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Whether intentional or not, your comment made me laugh

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I'd be all over it with money

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I only got around to trying this game last week and it is nowhere near as 'bad' as I was led to believe. And, let's be honest, graphics for daays...

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*Unlike any other, surely?

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I still haven't finished Isolation despite thinking it's amazing. I can't stomach playing it for long enough and since buying the Sony headset 2.0 it's just become unplayable effing terrifying! I'm such a wuss...

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Well intrigued by this, like the style they're going for.

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I may have to rebuy this game...

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I've been giving the order a shot recently, I'm about two thirds through and finding it pretty enjoyable. I did only pay twenty quid though and went into it expecting the worst so I guess I can only be pleasantly surprised

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As much as people slate it for the admittedly poor launch, DC grew to be one of the best racing games I've played in years, I hope they just keep improving it like they've been doing until they start work on *fingers crossed* Motorstorm

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Yeah the online community is still pretty strong, I went back to it after a 6 month hiatus and have become way more hooked than the first time around, surprised me as I wasn't impressed when I first got it at launch!

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Aren't they made up of some of the people that made GodHand? If so, something like GodHand please!

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There's no enlarged text in it though unfortunately

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I've got the patch just now in UK

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I just turned on my ps4 and the update is downloading as I write this, I'm In the UK

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Amazing, cheers guys!

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Hmm, I'm playing on ps4 but it doesn't appear to be on my save file weirdly, maybe it just isn't on the console ones

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Quick question guys, where do I find my in game stats like total playtime etc? Everyone seems to know how long they've been playing for yet I don't have a clue! Cheers

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Aah I see, I knew that there was some sort of 60 fps 'target' in there somewhere, cheers guys!
This reminds me I should really finish ascension, got massively into that game but hit a brick wall at the trials of something or other where the difficulty spiked hard

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I may be wrong but wasn't the ps3 version 60fps?

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Pretty sure they already have, last gen a new game in store would be a max of £40, now they're all £50-£55

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