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That's a strange thing to say considering Grim Patron is part of the Blackrock Mountain set and cannot be crafted with dust. You need to purchase it with money. You can only craft the gold version, but that's only after acquiring the regular version through Blackrock Mountain.

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Quantum Break is just Timeshift rehashed and that game was a huge failure.

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Why? Do you think game developers should be able to censor scientific terminology?

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3DS does have some but there really needs to be full-fledged games on consoles not just handhelds.

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Yeah wow. Missed that one. Racism too then.

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No they apologized to her and said they'd love to have her back.

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"talking about gamergate" likely refers to the event of gamergate not the "side" of gamergate. Those people are called "gamergaters" not gamergate. Gamergate is the event.

Geoff SHOULD HAVE asked if he was talking about gamergaters. Everybody already knew he was talking about gamergate as an event.

All you really need to know is he referred to himself and others as gamers. SJWs say gamers are dead. Therefore, you would think jus...

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Did you also see that GamerGate investigated and exposed the person who threatened her on twitter and when GamerGaters tweeted her the evidence to pass along to the FBI, SHE BLOCKED THEM.

If that doesn't prove she doesn't actually care about stopping harassment in games I don't know what does.

GamerGate then just contacted the FBI with the evidence on their own I guess.

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Ask yourself: does The Colbert Report parrot what mainstream media says or does The Colbert Report mock it? The answer is mock it. Therefore when he is highlighting all the one-sided coverage of gamergate in the mass media which portray it as a hate group, he's not siding with it. He's mocking it.

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You... didn't read the article did you?

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D-did you even read the emails that got exposed? They literally admit to manipulating the gaming media.

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Depends on the game mode. In the Anniversary BTB playlist I had 69 wins in 72 games and BTB is the hardest mode to consistently win because there's so many people on each team, one person can only make so much of a difference. Really takes a lot of teamwork.

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Good point there. I would have mentioned those games in the article but gave up playing AC after the first one with MP lol.

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You'd lose that bet. My k/d in Halo: Reach for example is over 5:1.

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I didn't even know it had online lmao.

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I love Valkyria Chronicles but it wasn't really "underrated." It got good review scores and won lots of awards including RPG of the year and best RPG on console.

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I remember having some epic hour long LAN parties thanks to that weapon.

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Ryse and Killzone aren't on current generation consoles though so there are no comparison screenshots. Tomb Raider is on both next and current so you can compare the differences.

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Didn't read the article, I see.

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