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RDR2 exclusive content would be huge for Sony's PS4 and PSPro owner's. This is great news....

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I don't think MS reads the news, Kojima is with Sony now. After all the cash you all throw around on exclusive content for games, how the hell do you let this gaming genius go without throwing some funds his way. TBH when Kojima left I thought M$ gonna get him, but they let him slide our way.

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Now that's something I'd per order right now, as a matter of fact I'd just pay it off right now. Certified classic games....

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GG has always been a beast IMO, ever since KZ2. They changed MP with Warzone, with is a feature most enjoyed. I really like KZ story, and dont see the appeal of Halo, but again that just my opinion. There future is bright with Horizon and with there engine. I hope this become the norm when companies are willing to share there tech...

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It's not about the graphics, I want to play the original Crash. Really what could the do new with a classic beside screw it up?

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Yea, compared to how well the 360 started out, M$ lost all there momentum with X1. Why wouldn't they cut there losses. This actually is going to hurt them. Once they drop there new console, Sony will have everything they need to build a console to make it obsolete. Not to mention mainly 1st party devs are going to be the ones who really try a push the tech, 3rd party devs are going to keep making there games look the same across multi platforms

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Dude if they do Vice city I'll be disappointed, and the only reason I say that is GTA games are stuck in these three cities. LC, VC, and SA/LS. I really want a fresh city, New Orleans, Chicago, Seattle, Houston, and that's just "TheStates". Like I said I'd be disappointed but I still would have it day one.

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Its a shame we live in world where games become chores. Here's a question what did you do during the PS2/Xbox era?

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What the hell? (O.o)!?

Game looks great, I just don't no what it is? New IP's are always great when placed in the right hands. Kudos for Hideo, Kudos for Sony, and Kudos for us PS owners

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LMAO anybody who read the article said the same thing.

I can't see how somebody with that many trophies doesn't have a single platinum. (O.o)?

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I'm calling RDR2 gameplay.

Hoping to see something new a fresh...

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How can RDR get a sequel when it is a..... you know what never mind. Hype switch engaged!!!!

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Same here, its the only sports game I play for the full year.

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It's 2016 and people are still calling the next RD, RDR3? There was RD, then RDR, Next would be RD something.

OT: Am I the only person wanting to see Agent???

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I want to get into the witcher 3, I've bought it, played it, tried so hard to get into it but I can't. I don't understand half of the dialogue and get lost. Someone said it's like watch SW episode 3 without watch episode 5...

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Ask XB1 owner if there ready to sink in all those hours playing RDR again. The answer is yes. If there's a demand for it people will fork over there cash.

S/N how many people will buy HL2 remastered? A hell of a lot, now if we could get Valve off there cheeks we'd be alright...

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When this game came out, I honestly thought it's gameplay was going to carry over to the next GTA. I say that cause of the mechanic's for stealing radios, the fighting and breaking into stores just seemed to be perfect for a GTA game. It obviously didn't but it doesn't matter cause I get the chance to try and make it back to Coney Island soon....

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HOLY $H*T BAGS! I have been waiting on this game to come back out since they started remastering games. I haven't read this article yet, but will as soon as I post this. I've said over and over again if R* was to remaster anything I'd buy "TheWarriors" day1. Ok so it's not remastered, but I don't care. I'll be fighting to make it back to Coney Island and a few days. Thing just keep getting better and better for us gamers. "Can you dig it? Can you dig it?...

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I can agree on that last statement, I had FF7 downloaded on my PS3, but had to buy it again for my PS4.

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