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Getting so sick of open work games.

TLoU has been called the 'prefect' game by so many people and publications, why in the world would they change the formula of the game?

No! No open world! #6.3
What, no lotion?! #15
I realize Sony is trying to kiss the ass of all the publishers to get them to join the service by allowing them to set the pricing, but they rely need to take the Steve Jobs approach when Apple created iTunes.

A set cheap price for all games at all time limits, or even better, a subscription model.

Most Record Labels hated the iTunes $.99 model and didn't join iTunes at first. The selection was bare when it first started. Then it gained in popularity be... #15
Agreed. I see this service struggling heavily the first couple of months, and afterward hopefully they restructure and shoot for the subscription model. #3.1
I've seen several articles today where he was 2nd. He must be sick or something. He's off his game today. #2.1.1
As nice as it would be to be real, why wasn't something releasing this soon announced at E3?

Have to say, I doubt this one. #14
Hooray!! More Strip Clubs..... -_-

Where are the Heists?! #14
Everyone is getting so butthurt over this game. Why? It looks fantastic. I haven't bought a game day 1 in over a year, and have been generally buying when games drop to $40 or so. But I'm so hyped for this game that I was going to buy it day 1 anyway. The preorder bonus makes it all that much sweeter. #13
Just a general rule: I know you want to get your game and hard work put out there for all to see, however, DON'T do it before the game is done.

How many fan projects have been shut down shortly after the first bits of information were posted online? Especially for a Nintendo franchise.

I remember the Chrono Trigger fan remake was somewhere around 95% complete before Square shut them down. Sad. #16
But read and you'll see it's a mission you get just for Preordering the game, and the other is from selected retailers. So basically it doesn't cost anything extra. They are holding those missions as incentives to buy the game at launch new.

I can't wait for this game. I think this game has quickly become my most anticipated game of the fall. I really hope it holds up. #1.3
This kind of s***needs to stop. I hate there being 20 different dlcs for all these games. It makes it impossible to own a 100% complete game.

Because even if you pick the retailer with the 'best' exclusive, there still 5+ others exclusive you dont have!! #12
Exactly. Boo Hoo. Microsoft pays more often for exclusive DLC then anyone. People are only crying because it's Bungie. #3.1
Damn, they need to do this with the PS4 controller. I need another one. Good deal though #5
Well more importantly, the Xbox doesn't have a single Kingdom Hearts game in it. Why play 3 without any of the others? #2.1
Without there being an Unlimited Streaming price, I don't see this doing very well. I was very hyped for Now when they announced it, but after revealing that the publishers are in charge of the pricing and it won't be uniform, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

I think what Steve Jobs did with iTunes was perfect. Same price all across the board, no matter the song or artist. While there were Very many labels that didn't like this model and didn't opt i... #15
I had 2 PS3s too. And even with PS+'s save upload feature, transferring saves was a pain. Not to mention double updating and double installing games.

I've been waiting for this device to hit the US since it was announced. My whole house is wired with Ethernet, so that isn't an issue. And it's mainly for my living room when I'm not on my big screen in the basement. #1.1.5
Strange and a waste. What good is a Mario Maker without multiplayer? #1.1
Well, when you make 4M a year, I'm sure there are plenty of hot girls that are suddenly 'interested in the nerdy guy that plays video games for a living.' #5.1
Alien Isolation and No Mans Sky will be BIG reasons to get the Morpheus. Can't wait. #7.1
Thank you PSA. "And now you know, G.I. Joe!!"

I plan on buying the PlayStation TV the moment it releases. Yes I know Uncharted is said to not work, but I'm hoping an update can fix that. #9
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