fucking awesome


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lol, this guy is such a huge fanboy.

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HA fucking HA

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"While, I think its clear that I am more on the side of Microsoft; mainly because its an American product"- LULZ, what a reason.

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MisterX says otherwise :D lol

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Bwhahahhah, you should have probably dine some more digging Dirty. Reckz0r is a known liar, and the PS4 is not jail broken. Inferse gets no hits from me, as you've shown that you do no digging

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Whoot! Shout out to the Rev!KISW 99.9 SEATTLE!!

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haha, I like it :) And that Battlefield theme song gets me everytime.

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Thanks, by torch, I'm assuming you mean flashlight. Never noticed in my playthrough that the light would dim. I didn't use it very much though unless an area was clear.

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Tap the controller once on your palm to bring the battery back to life. Don't shake it like a damned fool!

I saw this icon pop up from time to time while I played I still don't understand what it means? Could you explain it to me *looks sheepish*

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Why no pics of systems crashing? What did they crash to? Not saying I don't believe you but you have a couple pics but none that show crashing or a empty/closed down booth

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People payed their money for the game just as you did. Let them play how they want to play. I hate snipers on top of cranes in Battlefield but I don't cry about it, I change up my play style and attempt to stay out of their sight lines.
Campers suck, we all know that but the truth is they are part of the game and if your running through a door willy-nilly you deserve to get shot.
TLDR everybody has different play styles. Adapt or feed me your tears :)

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Happy Easter dood!

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Yes it is open world

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I have pretty high hopes for this title. I can't find a solid release date though. I thought that this game was coming out this month but it doesn't look like it

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That's exactly what it's for. Nintendo already said there would not be on-line co-op. Sad but true. I still can't wait for this game. I play mario single player anyways so it doesn't bother me to much.

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That's the dumbest thing I ever heard.

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one of my all time favorite games!!

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The wait is entirely to long! :(

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I don't know why MS even bothers with Japan, seems like it would cost more to advertise and have support out there than what they're bringing in. 978 for a week!!??

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I'm pretty sure activision knew the court date was set for the 29th of May. Why would you wait until the 10th of May to hire a lawyer and then ask for an extension?? I think it should be denied. Hasn't this been dragging on for a year already?

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