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"DiRT Rally recently released a VR mode that seems to be well received, but otherwise there really hasn’t been anything notable"


"There are a few titles on the horizon such as Statik and Korix, which are puzzle games, The Persistence, which is a FPS, and finally Starblood Arena, which is a space shooter. These will intrigue people currently with the headset, but they are no system buyer."

Theyre not out yet, so y...

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legit i'd be willing to bet over 50% of people sold theirs.

I wanted one but i know if i had it in my house right now i'd gladly trade it for like $400.00

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" Persona 4‘s protagonist moves from a big city to a small country farm “it seemed more natural for a male character to fulfill that role.”

LOL that explanation from the director. Can tell this isnt American.

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I agree with you man, the PC gaming community is absolutely awful and these comments totally prove it.

That being said, your laptop is definitely incredibly below-average for a gaming forum and its clearly not going to run a WiiU emulator so i sort of agree that you shouldnt be saying the emulator doesnt work well on here lol. i dunno man. Don't let them ruin PC gaming for you - but also dont go smack-talking the pc as an emulator and then post...

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clearly you didnt play Kane and Lynch 2

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eh you're definitely wrong about the snow but i cant argue the water. It seems so out-of-place in such a pretty game.

Alloy doesnt get wet, water doesnt ripple at all let alone move in real-time, and some of the waterfalls are flat textures that if you look at from the side, they're almost invisible.

Other than the water though these graphics and everything else about the game are nearly perfect.

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have 5TB on my PS4 - still buying my P5 steelbook edition off amazon. Never had any problems. Always arrives the day it comes out, and you save a ridiculous amount of money with Prime if you buy a lot of games. Cheaper than digital AND you get a physical box which is lovely.

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He was definitely nit-picking a lot but i dont know man. Seem's pretty rough.
That video of the AI was exceptionally bad.

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the people calling the PS4 the PS Poor really gets me. lamest thing tbh

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These games really shouldn't be being sold for $3 in the first place.
Its the insane competition and the size of the market on mobile that forces these incredibly small studios to price their games so low.
They're not going to sell 1/10 of the number of copies they get on phone downloads on ps4, no matter what the price is. It NEEDS to be higher.

Also I don't mind paying extra at all to play it on my tv in 1080p with good speakers and trophy ...

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what the point of Uncharted 4 if Tomb Raider exists on the PSX?

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had never heard of WindJammers. Just checked out the trailer and im infinitely uninterested. 2D indie Sega Genesis shenanigans

Been playing Disc Jam literally the entire day to day. Easily my new fav game haha

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you're not mistaken.
This update added a new harder difficulty :p

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of course! But there's a difference between a good soundtrack and a game having fantastic audio.

The soundtracks are golden but in terms of sound effect recording quality and multichannel effects, theres not many games on WiiU that takes advantage of all the features quite like the other consoles.
That's all i meant haha

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absolutely not the same.

Thats how i have the XBox One set up right now and its a noticeable drop in quality. Then again im comparing it to bitstreaming PS4 directly though HDMI, but i know for a fact going directly to the receiver through optical would be much better that using the TV's built-in receiver - which, most dont even support surround

(The Xbox cant go directly into the receiver cause its a 4k tv and a 3D reciever. So annoying how we have t...

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within 2 games*

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I live in a pretty small town haha. Im incredibly confident i can go day 1 and pick it up without a preorder. Only console i couldn't get day 1 was the PSP but like a week later i found one.

It's the only thing small towns are good for haha

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My fav part was

"lets SWITCH... to something else"
"hey guys. Were developing a game. It's gonna be good"
"Now lets SWITCH... to Skyrim!"

obviously not direct quotes but pretty damn close hahaha

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I was excited till i found out its $399.99 in Canada

That's insane and a giant risk. Cant even remember the last time i turned on the WiiU...

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Every time i see Nintendo sales i get excited for like half a second before i realize its always super old games on for like $5 off

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