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I actually played the Original MSX Metal Gear NOT long ago thanks to it being on MGS3 HD. It was pretty cool. It was really nice seeing how the series started and how that game laid out the ground work for the later games to come.

But like many, I started on MGS PS1. #1.2.2
Yea, I was really surprised how good it was on the DS. I never did get to play it on the PSP though. Heard it was cool, but the touch portions on the DS were fun and very cool. #3.1
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And it'll only take almost 2 years to develop, like Heists. /s #2
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That's all most of this is anymore. #8.1
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That's I stopped buying games at launch and at full price a long time ago. It really doesn't take long anymore for a game to hit $40 and below.

And in that time I can hear and read about any problems the game may have. And usually in that time, the developers can fix any problems the game has. So by the time I pick it up its fixed, and at a good price. #7.2
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Actually this is pretty normal for AC games. I remember buying Revelations for $35 on Black Friday the year it was released. And I believe AC3 sold for similar in the same time frame. #3.1
Agreed. Had to look those guys up after that show. I loved that concert. #5.1
Exactly. They did everything they could to cram stuff into those bundles. And it paid off. But I don't see that momentum running beyond this Christmas #7.1
Hackers hacking hackers! This ought to be good.

Hopefully this does stop all that BS. #4
Key word. *Might* >_< #9
The 'Night Under No Man's Sky' concert during the PlayStation Experience was awesome!! I would love to see more of that kind of stuff. There are plenty of games out there with great soundtracks. #4
I didn't even pay that much for a sealed copy of the PS1 version when I bought it, and I still have it. #21
Great. Now just make a statement about the status of the Gamecube controller adaptor. Discontinued or Not? I thinks drawing more concern at the moment then anything! #3
Good for you Mr. ´I wrote an article about one of the biggest topics to come out of the PSX and titled it so it would cause the biggest reaction´.

It was a troll move by Square, and I won't feed it. #20
It's been a long time since I've replayed it. I think now is as good a time as any! #1.1
I'll laugh if it sells more on the PS4 when it's finally released. #9.1
The 'A Night Under No Man's Sky' concert was enough for me. It was Amazing. So much so, that I had to look the band up, get some of their stuff, and I even went through all the effort to rip and make audio tracks from the archived stream so I could listen to it some more.

Everything else was pretty cool. Yea, there were a Lot of indie titles. But many looked good and got me interested. #28
Nintenerds would explode!! This has been asked for for YEARS! #2.1
Where would we get all our game reveals and information on PlayStation games that AREN'T Indie games? #15
Idk. I think they think this was a Fantastic idea. Like people were asking for FF7 on PS4, and they were like, 'No problem! Done!' Without even giving it a second thought as to what fans meant. #6.1
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