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Lol sounds like the cable company "We'll be there between 8-12 or 1-6" lol that is hilarious! #1.1.2
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Just shows you how well Sony have rebounded from the PS3 fiasco. There an engine hitting on all cylinders #1.1.2
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The story maybe stretched a tad bit, but games are the only form of entertainment that can offer a fear factor that can cause a person to jump. Even with RE2, I'm speaking of the PS1, had points that scared the he'll out of me, I wouldn't even play that game with all the lights out. That was a long time ago, so you can imagine what there capable of achieving today. Like I said it maybe stretched, but I'm sure it will scare the he'll out of some folks... #2.1.1
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Almost like R* trying to find the right time to reintroduce Agent? Ive lost interest in this game looking forward to something better #1.1.4
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Llf 3 words: I'm willing to bet everyone knows where that disagree vote came from #1.1.2
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Lol wish I could play that (Outlast),

S/N Excellent choice of words for the title, it's true and it was the first thing notice when I looked up. #2.1.2
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This is why games will one day take over movie's as the number 1 form of entertainment. I can't remember the last time I was scared at a movie, but I've been getting scared in games since RE2. The fact this game has been mentioned with VR has me salivating. Hope to get some more info on this soon... #4.3.3
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RDR+Zombie's=A match made in heaven? or Hell?..... it's a good a*$ match. #1.1.1
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Llf @816Finger

This could be the tech demo to GG next game, they've already came out saying they've reached photo realistic environments js... #1.1.5
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He probably took a look at what everybody else was doing and said uuuuummmmm I think I'm going back home...just an opinion #1.1.4
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Okay I thought I was tripping..... #1.1
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I really loved the QTA when he ripped his head off. I also like how Poseidon got his ass beat in First Person View. It's the little things that make the game R3+L3 #1.1.1
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Exclusives are what won the war. I find it hard to believe nobody has mentioned what I consider to be Sony's best game last gen....Journey! I've played the hell out of that game and still go back for more. A true masterpiece #1.1.3
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I think the biggest blu ray is 120gb... #4.1.2
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Two totally different styles of FPS. #1.1.1
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Can't do anything but respect that #1.4.3
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What is the hype with Halo. To me it was just one of the first online fps that worked well. Other then that its a crap game, go to a point push a button and back track to the beginning. To me that horrible level design, after that I haven't pick up another halo. I just don't see the hype #1.4.1
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M$ did Sony in last gen with there timed exclusives, Sony just adapted to sign of the times. It also doesn't hurt that there system is a lot easier to develop on this Gen.... #4.1.3
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The warranty says a lot about a product and how the maker fill about there product. You'd be surprised at how many TV's that don't offer full one year Manufacturer warranty. Like I tell my customers when they pick out a product that offers only a 15-60day warranty "How can I ask you to buy something that the manufacturer won't stand behind?" #1.1.2
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Never stopped M$ fans from throwing all there timed exclusives in our faces ie GTAIV and CoD. So yeah I for one am bragging about our timed exclusives. All the time you all had your DLC early you'll made sure to let us know about it. So now that the shoe is on the other foot you'll want to down play you'll ignorance. Trust me M$ fans will know when we get our hands on our DLC early, cause they sure in the hell let us know..... #1.1.10
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