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Maybe they should replace the comedy acts in the game with the guy who wrote this acticle- I find d#$heads who think they are funny but really aren't at all hillarious.

I can just picture this dude writing the article laughing at his own jokes as he guzzles fanta and inhales cheetoh dust...Truly sad.

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I love how so many people in here point to the fact that edge gave GTA4 a 10 as 'proof' that their reviews aren't credible.GTA4 is an amazing game and I don't think giving it a 10 undermines edge at all.

Here's an idea- wait for Mgs4 to be released and play it and then compare it to GTA4 instead of deciding that it is such a superior game before you even play it.

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OMG you fanboys will invent any elaborate conspiracy theory to try to explain how Grid could be scored higher than MGS4.

Codemasters and Edge are both British=a conspiracy theory.That is so retarded.

Grid is a racing game and MGS is an action game, they cannot be directly compared.

Anyone who doesn't give MGS a 10 is corrupt and getting paid by Microsoft- this is hilarious...

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guys firstly the guy didn't say he "hates" mgs as a lot of you are saying , he said he has a love hate relationship with it, ie. he likes some aspects of it and doesn't like others as much.

You all have some preconceived notion that this game should rightfully score a 10 before you have even played it.

And forget about Halo , please just let it go. Halo was a great game just as i think Mgs4 will be a great game however neither has some god given right...

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6 - Dear Mrs Thompson
Why didnt you have an abortion?

Love Forever
Every Gamer on Earth

F%^kinG hilarious too bad he was the offprinG of ET and an albino

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