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Minecraft. Not because it's bad or violent, but because my 2 kids are so addicted to it, they don't want to do anything else. I have to take it away often just so they compete their chores and homework.

I've caught my daughter waking up super early in the morning to play (because she knows we'd catch her if she stayed up at night as opposed to while we're sleeping).

It's like crack to my kids. #21
I'm surprised it took this long to release in book form. I still have my Nintendo Power issues with this comic. #2
I feel the same way. But there are so SSOOOOO many games from previous generations I never played or want to replay. I don't think I'll have a problem finding games to play. #2.3
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The first trailer better be set to Goldfinger-Superman. #19
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I think they already hit those rocks and are taking on water. #3
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They removed his name from this too... #5.1
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Well no wonder why they sell out in minutes when they receive an average of 4 of each ammibo! What a load of s***! #4
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Biggest reason why I've never played it. I can't invest that kind of time. #9.1
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2 is my favorite. Brotherhood and Revelations were really good too, but 2 was something special. #2.2
I remember the announcement of a release. But it was only about half the game, wasn't it? #2.1.1
Oh my god, is this the Black Mesa mod that's been in development for almost 10 years now?! It's been a long time since I've paid close attention to it. It was just taking so long. #2
Maybe Pinocchio lying like a politician. #2.3
There are 3 amiibos that I wanted, to actually USE them in the game!

Samus was easy to find. I still haven't found a damn Metaknight despite over a dozen trips to Best Buy. And I doubt I'll give 2 sh**s about trying to find Charizard when its released, because I already know what's going to happen with him. I'm tired of these things and I'm not even collecting them. #5
You know they won't be. Probably $5 each. #7.1
Me too. I played the heck out of gta2. I was like 12. I actually played a lot of the missions and got decently far. Put so SO many hours were just causing havoc and blowing stuff up. #4.1
It's it really that hard to put EU or US in the title when it comes to sales? #7
Farewell P.T.

Thanks for making me s*** my pants. #1.3
I forgot to order my copy too. Dark Horse does amazing art books. The Last of Us art book is gorgeous. I well definitely be picking this up. #1.1
If course it's good for him. He can take his name anywhere and make just about any game he wants. Or he can stay independent and do great things that way too.

The only problem I see from this is he no longer has his IPs. #10
This will be the first game I buy at launch for full price in almost 2 years. I'm so looking forward to this game, that I just can't wait.

I buy most games @ $30 or even less. It really doesn't take long for prices to plummet on these games these days. 90 days at most after launch before you see some really sweet deals.

I like buying them new to support the developers. Buy I like my wallet being full more. #14.1
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