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I don't think the PS4Pro reveal was making too many waves actually. It was already what everyone expected. Now is the perfect time to show NX off. It is not competing with those platforms anyway. The core audience for NX will not be all that influenced by consoles trying to be PC's.

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It's sad really. They are telling everyone how important to have this launch talked about, handled and shown correctly this time around, yet we know about squat about it. It is odd they hold steady with march release timing but we're in limbo. What is the plan Nintendo?

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This will bring on galactic war, but I just can not go without saying it... if only we could have full potential of ND image on PC.

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Honestly, where the other two big console guys are trying to go.. there is already a market with better iterated hardware. Nintendo has the perfect timing for grabbing consumers looking for that different gaming hardware gap that has materialized recently. Let's hope they get it just right.

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Uh no... especially good time seeing how Sony just basically showed what everyone expected.

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Agreed. I have been interested in this for it's possibilities since it was announced. I may have missed a thing or two, but predominantly, the only thing I've seen is ships shooting at each other, water and a fly through of an island. What is happening in this game? Surely they have more? This is all they seem to be showing.

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Whats happening to this site?

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Other reports left out the fact that this is supposed to be dimensions from a dev kit. That would be helpful info! Good job game news sites!

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This will cause a lot of drops. They have done nothing to gain confidence of subscribers. Bad decision again. They should have at least dropped a couple major titles over last couple months to jack up some confidence. Good thing I mostly play on PC.

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Finally? I think not.

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Could be the patent for the base station that will be included in the NX.

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Sorry, that is really absurd. There are many ways for a new builder to get help matching components. If that is still not in your realm of a new build.. contact me, we will build one for you.

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My god that would be insane. Dream

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A new Valve game would be nice. I mean, adding Windows games to Steam I am all for... Just, Valve games. I want to hear that chime and see that man's head and get all worked up like those days gone bye. I fear It's just a dream now though. :(

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I thought Nvidia said there would be no M version for 10 series? Yes, No?

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Yes, I suppose "premise" is the word I should have used. That was my initial thought watching the trailer the first time though. In my opinion, It still seems very familiar. I should say that I'm looking forward to it in any case.

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Has no one else seen the show Humans? I find the stories too similar.

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I knew it. I couldn't stop seeing him in my mind.

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