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uh cool

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The PS4 supposedly plays movies from USB Sticks if you use the Media Player app.

If i download something and put it on a USB it honestly >never< sees it unless its mp4.

XBox one sees every single file and i can freely say "xbox play, xbox pause, xbox volume up" while im watching stuff.

That being said, that's pretty much all ive used the xb1 for in months :p

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literally why i bought the xb1 aha

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I actually really liked the campaign in Ghosts. I had fun with it. Ended with a cliffhanger so im pretty happy this is finally happening aha.

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^ This

I really wish i would have rented it.
Though i sold it on Kijiji for 10 bucks less than i paid so thats good enough i suppose.

(Great game from what i played! But my friends have no lives and hit lvl 30 in 2 days while i was at work, and its not very fun by yourself)

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Im sorry did you see that Crackdown 3 gameplay?

I havent even turned on my XBox One since Sunset Overdrive but god damn that Crackdown cloud display was impressive

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haha fair enough. Most people are like that.

I honestly got it for the rhythm games and Smash. (Rhythm Thief 10/10)

Never been a big fan of RPGs (Pokemon, Zelda, Monster Hunter, etc) which kinda limits me with it aha.

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like honestly. I was kind of excited to turn the XBO on for Quantum Break but im just gonna PC it.

Even held out buying GoW Ultimate after the PC version was announced haha.

Theres like no reason for me to even own this thing other than to say "XBox, volume up. XBox, volume down" while im playing PC and PS4.

(That sounded fanboyish thats pretty much what i use it for)

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sweeeeeeeeeeet time to bust out the 3DS again

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nah its not in the UK yet :p

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oh god what's happening what year is it?

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XBox Live and Steam, for starters

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Real life looks better

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yeah man this looks actually so amazing

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Im pretty sure all the PS2 games' online have been taken down, sadly.

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Well third party games on Wii-U are almost aaaalways pure trash.

I legitimately dont have a non-nintendo game for WiiU. Other than Bayonetta, everything is really bad, or better on PS4/XB1

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Almost platinumed it. Just need one more multiplayer trophy!
No remix mode or online is such an insane letdown though

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eh pretty much same sales as the Playstation Store

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lol honestly a game shouldn't be this unpolished in 2015.. on last gen consoles, sure i guess, but now?

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That was the Playstation TV. Im using it as a computer monitor now :p Pretty much only Motorstorm supported that aha.

Sony ditched it so fast that they forgot about it and named another product the excact same thing a few years later.
then they forgot about that.

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