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The biggest difference is that Red is an actual bad ass! (hint: I really hate Ash as a character) lol

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I'm pretty sure they will. They don't want to make any drastic changes before Capcom Cup so yeah, I'm pretty freaking excited for season 2. Here's to Akuma!!!

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It's extremely popular. At least in the tournament scene. Most entrants in EVO history. So long as they make season 2 amazing, people will continue to support it. More higher quality play = the chance to attract more newcomers.

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"Did Sony just copy Microsoft who copied Scuf controllers with this?!?!" Is what should've been the headline.

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The manga is the saving grace for Super. It's so much better.

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Guess I'll just wait for this update to hit the PS4 before playing it... seems like I'm forever waiting to boot up this game lol

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That "stamp" and "constant" you claim they're missing is called Nathan Drake, Elena, Sully, Chloe, Sam etc. etc. Those characters alone have and will transcend any gameplay quirk you may think the game lacks.

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Think that'll change once they anounce a release date? Lol

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Because this game is not only accessible to new comer but it's an "honest" game to those who love fighting games. The match pacing is amazing. Every character is fun and unique. Ever character seems to almost be on the same level. Every button has a purpose. The combos aren't that difficult to pull of but when you pull it off, the visuals, the sounds, everything makes it feel SATISFYING. Man, when I pressure someone and I block their wake up upper cut, and that "Crush C...

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I'm kind of the same way. Especially with the online but man.... When you get a match with good connection this game is... Just... So...FUN! Haha.

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That outfit isn't even her default outfit though...

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Disgaea 1&2. They were ported over to the Ps3 so maaaaybeeeeeee.

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They are not the same game. The PS3 version of the GTA are straight Ps2. The Ps4 ones have better frame rate, the ability to remote play and added trophy support. That is what you're paying for on top the already existing game.

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Framerate is all I could think of. Honestly though. That's enough for me really. It's also a buried gem so with a crap ton of Ps4s out there more people are exposed to it which is great cause this game deserves to be played.

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I read this as "The Witcher HD project" thinking they were bringing 1&2 to the Ps4 & X1. Haha. Can't imagine TW3 looking any better but props to the modder.

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I actually liked the battle system and Lightning & Fang as characters but aside from those things... Yeah you're pretty much spot on. LR was probably the ultimate realization of that battle system, it was just too late at that point.

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Even though its my least favorite, it most certainly does. Especially the fact that we'd have ALL major 3d open world GTA's on a single Playstation platform. I'm thinking of it in more of preservation standpoint though. I mean, I'd love for my Ps4 to natively have every game I enjoyed when I was growing up, I know its not going to happen, but wouldn't you? I do agree with you though, if there's any game that deserves it more, its definitely Red Dead.

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Or get Bluepoint to port it.

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Don't know why you have so many disagrees but I'm glad this game won't have splintered online communities. Cross play in the BETA worked fantastically!!!

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Also because most publishers with only a room full of testers will NEVER find the amount of bugs in the time span it takes a million other people, who bought the game, to find.

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