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If theres one thing I can say with certainty its this "If you love JRPGs (Disgaea or Persona) go Ps4" aside from that its all preference. I have both and play mostly on my Ps4 but I've fallen back in love with Halo Multiplayer since it came out and Tomb Raider... well I'll get to that after Fallout haha. But yeah the pendulum swings on exclusives. This season its definitely Xbox with Halo and Tomb Raider while early next year its Ps4 with Street Fighter V and Uncharted and s... #1.3
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How was the "Slide to evade" feeling? Kind of worried, I hope they'd move that to the R2 or L2. Aside from that, definitely buying it again. It was one of my top 5 games of that year. #1.1.2
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Yup so far she's the only pure rush down, non projectile character. Love it! #3.1
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Considering SF4 revived a practically "dead" genre..... Yeah, you know where I'm getting at. I love MK though I never got over the "movement" in MK9. Willing to give it a try though. #29
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This is amazing. I can make every shooter control layout "Bumper Jumper" so happy right now. #2
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Really wished they'd go back to the Budokai/Burst Limit fighting style. #1.1
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For Capcom games yes but every other game is played on ps3. #1.1.16
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Half the people aren't even talking about the actual article. The trailer itself IS a love letter to fans. Evo moment 37, the Capcom cup, other tournament footage of fans cheering, the sheer amount of footage of how important SF series is to some people was awesome. It put a smile on my face Ill tell you that. It added more meaning to a game than any other trailer I've seen in awhile. #17
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Guilty Gear being a Sony exclusive also helps in Japan. However it being on PS3 too isn't as impactful as a next gen only Street Fighter. #2.1
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Pretty sure I'll run through Sunset after that... I'll be back on my PS playing FF14. #21
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The reason my xbox friend had to get FF14 on PC to play with me and everyone one else we know on PSN. Square didn't put it on Xbox cause MS doesn't allow cross platform play. #9.1
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Would rather had the Mega Man and Mega Man X collections via Ps2 classics but I'll take this. #5
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Definitely an improvement from the last gameplay video they released. Movement looks solid and I love the variety in colors. The first video they released looked too dull but now it's perfect. #9
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With the big "feature" being it's the only place where your saves will carry over from the first and second game :) #3.1
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They did use the KH font lol #2.1
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Like how every other remake for the next-gen systems is a cash-grab? lol #1.4
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They're getting BlazBlue and Guilty Gear. #7.2
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Despite the bugs it has I still LOVE playing Borderlands 2 on Vita. Its the ultimate premiss of what that system can do. Borderlands 2, and other rpgs really, are definitely great games to put on Vita. Cross saving helps immensely. Do the main quest on Ps3/Ps4 and do the less fun side quests while I'm on the go. It'll probably never happen and if BL2 fails in sales it won't happen but I'd like to see more 3rd party AAA games on vita, even more so exclusive AAA games. #1.1
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They have plenty of controllers with designs on them.... They just never make it out of Japan half the time. #1.2
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Just because MS has talked more about their line-up than Sony has maybe? I don't know about you but I like surprises at E3 the less I know going into it the better. That's why I'm extremely hyped for Sony's conference more than MS. Judging from last years E3 we already know there's probably going to be Halo 5, Crackdown 3 and most recently now a Gears game. Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break were the only two games they have left and now that they already showed Sunset...... #2.2
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