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I had so much fun with Madworld.

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Honestly, besides Diablo's "you'll never defeat me!" ramblings in Act IV, it was a decent story. They can do much better but it wasn't bad.

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Mr. XY is becoming an internet sensation right now.

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I disagree heavily on your opinion about the game's story being bland but otherwise you're right on the dot. The story was great.

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The mobile industry is constantly evolving almost every day. Look at where we're at since the release of the old brick Nokia phones and the original RAZR. We have quad core processors in our phones now. We have PCs in the form of tablets with the Surface.

If there's any industry pushing innovation more than any other it's mobile.

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4chan's /v/ has had some leaks in the past. At this point, it's as credible as someone saying "our source close to the project" or something to that effect.

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If most of the new Pokemons are babies and new evos then I don't really care about this game anymore. That's really stupid.

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This is why I liked TERA's combat because it relied on skill and not numbers. I don't want a DPS log being the be-all, end-all comparison for someone's skill at a game.

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Honestly, it's the excited game devs that has me wanting the PS4 so bad.

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Not only a nice gesture but it helped start the 3DS buying spree.

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I love all Megaman series (well, not so much Star Force) and I expect a few other games will come soon. I just think this would work out really well.

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They'll have a sequel like Black/White 2 or a definitive version like Crystal or Emerald. After that I can see them taking some time off.

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Yeah you know that number makes me think the rumors about two new types in X and Y is false. Only 130 doesn't sound like two new types involved.

Hopefully "over 130" means closer to 150 then we're thinking.

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I know I'm in the minority here but... I really want the sequel to Too Human.

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I miss Custom Robo.

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The game has been pushed back and pushed back. You could tell they were thinking about not leaving it as an exclusive. This was seen a mile away.

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That would really suck. I am planning on doing a lot more digital purchasing next gen but I have a lot of discs I'd like to be able to use or at least somehow be able to get digital purchases for them.

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Dat Killzone multiplayer. Dat LittleBigPlanet idea. Yes, please!

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I like that each point spells out Ni No Kuni.

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I hope this list isn't in order. Gordon Freeman is tue best silent hero ever.

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