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There goes my wildest hopes for a motorstorm sequel. one my favourite original IPs last gen :(

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will this franchise ever shine again and get into its former glory?

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to revolutionise! all in the title

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Usually in COD games, most of the trophies/achievement are obtainable in Campaign. After cutting out the latter from old gen, there you go, you're left with half the count.

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@Perjoss no disagreeing with this ;)

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For a first presentation at E3, the whole damn thing was solid :D

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I'd call it: ABORTED

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Maybe that's the game konami needed to turn the tide around, instead of milking their franchises with nonexistent production values by hiring no name low grade studios. it would have been a priceless PR stunt and a blockbuster of a game under Kojima's direction. Instead, they get cold feet and duck under any criticism. that's intellectual suicide

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omg I couldn't believe it yay! EPIC

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Witcher 3 will do just fine, the scale and scope of the game is beyond belief. 19th in europe can't wait :)

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WoW: "Treyarchion are focusion on PC, Xboj One, and PSPoo4. No announcingzz having bueno mado about otheziz platformonz"

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COD4 Modern warfare had a beta as well, happened in august 2007 I still remember my excitement after playing it.

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it's a free DLC for all of the BF4 community to enjoy

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it's binary get over it

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I can't help but think all that art and skills pouring into Uncharted 4, to blend into a concentrate of GOTY super sequel material lol ... i got carried away sorry! :D

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I was wondering if I was the only one noticing this trend. From the reveal trailer there has been some changes for certain.

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Thank you!

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no doubt! I can only dream about a motorstorm on PS4 :D

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It is commonly said, we've only seen the tip of the iceberg. but then I might be wrong :(

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Sony is steering the ship in the right direction this Gen. Happy industry!

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