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I want to get into the witcher 3, I've bought it, played it, tried so hard to get into it but I can't. I don't understand half of the dialogue and get lost. Someone said it's like watch SW episode 3 without watch episode 5...

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Ask XB1 owner if there ready to sink in all those hours playing RDR again. The answer is yes. If there's a demand for it people will fork over there cash.

S/N how many people will buy HL2 remastered? A hell of a lot, now if we could get Valve off there cheeks we'd be alright...

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When this game came out, I honestly thought it's gameplay was going to carry over to the next GTA. I say that cause of the mechanic's for stealing radios, the fighting and breaking into stores just seemed to be perfect for a GTA game. It obviously didn't but it doesn't matter cause I get the chance to try and make it back to Coney Island soon....

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HOLY $H*T BAGS! I have been waiting on this game to come back out since they started remastering games. I haven't read this article yet, but will as soon as I post this. I've said over and over again if R* was to remaster anything I'd buy "TheWarriors" day1. Ok so it's not remastered, but I don't care. I'll be fighting to make it back to Coney Island and a few days. Thing just keep getting better and better for us gamers. "Can you dig it? Can you dig it?...

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I can agree on that last statement, I had FF7 downloaded on my PS3, but had to buy it again for my PS4.

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Good eye m8

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Totally agree, QD are a breath of fresh air in our industry; has Sony bought this studio yet?

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Sooo is this a new console from MS, and if it's not, please explain why it's not...

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No words....(T_T)

I need to hibernate for 4 months

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I love how people assume that cause the last couple of years the winners of the champions league have been from LA liga that there a better league. I beg to differ, mainly cause of the competition in EPL. LaLiga is a three horse race now, thanks to Athletico Madrid, but EPL is wide open. If your Real and have a game against FC Eibar before your semi final, you'd rest your starters and play your second squad, but if your ManC and have to play Tottenham before your semi you don't have t...

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I'm hoping that the console version looks this good! Let's all be honest, we all know these trailers are PC graphics.


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One thing I dislike about GTA games are they seem to dwell is the same cities. Liberty City, Vice City, or Los Santos/San Andreas. I for one want a fresh city, something completely new. I'd like to see Detroit, but I'd love to see them do Chicago. Gang life, Upscale financial district, Musicians, and sports icon. It has it all. Chiraq has my vote...

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What about "TheWarriors"? Now can you dig that sucka!

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^^^ Somebody's excited lol. JK, on a serious note I think I may go pick those up, you hyped them up so much I must experience them myself.... Kudos


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Lol well I guess my dreams where shot down


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I want them to one up CoD by having BC2 come with BF5. MP and all of its DLC, with the upgraded Frostbite engine. I know thats asking a lot, but a guy can dream can't he lol...God I miss BC2 MP

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Already has, look at TombRaider now and look at TombRaider back then...

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So what if BFBC2 came with BF5, even the MP with all of the DLC? Would that sweeten the pot even more?

I loved BC2, I actually loved the campaign, and it was one of my first experiences with online MP, blow my friggen mind! I have never spent more time in a BF game. Never.

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