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It's called iPad.

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That's pretty damn stupid if you ask me, you jump and your house shakes? Holy shit.

Aside that scratch is the famous scratch for moving the console while it's reading a disk.

Not from Kinect, is just the Xbox 360 and a stupid owner.

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inb4 PS3 fanboy shitstorm

oh damn... too late :/

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Like if PS3 fanboys don't rush to any article to state their beloved console is supirior even tho is not even mentioned in the article.

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lol what everyone is missing is that the writter didn't realized Cliff and the other guy are just joking.

It a pic from the cod, gears and MK developer and with cliff making jokes about anything he came up with that one and the other guy is just following the joke.

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Mofo is mad a PS3 exclusive didn't got game of the year.

Poor fanboy.

On topic, it started with the dancers and i was like "shit! wrong show" but when i changed the channel i realized i was watching the VGAs...

It was awful.

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I think i could not wait 'till 2013 for a new GTA i mean i COULD but not knowing it's coming.

I don't like games being announced way too early and have to wait a lot for them like 2+ or 3+ years, like GT5, the wait just kills you on the inside.

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You are a complete idiot for saying "Worst Xbox 360 games" is like not long ago i saw a similar article stating "Worst PS3 games" and all of them where multiplatform.

Fanboys shouldn't be allowed to post their garbage here, if you are gonna talk about 360 games then talk about 360 games, if you are gonna talk about PS3 games then talk about PS3 games.

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Hay gais, i'm from the americas and i can tell you all in the americas is playing something i don't know because i do not speak for a whole damn continent dumbasses.

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Of course Xbox 360 stuff can't sell more than PS3 stuff because N4G the house of the PS3 fantard legion says so, now shut up.

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Oh yeah i forgot Spider050 the almighty sales guy.

Everyone don't trust VGChartz this guy is legit, he knows the real sales before anyone else.

You know, cause he is a fanboy.

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Can you link me to where it has been proven?

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I'm pretty sure you have never visited 4chan...

Do you? N4G is just like 1% of what 4chan is.

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No big surprise they are everywhere.

I'm not gay but let other people live mind your own goddamn business.

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I hope they do ban all of them.


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Talking about grammar isn't the title supposed to be 'Five things you didn't knew about FO:NV'?

Or 'Five things you don't know about FO:NV'?

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How much pointless comments are we gonna see on this site?

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I'll boot up the game, maybe i get lucky :)

Also it's nice to see they are going to use Dedicated Servers for Gears 3, the host advantage was horrible in some games where everyone has 8 kills and some guy has 40... mmmmh I wonder who was the host.

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I like them too, all of them.

Seriously there's way more annoying characters than Claptraps...

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