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WTF bro!!!!

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@ Inveni0
Dude you must be a genius lol

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Let me know if I'm wrong, but randomly generated planets could just be "this planet is exactly the same as this one but has blue grass instead of green grass."

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A Sully story where it ends where Sully and Drake meet for the first time. (UC3 flash back). It'll be a great story as well as pay ND homage.

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I'd like a twist where you find out your back on earth 20,000 years after the human population has left not just our planet, but our galaxy all together. Almost like the terrible movie with Will Smith "after earth"..

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Atlanta, Chicago, or Houston. Houston would have to be Texas and Mexico, a little Cartel action there....

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Totally agree, you still have until the first of March to take advantage of the offer. Just judging off of Skyrim's DLC it'll be a no brainer.

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@JuicyCorn LMAO! Only thing missing is an exclamation point and the sound of a hand slamming against a desk

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What is this VR you speak of, and what evils shall it bring into my life XD.

I can't speak for anyone else but I'm ready, wallet in all. I don't understand how people can buy phones that cost 6-7 hundred dollars yearly and whine about something that cost around 4-5 hundred for a decent life cycle... ($_$)

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Am I the only person looking for a "TheWarriors" HD remake?

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Roast 'em lmao, I'm not even a PC gamer and I know they just step into a lot of gamers cross hairs. GET 'EM!! •(X_x)•••

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Looks like PixelJunks Shooter...

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The way I see it is, no one knew what direction to take TR in until Uncharted came out, they waited to see if there was high potential to this IP and basically cloned it....

S/N Everyone is saying that Drake is supposed to die at the end of UC4, but I don't think he will, I see Drake being severely injured, to a point where he can't go on treasure hunts anymore. I don't think they'll kill him off, just retire his jersey

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Llf! XD

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At the announcement of this game I was so excited just to hear this games concept, the ability to travel from planet to planet, to discover something know one else has. But as time has gone by, I start to grow concerned with it....

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Well considering that there are only 2 major consoles out there I feel as if SEGA could have a lot of potential. I say two major consoles cause know matter what people say or do M$ is NOT considered a major console. I say that cause they've only had one relevant console, the 360, which is stained with the rrod fiasco. Original box was weak with only halo. I owned 2 cause my first ate up my games, owned 360 for about a week before it caught the flu (r...

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Oh.......I retract my statements.... (Quietly walks out room)

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I think if SEGA got back into the game it would be the death of Xbox, and I know "What does that have to do with Xbox" but were talking about a company that goes way back, to a whole nother generation. SEGA name back on a console would sale like hot cakes. They grab up shares in Japan, Europe, as well as the states. Something M$ can't afford, especially after this generation ends. People would jump ship as they've done this generation. Lol I hope SEGA gets back into the cons...

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Half life...

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