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First, you have to be zoomed in enough to see the pokemon. Most show up when the zoom distance is set to 1000ft. But yes, most of the world is pokemon-less

Second, the biggest concentration areas are the cities which were used to base the game maps off of. #4.1
Yea it's addicting. I'm up to 100. #2.1
This looks hilarious! #3
As dirty a move as it was, for 2 BILLION dollars, I'd sell out every single one of you too. #7.1
Because we get shafted more then usual on the PSN+ games. #5.1
Most games see their first sale within 3 weeks. That kind of price slash is higher then usual, but it is the digital version. #5.1.3
In preorders, it did. #3.4
And full mouse and keyboard support! #9.1
He only plays CoD. Which coincidentally, have graphics only Slightly better then this. #2.1.1
Should've, would've, could've. #9
Why is Gas priced as $X.XX & 9/10ths? Or every retail item priced $XX.99. The Illusion of a cheaper price. #1.2
I hit Platinum on it last night after my 2nd playthough. This game was fantastic. If you are at all a fan of the show, check this game out. It is nothing but fan service. The gameplay backs up the fantastic story and humor.

I died laughing so many times while playing. But none more so then when you meet the Underpants Gnomes. Easily one of the most memorable and funniest moments in all of gaming!

To anyone still on the fence, BUY THIS GAME!! Sure it's on... #3
I'm about to beat it for the 2nd time. As a Long time fan of the series, it's fantastic! It's pure Fanservice from beginning to end. And the gameplay supports it too.

The only complaint I have is the Frame Rate. There are times when it is really bad. Which I find odd for a game that has intentionally 'bad' graphics to match the tv show. I'm really hoping the can patch it. Beyond that, it is well worth checking out. #3.2
Oh I see you are posting your fan project online. It looks very good and I'm sure you've put a good amount of time into it aaannnnndddd it's gone! #6.2
What about EMBRACING it? #9
ND unfortunately have no interest in doing this. BUT if Sony were to do the leg work and get ND to sign off on it, that would be awesome! #9
Looks like a Nyko made 360 Controller #14
There are How many PS3 owners out there? and only 6 million have experienced this amazing game?! Shame on those others. #5.3
Very nice! And that's dedication to the part to shave half her head. Bravo! #2
South Park is a Fantastic game that should be played by any fan off the show. The entire game is Fanservice beginning to end. And the gameplay is goid and easy to learn too. #9
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