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PM me if you need a PS4 code :D 1st come first served. EUROPE only #7
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That's the subtlety, you can't only rely on your console or on the other hand only on your PC; you'll be missing out big time. At some point people get a console of choice and also a capable rig to run their favourite software/games. Nowadays, a computer is far too important. Now the experience you get out of a console is pretty unique as I feel being part of an even community that's well balanced and doesn't benefit from any advantages or suffers from any disparities as e... #1.4.2
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PC is in a league of its own. PC gamers should stop being so insecure about their platform. cause a PC could be as powerful as the money you gonna throw at it but I'm not crazy to go down that road, been there already and not worth it.
I choose consoles: cheaper and less hassle, though I upgrade my PC every 5 years.
Both consoles and PC can coexist, the debate is pointless at the end of the day. cause pc gaming makes console gaming better and vice-versa. as PC games quali... #1.4
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I'd rather stare at a sexy pair of ass of a female character that I fantasised about than looking at a man avatar's back through the whole game. and I'm married, and no I'm not a frustrated teenager. My red haired female shepard looked gorgeous though :D #3.3
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Battlefield 4 DLC lol

Kidding :D #5
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I gotta sleeping dogs that disagree is GTA V than better #2.2
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Yep to be honest, I was owner of both PS3/360 - and I was witnessing endless debates about what was the upper/higher version, we all know what platform looked better. 360 fanboys knocked themselves out back then. They shouldn't be bitter this time as they lost the upper hand and let it slide as the ps3 fans did for the last 8-7 years. The only thing that saved the ps3 was its exclusives #1.1.17
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People keep acting like idiots supporting their games, what do you expect. sad but true #1.2
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Yahtzee at it again. Nailed it! #2
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Exactly, they should worry about themselves :) #1.1.1
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This article is quite irrelevant; a mainstream media channel worrying about the impact of technology and what the future holds for the future generation. That is the most redundant debate ever. Mainstream media will always fear new technologies cause they're dragging behind and can't understand something that evolves so fast. That's why I always picture these clowns as gran-pas as they don't know what they're talking about more often than not, clueless and therefore fearful. #1
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only if you're hungry :D #3.3
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This game is going to be insane, I feel the MGS3 vibe all over it. dark as I like them. #1
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@My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante I think kiefer's voice suits snake perfectly :) tbh #2
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i felt somehow underwhelmed, as i was expecting them to portray a better preview of their games background story as they used to do with the halo franchise. but they couldn't capture my imagination with any exciting campaign content so far. The tech and coop/multiplayer component is impressive but I miss the Halo universe feel that relates to Bungie's games. #2.1
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Would it include Ireland then? I hope so :) #3
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Agent?!? who knows :D That game is still advertised on their official website. #1.3
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Harry gregson-Williams for composer, he was behind the successful MW soundtrack. One of the best composers out there. Makes also metal gear ost so unique. This cod appears to be far more interesting now #4
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awesome, very informative :) #1.2.2
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Nice tweaks, shame that no media playback implemention yet. :( #1
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