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Have to also agree, I can't wait to see this game in action

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Completely agree, after all that time behind the scenes that game looks like KaKa. As far as the the XXX I'll pass, I'm a Sony guy, but I'm excited for M$ fans lets hope M$ investes in a few 1st Party studios

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As long as they've got those WCW and WWF wrestling games I'm in.

JimRoss "RockBottom, RockBottom, RockBottom"

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I'm 35, and i log in whenever I get the chance. My only down fall would be the wife saying "we've got more important thing to take care of the buying a new game." Or Finally getting a new game and everybody wants to play it, my kids ruined a few for me😖, but I think I've found away around it with games like Bloodbourne and any game the is brutally difficult. (Devilish laugh MuHaHaHaHa....)

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MM Dream

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I'm calling bull, they're developing it, i have no proof, but look at FO4 they announced it and released it later that year. Bethesda aren't going to announce anything as big as ESVI until they're in the final push. Kudos to them cause i hate when something is announced and comes out a year or two after...

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Must be a Xbox head hurt that they got a new system without many exclusives....

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You've got games that weren't shown. Okay...

Sony's got a treasure chest of games they're hiding must be nice.

M$ only game of E3 seem to be about looking for treasure...

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QD are known for there games to be replayed, I mean why wouldn't you play there games multiple times to see how different there stories unfold...

I really think this was the most slept on game of E3....

S/N Where was MM Dream?

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Not on all games, but it would be nice to have BF1 orCOD Xbox vs PS4.

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"lol, the three games that looked awesome on Xbox One X can be played elsewhere without paying $500. What is the point of this thing?"

Spot On, Spot on....

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Certified classic....

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It'll never be enough😨

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I don't see Ken....

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"E3 all over again just in 4K"

You just roasted his a$$... Lmao

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"If Sony are happy that PS4 and the Pro are enough to keep them afloat"

Bobby Hill voice "What are you talking about"

Exclusives keep Sony afloat. Its best if Sony Wait a year or two after M$ drops Scorpio, cause they'll put out a better console and it'll be to soon for M$ to try and sell another console with pissing off there core....

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Is it safe to say we've got our first glimpse of gameplay on Scorpio. I mean isnt sledgehammer a M$ company?

If im wrong im sure you'll let me know lmao...

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Should of took a break and smoke some BC bud


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Xbox Ultra seems to roll of the tongue....

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I for one am glad to see the ship correcting. I'm a Sony guy, but competition is great for gamer's. So congrats to the fanboys, you guys got something to talk about, let's just hope y'all don't go xbox360 over confident again lol...

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