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of course! But there's a difference between a good soundtrack and a game having fantastic audio.

The soundtracks are golden but in terms of sound effect recording quality and multichannel effects, theres not many games on WiiU that takes advantage of all the features quite like the other consoles.
That's all i meant haha

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absolutely not the same.

Thats how i have the XBox One set up right now and its a noticeable drop in quality. Then again im comparing it to bitstreaming PS4 directly though HDMI, but i know for a fact going directly to the receiver through optical would be much better that using the TV's built-in receiver - which, most dont even support surround

(The Xbox cant go directly into the receiver cause its a 4k tv and a 3D reciever. So annoying how we have t...

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within 2 games*

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I live in a pretty small town haha. Im incredibly confident i can go day 1 and pick it up without a preorder. Only console i couldn't get day 1 was the PSP but like a week later i found one.

It's the only thing small towns are good for haha

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My fav part was

"lets SWITCH... to something else"
"hey guys. Were developing a game. It's gonna be good"
"Now lets SWITCH... to Skyrim!"

obviously not direct quotes but pretty damn close hahaha

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I was excited till i found out its $399.99 in Canada

That's insane and a giant risk. Cant even remember the last time i turned on the WiiU...

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Every time i see Nintendo sales i get excited for like half a second before i realize its always super old games on for like $5 off

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lol dont take the troll bait guys

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im grabbing a Pro on boxing day so i can use the 4K features, but damn...

what are you guys seeing here? this looks almost the exact same. Ive zoomed in and switched between the two tabs back and forth and im seeing practically no improvements here.
Not ripping on the Pro. Just legitemately wondering what you see thats so much better here

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whoa a PS fan ripping on other PS fans cause they didnt upgrade to a Pro

only on N4G

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Mirrors Edge Catalyst was...

Messing with the AI was fun though. so awful lmao

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#1 should be Kane and Lynch 2


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I'd go buy one right now if the PSVR could pass through the HDR...

but it cant, so

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Yeah I stopped reading after the first line haha

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Literally every Hock Shop has used WiiU systems. and PS2s. and N64s. Hell, theres an unopened Intellivision at the Jumbo down the street from me.

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There's literally no games to pirate, though

im not even trolling there's like 8 games that matter and im sure we all already own them at this point.

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and multiple power outlets and a controller

prolly just get a Gear VR m'dude

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thats literally the only reason

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ehhhh i'll rent it. look's alright

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