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this game actually looks pretty sweet

it probably wont live up to expectations but im keepin an eye on it

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i highly doubt that just for the fact that that's dumb and there's no way they would let that happen. It's just a tiny optional update m'dude

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i started a match and was super impressed by the graphics, then we got up to the plane and my mind was blown as i parachuted down to the ground on a phone. Then just as i was landing my legs went through the ground and my dude slid into a wall and got stuck and then i got disconnected and i quit

I'll give it another shot tomorrow but that was a pretty bad first impression hahaha

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This is pretty bs for a paid game but... strictly for sake of being devils advocate here, most games dont give you a second save for online anyway. I'm not really sure what the benefits of this are tbh

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I disagree. I see a need for it and the vast majority of people commenting here and on the ps blog agree

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I have a very good gaming PC I built connected to a 4k monitor and my 4k tv and i obviously have Burnout in my steam library but I'm still getting the remaster for ps4 because that's where I play most of my games. Its just so much more convenient and enjoyable playing on console imo and it's where all my friends play.

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LOL how did this get approved

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i agree with you that motion controls were pretty huge but you're wrong about them about being "as much a gimmick as thumbsticks, widescreen resolutions, 3D and Virtual Reality"

im just saying, there's a reason nobody is making non-vr games with motion controls these days but theyre still making games that use thumbsticks. I can legitimately say i've never played a game with all motion controls i enjoyed except Dance Central and Fantasia (but i have a ...

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They really need to up their game up a bit if they want me to pay for online

Tracking playtime on only 30 games, no trophies, no seeing friend's friends, no adding people through social networks, using a phone app for voice chat, etc etc etc

Like, it's a super basic online infrastructure that's not even close to the quality of even the ps3. Hell even the PS2 had in-game voice chat. I could see me paying for a month of it if im going on a trip ...

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yeah i've gotta agree here

I'd rather have a good mechanical backlit keyboard than a good wireless non-backlit keyboard. I'm sure theres a market for this but like, you run the cable behind the desk once and dont generally move it from that spot so idk if i'd care at all about having it wireless

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@GamesMaster1982 Shark cards are a little bit different.

I play GTA online with my buddies decently often and have never bought a shark card or felt the need to. I know im missing out on content, but every game has paid DLC and id almost rather GTA's approach to that. It's been nonstop free huge game-changing content nonstop for years for me. Transform races are 10/10

I'd urge anybody who hasn't played GTA online since launch to go hop on ...

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sorry man didnt know it was 720 on ps3 :p

my bad

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wait that means there's literally no reason to buy this over the ps3 version lol

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crap i gave them a hit

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yeah this seems sketchy
PhotoEffect has one star and its $5.99 and idk man.

Im considering risking it but tbh idk why id wanna pay 6 dollars to play ps1 games on the xb1 when i can play them on literally anything else for free

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Oh man I feel really bad for you

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idk i had fun with Burning Skies tbh

Platinumed it on a long road trip haha. Definately a generic fps but there were some memorable moments as well as being the first full portable fps. It gets way more hate than it deserves.

If you go into it with extraordinarily low expectations you'll come out blown away.

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how can you kill somebody playing pokemon go

shoulda known you have to drive under 60km/h or else you dont hatch eggs smh

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Fantasia all the way man

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