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FF7 is now of legal age. Expect nude pics and maybe a porn appearance soon. ;) #4.3
Oooo! Was waiting for a price drop. That's a pretty good one! #3
Its much easier to have one system. I have 2 PS3s, and it is a pain to copy and transfer saves, even with the convenience of PS+ cloud saves. Also installing games twice, downloading patches and updates twice, taking discs from one system to the next, unless you buy digital.

Thats what got me most excited for the PSTV and its remote play ability. It eliminated all of that.

If you've had 2 systems in the past an are ok with the tedious work it takes, then... #7.1.1
I just got and played Ducktales Remastered from PS+. Perfect little 'distraction game' to pass the time. Took 2 days.

Another game I got a while ago that was short and a good easy game was Vanquish. You can find it in the bargain bins now for under $10. #1.6
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For Remote Play with PS4 alone, this is worth it! I love my PSTV and get a lot of use out of it. I really don't understand all the hate towards it. It's a neat little device and can do a decent amount. #7
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But if they would stop being stingy with the production of the Amiibos and other things like the Majoras Mask New 3DS, imagine the increase in numbers they could pull. Right now the ones profiting most from the Amiibos are the scalpers. #1.1.2
Nintendo needs to pull their heads from their @$$es and produce more of these. This is getting outrageous. #5
Same. Remote Play for my PS4 was the #1 reason for buying it. Works fantastic!!

But I did also get it for some Vita games. Thanks to PS+ I have a decent little catalog of games to play with it.

I think its well worth the price and highly recommend it to any Sony fan. Its the perfect accessory to go along with a PS4. #3.1
How about a second batch for north America? Best buy screwed me and cancelled my order because they over sold. #2
Guess what's coming to Star Wars Battlefront......... #4.1.1
Anyone worried about the state of DLC and being charged out the @$$ for 'microtransactions', look at that chart for Profit For Digital Content and look at the profit breakdown for 'Addons' & 'Mobile'. Scary!!

Also noticed the sales for Physical and Digital are now almost 50/50 last year. Just 4 years ago they show it at around 90/10. Talk about big change in market. #10
Me 2. I missed a lot of LoZ games when I was younger. I guess I had thought I wouldn't be in to them. Big mistake!!

But since then I've been playing through many of them. The original, Link to the Past, Ocarina, Phantom Hourglass, and a few others. So when MM 3D was announced, I knew was a perfect opportunity. #4.1
They never seize to amaze me with their level of greed. #3.1
Agreed. They still have a LONG way to go. If we see anything substantial at E3 this year, I'll be surprised. #1.3.1
At the moment, I'm just it makes 2015. #2.1
Dont even see the season pass for the ps4. Looks like they took it down. #32
For the moment, Rare is nothing more the the company name. They have shifted so far from what the company once was and the quality titles they developed. There is nothing left at the moment of the old Rare.

I hope that given the chance, they can make great games of the licences they own. I would love to see a new and great Banjo or Conker or any other the other big name titles in their back catalog. #11
I'm still only 2/3 of the way. Granted, I didn't get to touch this game at all during the holidays. I've finally really gotten into it.

But yes, the game is Long. I made it to the Airlock sequence and wondered how far I was. I checked and that was only like the half way point. I thought 'Wow, I got lots left.' #22
Yea. I half expect to get an email from Target stating it was an error and they're canceling orders. But now that Amazon is listing it at the same price, I feel better. At least Amazon will honor it.

Shame I missed out on the Uncharted 4 deal from the other day. #8.1
If you have something preordered. and the price drops any time after that, you get the cheapest price.

But I understand your line of thinking there. I might've done the same thing, that way you have an order receipt showing the $40.99 price tag. #6.1
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