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It's all a ruse

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those elements combined would make for a solid package alright :) future will tell, but it seems that they are driving this franchise to the grounds. Arcade-ish racing games' future never looked so bleak though

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Don't they say that every time? the catchphrase... If need for speed doesn't change hands, to another publisher, it will stay mediocre. Best looking, not hard to achieve, however innovation takes brilliant minds with a vision - Not a copy/paste template.

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same here, excellent CGI movie, and quite crucial to the story overall

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Not bad at ll for a stellar game. PM if you got a PS4 and wanna play with mics :D

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haha totally, nobody's left there apart from the suits, but suits can't make a game. How ridiculous was that MGS survive trailer, you can clearly see the long gone talent at directing of Kojima.

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The last great thing Konami will ever do, releasing these fine 4k snake eater wallpapers. they're gorgeous.

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release from EA says that it runs until Wednesday, September 7.

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This baffles me, people either forget and or don't do enough research, to know that DICE were mainly known for their expertise in MP, on a massive scale. they never pretended to master the art of SP campaigns. if anything, it has always been an extra value for your buck and also to stay competitive or appealing to new audiences. cause more market share/consumers = more money = more investment/bigger budgets = successful products = business prosperity. simple economics.

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Hey Matt! What's up?! I wouldn't count on it. All the information points at a world war setup situation :) they might have lied to create the surprise. Anything that leaked today smells like World War I.
I'll catch you in the next stream. ParasiteECHO

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There goes my wildest hopes for a motorstorm sequel. one my favourite original IPs last gen :(

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will this franchise ever shine again and get into its former glory?

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to revolutionise! all in the title

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Usually in COD games, most of the trophies/achievement are obtainable in Campaign. After cutting out the latter from old gen, there you go, you're left with half the count.

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@Perjoss no disagreeing with this ;)

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For a first presentation at E3, the whole damn thing was solid :D

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I'd call it: ABORTED

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Maybe that's the game konami needed to turn the tide around, instead of milking their franchises with nonexistent production values by hiring no name low grade studios. it would have been a priceless PR stunt and a blockbuster of a game under Kojima's direction. Instead, they get cold feet and duck under any criticism. that's intellectual suicide

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omg I couldn't believe it yay! EPIC

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Witcher 3 will do just fine, the scale and scope of the game is beyond belief. 19th in europe can't wait :)

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