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The N4G xbox crowd is just pitiful. I can't believe the excuses that are just piling up from you guys. Ugh, all of a sudden MS is some hero because they changed their stance? Don't worry... A pretty timeline of events will insure how blind you guys all are.

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At Machiavellian

What an ass. Sony didn't 'Change' their policies but adapted it. Self publishing was the only thing the PS3 didn't have but since the Vita, they have always opened indies with open arms.. Wait even way past that since the release of Flower.

This is different, they is coming out with a completely different console AT AN EVENT changing EVERYTHING to match your competitor. Just read the Xbox one time line and from day one, they h...

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Wooooow!! Naive you say? Damn, yall xbox fans are just wow. Yall are live in here too down voting everyone lol! It's okay, have your moment, keep thinking it was because they "listened to you" lmao!

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To Death

They can already do that if they want to. It doesn't have to be system level and that's where the problem lies. It's an inconvenience to legit customers who do it because they are less fortunate. Don't insult me, I always buy new because I can't buy used. I want to support developers and publishers alike (even the ones I hate) because I want more games and money is the only way that can happen but if publishers and developers feel shafted by Game...

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As was stated. The 360 will still have more because of the PS3 architecture. However, this new Gen,.. We won't see that much of a dominance.. Especially not when the architecture are almost the same and we'll, sony having more power. This time is going to be very different.. And Vgcharts is never accurate

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Have we heard if the PS4 can do it? If so, then what's the excuse? They can use the cloud.

If not, then why is this an issue when they are mostly going to be on the same server. Granted the PS4 and the PS3 are different architecture and also have different features, such as party chat, so that could be a reasonable cause but, not being able to cross generation gaming will be so stupid.

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So where's the criticism of the 180? In fact, why is it that they are praising something that would potentially cause the crash of the Video game industry by treating your customers like thieves. Sorry but it's not customers being cheap, it's studios being unnecessarily expensive. Why does any publisher need a $60 billion marketing budget for a game? My point exactly. Sticking with the status quo gives developers and publishers alike to find a better way not at the customers expen...

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I think people need to stop bashing and really think realistically. I get it, the PS4 will be the next big thing since butter but not every single thing MS says must be taken with a grain of salt. Let's be serious, that same mentality was applied to Sony and they came back proving everyone wrong. MS is in that same predicament and people talking out their ass will feeling really dumb when truth comes to light. What everyone should be focusing on is how this cloud computing can make gaming...

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I'm sorry but this makes no sense. I'm hype to see what the cloud can do but your making it seem as if other consoles don't have nothing to bring to the table. I'd rather take the console that is future proof in hardware that can improve more on output with integration with cloud computing than a system that is not future proof in terms of hardware but heavily relies on the cloud. The benefits of one will bring about bigger possibilities than the other. I'm just saying... ...

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Wrong. When Sony bought gaikai.. there was the same major downplay. The story at the time was 'The world isn't ready for cloud gaming'. No difference here. It's all BS until we can really see the benefits. I for one know that not only MS invested in this but so did Sony... the difference is, they aren't talking about it because they don't have anything to share regarding its pros and cons. I appreciate that because they are learning to speak less and show. MS should le...

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APPLE has the biggest ecosystem in the world

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It's funny how people are calling hypocrites for people praising Sony PS+MP requirements. First of all, No one is 'praising' it but okay with it. Xbone fanboys are always so salty. Att he end of the day, the only thing behind a Paywall is MP.. everything isn't thus making XBL STILL a ripoff. The hypoctical thing of it all is, XBONE FANBOYS have no problem dishing out $500 bucks for a Xbone but that was deemed too expensive and greedy when Sony did it. So who's being a hypo...

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What if it's just Sony smashing MS saying that they will not be blocking used games, making up some sort of DRM, etc. That would be explosive at E3.

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I think this is blown out of proportion. Who cares of Polygon rated it low?? How does that overshadow the other great scores that it received. When the game goes up for awards and the what not, it doesn't matter what Polygon said. All it means is that they were wrong and we can move past it. Why does this have to be a Internet breakdown over ONE SCORE? Come on guys, this is pathetic, irrational and very immature. It's a game, not your life. I wish people went this hard when the govern...

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People stop downgrading Microsoft event. The issue is we don'tknow what they have in store and making up aassumptions will only make you look like an ass when you find out everything you " thought " was true. Tuesday is not the fair. Just wait.

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Did you forget something? The PS4 does not have an official body. There's still more hype to build

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@SDF Repellent

Stop with the BS now. PS+ Is a subscription that gives you free games that you don't pay monthly or out of pocket individually for. It works that same as all subscription because you pay to have access. If you don't pay you don't play, watch or read. If your subscription you are paying for is worth less than what your actually getting, then it'spretty 'free' to me. Stop trying to downplay the service.

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PC gamers - "Consoles are weaker than PC" - Yet PC offer no innovation what so ever in gaming beside looking better. Stop with the PC bull crap. Your game won't be miraculous better because it's on a pc. Graphically it will. If a game is good that's all that should matter, not the system. And I would like PC gamers to stop making it seem like all pc are made equal. The PC market is fragmented and there's too many different things to take into consideration before you...

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*Seen* Not *Played*. Remember we all thought the same thing for Final Fantasy XIII and well.. Look what happened.

I'm not saying MGS will be bad but when games go multi.. They lose what made it special. Mass effect was a great game and then 3 came out which practically almost tarnished the entire game. Imagine if gears or halo went multi.... Every masterpiece that made it special is now gone

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It takes 6 years to hack Sony and that's the rebuttal? Because they got hacked? Really? XBL was hacked until it got right. Just because Microsoft rather call it an 'outage' which is a buttery word for 'someone is trying to break in but let's not tell our customers because they are paying' is no different.

When Sony got hacked, no accounts or cards were compromised however during the fifa hacks people accounts were compromised. When people's gamer ...

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