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not a fan

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Hard Drive?

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Wii U was a great machine with a couple minor flaws. The internet and love-hate ruined it for anyone who could see its potential. The Switch is like the perfect evolution of what Wii U had going for it.

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Oooh! Ryse was great.

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5 dollar?

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If anyone needs a fill-in Look me up. I'll work for half the pay but I will be stopping, when my throat says so.

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It is! It really is!
You take one game out and put another game in! Blown.. *hands from head exploding gesture*
(hoping Switch is great)

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Translates to taking graphics to current PC levels.

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Good to see they are quickly releasing fixes.

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How about we ALL work on being a better HUMAN race. There is evil and cowards out there. Even big giant babies. But its up to us as a whole to weed out the bad ones and bring together the majority who do want a peaceful successful society.
I voted Trump. Proud of my vote. But the division must end. There are good people from every group from every where. Let's prop them up!

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Maybe you just read it wrong and it actually said NDA and now your screwed!

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The games industry reared its ugly head last night with all the comments. It's corrupt just like our Gov't.... Was. Everyone has a right to opinion... But those comments were aimed at us.. The people, the backbone of USA

Aimed at the very PEOPLE who buy your game. Think about that game industry. While you feel ashamed of us PEOPLE who vote and BUY your games.

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..and still have seen nothing new.

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I don't think the PS4Pro reveal was making too many waves actually. It was already what everyone expected. Now is the perfect time to show NX off. It is not competing with those platforms anyway. The core audience for NX will not be all that influenced by consoles trying to be PC's.

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It's sad really. They are telling everyone how important to have this launch talked about, handled and shown correctly this time around, yet we know about squat about it. It is odd they hold steady with march release timing but we're in limbo. What is the plan Nintendo?

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This will bring on galactic war, but I just can not go without saying it... if only we could have full potential of ND image on PC.

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Honestly, where the other two big console guys are trying to go.. there is already a market with better iterated hardware. Nintendo has the perfect timing for grabbing consumers looking for that different gaming hardware gap that has materialized recently. Let's hope they get it just right.

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Uh no... especially good time seeing how Sony just basically showed what everyone expected.

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Agreed. I have been interested in this for it's possibilities since it was announced. I may have missed a thing or two, but predominantly, the only thing I've seen is ships shooting at each other, water and a fly through of an island. What is happening in this game? Surely they have more? This is all they seem to be showing.

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