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Sorry, that is really absurd. There are many ways for a new builder to get help matching components. If that is still not in your realm of a new build.. contact me, we will build one for you.

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My god that would be insane. Dream

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A new Valve game would be nice. I mean, adding Windows games to Steam I am all for... Just, Valve games. I want to hear that chime and see that man's head and get all worked up like those days gone bye. I fear It's just a dream now though. :(

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I thought Nvidia said there would be no M version for 10 series? Yes, No?

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Yes, I suppose "premise" is the word I should have used. That was my initial thought watching the trailer the first time though. In my opinion, It still seems very familiar. I should say that I'm looking forward to it in any case.

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Has no one else seen the show Humans? I find the stories too similar.

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I knew it. I couldn't stop seeing him in my mind.

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Going against the grain, it looked fun and different in a positive way. Im big on sci-fi, so maybe im only in the handful on the positive side.

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It is flabergasting how many people in this world feel like rules should not apply to them. Its far more shocking to then see authorities just sit and watch rules being broken. However, if one says anything about this breaking of rules and or failed authority, one gets beaten in the back of the head, blindsided with heavy makeshift weapons.

Then you get told your a hateful person and should feel sympathy for those less fortunate who attacked you, because its not their fault...

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Was going to comment the same... 980t huh. I've heard of a 980 and 980ti. Didn't know there was a 980t lol

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He thought Uncharted always looked a little cartoony.

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I'll gladly take a free upgrade seeing how I waited until 6 months ago. Better yet, send me a 1070 or rx 480.

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That many sq feet of floor space makes it hard to justify so little use. Something else is up their sleeves. My guess.

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Wow.. "Introducing the all new event for fans at, E3 Liii" and were sold out.

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Yeah... I'm not sure how Single Campaign could be such a universe apart from the feel of MP. Unless there are literally two teams who are not working together whatsoever. I would be very surprised to see Single not feel and play very similar.

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I see what you are trying to say, but Early DOOM MP was huge! Fun! and was played a long long time.

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It felt Awful. I could only tolerate two rounds. It feels nothing like early twitch FPS games. It's really sad to see happen to Doom.

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I have to say, you are so right on the quality level of headphones. I've heard expensive models aimed at gamers and they are not nearly as good as a pair for less money aimed at audiophile or studio use.

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