship IP's for at least half of the next generation console that Nintendo decides to make. I say this cause just like most suggest there IPs are getting milked, not in the sense of COD or AC, but there expected. I honestly feel that if they let these iconic characters become missed they would be more appreciated. I think if Mario,Zelda,DK, and Samus wh... #3.1
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What! This guy^^^

OT: This game will indeed break the internet, they've really imbraced this role, going back and looking at the originals of the first SW film. They've built a new engine for this game and the trailer that they did release awhile back looked amazing. So just imagine what there capable of producing with the time they've spent since that was released....

LMAO this guy!!!! ^^^ #1.1.2
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I'm predicting idk, some guns..maybe a few bullets...a clip or two...oh yea and MP. Just I hunch... S\ #1.2.2
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Completely needed, these wars are the reason our consoles are what they are today. Sony learned a hard lesson the beginning of last gen, but look at them now. #1.1.2
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Soooooo this story is for the trophy whores, not for gamers... #1.1.2
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As someone who's replaying skyrim, i can only imagine what a next gen FO game would look like. Can't wait... #1.1.2
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R* hasn't announced it, but there is a buzz that they are already deep in production. Same as HL3 and Fallout4... #3.1.2
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Skyrim!!! I think i need to revisit Skyrim and New Vegas. True enough GTA5 on next-gen is great in all, but I for one am looking for something new. Like if your dying to hear something about FALLOUT4! lol I just finished GTA5 for the second time, so i'm not rushing to get this one. just being honest #2.1.3
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exactly, HL3 anyone. Got to see it to believe it #1.2.1
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Lol sounds like the cable company "We'll be there between 8-12 or 1-6" lol that is hilarious! #1.1.2
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Just shows you how well Sony have rebounded from the PS3 fiasco. There an engine hitting on all cylinders #1.1.2
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The story maybe stretched a tad bit, but games are the only form of entertainment that can offer a fear factor that can cause a person to jump. Even with RE2, I'm speaking of the PS1, had points that scared the he'll out of me, I wouldn't even play that game with all the lights out. That was a long time ago, so you can imagine what there capable of achieving today. Like I said it maybe stretched, but I'm sure it will scare the he'll out of some folks... #2.1.1
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Almost like R* trying to find the right time to reintroduce Agent? Ive lost interest in this game looking forward to something better #1.1.4
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Llf 3 words: I'm willing to bet everyone knows where that disagree vote came from #1.1.2
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Lol wish I could play that (Outlast),

S/N Excellent choice of words for the title, it's true and it was the first thing notice when I looked up. #2.1.2
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This is why games will one day take over movie's as the number 1 form of entertainment. I can't remember the last time I was scared at a movie, but I've been getting scared in games since RE2. The fact this game has been mentioned with VR has me salivating. Hope to get some more info on this soon... #4.3.3
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