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The better reasoning is, because Remasters have become more and more popular this generation amd publishers know what kind of money they can bring. Any game that has been remastered or even considered for one will not get BC.

And considering how long it took and how few games got BC on the 360, I dont see it being that many on the X1. It will be big at first and get a decent amount of support, but like the 360's BC support, it will fizzle off and support... #1.3.5
Was thinking the same thing, but then I realized, 'i have 3 controllers, why choose?'

Guss I'll be picking up this months issue. #3.2
It's been a part of Windows for over 20 years. First, why are there ads? Second, why am I paying to remove ads monthly. At the very least, pay a one time fee, like buying a full version of an app over the free version with ads. #4.1
"Did you see anything?!"

"No Sir! I didnt see playing with your dolls again." #4.1.1
This game has looked close to completion for a long time now. I firmly believe they're saving this for a Morpheus launch title, which would definitely get me to buy one. #1.1
There was literally no marketing for this other than the Kickstarter. After it was released I never saw a single tv or print ad. If I hadn't been a backer, I prpbably wouldn't have known about it either.

I did see some sitting on shelves at Best Buy at some point. So they carried it for a while.

I sold mine a few months ago, amazingly, for almost what I paid for it. Feel bad for that person. #3.2
Always as to be 1. #1.1
Talk about his Mama for MASSIVE DAMAGE!! #5.1
Exactly. I want it, but I'll be getting it after other major titles releasing at that time. Probably after the price drops a decent amount. #15.1
It's basically Episodic. They'll be releasing new content over the course of a year. The disc version will release when it's complete.

I dont like this either. I'll wait for the full version. #6.1
But on the other hand, I want to support the work and dedication Kojima put into this game. I too feel harshly against Konami for everything they've done with Kojima. But I also think it wouldnt be right to throw this game aside because of the stupidity of the publisher. I respect Kojima too much to say 'the hell with this game!'

Now, when it comes to any and all Konami games after MGS5, that's a different story. #2.2
Over LAN it runs pretty good. Depends on the game though. I played Shadows of Mordor and it ran flawlessly, besides being in 720p. But I played Batman the other day and notices jitters and screen tears, not enough to ruin the game, but noticeable.

It's still a great device. Especially for convenience due to it's size. But if a PC Remote Play can do better, that would be cool. #1.1.2
I just love the fact that they're slapping it in with all the other big holiday releases now 2 years in a row. I love the reboot, and am Really looking forward to this one, but if I had to choose between TR and other games like Fallout 4 or UC4, I'm picking FO & UC.

It would've been great to get this on PS4 in the spring or summer time of 2016, but I don't think christmas time is the best release window for it. #11.1
Ooooohh!! Support for the Restored Content Mod!!! Exactly what I was looking for. Thats very cool then! #4
I've played through Mass Effect Trilogy twice, once as male Shep with Liara and once as FemShep with Garrus. Each time I've had genuine feels for the story telling of the relationship. Bioware is great at that. #4
Interesting its only Rare games though. Wonder the reason. #2
That's exactly what the article is talking about.

I hate that I didnt add it to my list. But by that point I had already owned and beaten the game. Didn't see a need for a digital copy, however free. #4.2
Even though I've beat Deus Ex multiple times, I've always wanted the Directors Cut to see the new boss battles. For $6 I think I'll finally get that. #14
Yea, that was a crazy discount a few months ago. It was $15 back when I bought it. Still a steal, but jealous of the $5 deal. #7.1.1
I see one this year. They'll market it hard during Christmas. Most likely just before Black Friday.

They'll also announce a new Black Friday Bunduru! #5
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