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Wow.. "Introducing the all new event for fans at, E3 Liii" and were sold out.

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Yeah... I'm not sure how Single Campaign could be such a universe apart from the feel of MP. Unless there are literally two teams who are not working together whatsoever. I would be very surprised to see Single not feel and play very similar.

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I see what you are trying to say, but Early DOOM MP was huge! Fun! and was played a long long time.

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It felt Awful. I could only tolerate two rounds. It feels nothing like early twitch FPS games. It's really sad to see happen to Doom.

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I have to say, you are so right on the quality level of headphones. I've heard expensive models aimed at gamers and they are not nearly as good as a pair for less money aimed at audiophile or studio use.

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You are right of course. No doubt the later headphones are very good. Still, the price of really good headphones is comparable to a receiver. In some cases, headphones are comparable to an entry level surround in a box kit.

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Headphone only players will never know... Seriously, all you have to have is a set of really nice dynamic 5.1 and games are instantly transformed.

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I like your list.

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Although I agree with your point, don't fall in to the same mindset women put men in lot of cases. It was her channel. Wanting to take that channel from her was obviously purely out of spite. Why would you need that channel for yourself when it was her persona. Stupid. I don't know the whole story, but on the face of it, this is just stupid selfish behavior. The worst part of this, is how pathetic our family court system is. It is interested in one thing, money.

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I'll stick to my own and avoid all those wonderful interactions, thanks.

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Society. Take a look outside.

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Regardless of how I've matured as a gamer and how different I see gameplay importance in relation to visuals, I'll always be a graphics whore.

Sometimes I think there need be a reminder that video games require video. And only a few "video" games are successful with unattractive visuals.

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Fire this psycho. "I'm going to force my children to watch gore etc"

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I'd be more than happy to be Mr Villain for that. Do it!

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oops my bad

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This is exactly how I feel right now... hmm.

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I'd like to see a more flushed out Bright Falls / Alan Wake tie in. There is so much they could do similar to this with a new Alan Wake game. Crossing fingers and toes for that official announce.

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Nice, located in my back yard. No peeking over the fence!

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Damn people like to bitch a lot. If you do not like the game, find another one. There are a few PC games out there. One might even make you happy.

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Say goodbye to your controllers battery life.

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