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But that's just it. It's NOT a Vita for your TV because a PlayStation Vita can play ALL Vita games and also supports streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Plus. The PlayStation TV, on the other hand, doesn't do those things. #8.1
If you read the article (or even the description for that matter), you would know that I don't understand WHO this product is intended for. Sure, it's for people like me who want to play Vita games on their television, but that's an incredibly niche market and certainly won't garner a profit. Sony's a business, right? Why would they release a product that won't earn money? That's the question I attempt, but ultimately fail at, answering in this review.
<... #3.2
How is Watch Dogs not on this list? #4
If we're talking hardware, I was told by someone who developed for Vita and iOS (Adam Rippon, Dragon Fantasy) that the Vita is roughly on par with the iPad 3.

The iPad 3 costs $450 on Amazon. A Vita, bundled with Borderlands 2 costs $199. It's all about the kind of experience you're looking for, but I feel as though the Vita offers a more console-like experience despite its age. #11.1
....!!!! #4.2
Sweet! Please send 'em in so we can feature you on our site. :) #4.1
Oh, I totally agree. At B-TEN, we've been catching up on our backlogs as well, but we're also passionate about reporting the news, which is unfortunately less common during the summer. #1.1
Nice job, guys! #1
(It's a joke.)

http://www.redbubble.com/pe... #2.1
Transistor is my game of the year thus far. I think you would like Shovel Knight. #1.1.1
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No, it's current-gen, just like Xbox One and PS4. #5.2
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I'm glad to see that this game is receiving high scores. I'll have more time to focus on it when I finally finish Shovel Knight.

-Gabe #1
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Hallelujah! Praise be to the gaming gods! #1.2.1
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We're well aware that Vita HAS games. It's the future that we're worried about. It seems like we'll only be receiving multiplatform indie games and Japanese first-party games from here on out, while many of us were expecting to see things like an inFAMOUS Vita or Uncharted: Golden Abyss follow-up. #8.1
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I loved the Captain Toad levels in Super Mario 3D World, so this ought to be just as fun!
-Gabe #1.1
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Apologies to everyone unable to access the site right now! Our servers have crashed, and I'm doing my best to get things up and running again.

-Gabe Carey, B-TEN.com Founder/Editor-in-Chief #10
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I'm sorry! The servers crashed. I'm doing my best to get things running again. #8.1
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It did work, but our servers crashed. We're working on getting things back to normal momentarily. #5.1
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The full news story is available here: http://b-ten.com/borderland... #7
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