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A lot of the online is mediocre, but with friends it can be one of the most fun online environments. Another area which is stellar is the creator, if you get into it then you will open up a whole new addiction!

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No, because Naughty Dog has a proven track record of creating games that are very good or even masterpieces. There is no reason to doubt that they could do it again.

Even when Uncharted 3 had issues with gameplay (aiming and shooting seemed to be issues) they fixed it quickly and quietly, unlike many other devs these days.

Naughty Dog will make a good game. I would bet my left nut on it.

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@ Spenok - I played the game at Gamescom and it is nothing like COD. Well, except first person with guns.

It really is brilliant gameplay.

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Played it at Gamescom. Was amazing, not revolutionary or anything but my god was it fun.

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Played it at Eurogamer, was a very choppy game that was a mess control wise and the AI wasn't intelligent... I know it isn't out yet, but the signs weren't exactly great!

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Just played it today at Eurogamer Expo... The frame rate was terrible.. Was very disappointed

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I agreed for purely the first sentence. If you don't like Call of Duty... DON'T COMMENT OR LOOK AT IT... simples. WE KNOW CoD is the same evry year... we have heard every joke...

But dude, BF4 online will be awesome! :P

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Naughty Dog isn't overrated. They are one of this generation's top developers. Even before this gen, they were making games like Jak and Daxter and Crash Bandicoot. Which are looked on fondly by many.

Uncharted combined the giant set pieces that we have come to expect from AAA games with a genuinely interesting story along with graphics that truly used the PS3 to the point where they were brought in to help other developers get to grips with PS3.


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Despite having to judge games for other things for reviews, if I had to pick one thing that is most important, it would be the experience that the game gives me.

Playing Titanfall at Gamescom was an amazing experience and if the rest of the game is as good as what I saw, I would be happy to pay for that experience.

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PlayStation TV is a real thing apparently so its not a fanboy statement (or site) to point out that it might come up. A lot of websites covered that a couple of days ago, check it out.

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Yeah but he seemed to be doing the identical personality from Uncharted. Was still a great game though.

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Found the cached view for anyone that wants :)

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Brilliant and heartfelt article. Some people on here are just being downright insensitive with topics they do not understand... Shame really.

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I would love it to be that easy for some of us

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As much as I appreciate the opinion, as a person diagnosed with clinical depression... I exercise at the gym at least 3 times a week and play football in addition to that almost every week while keeping a healthy diet. While some cases may be poor lifestyle, believe me when I say that it is not the majority, biology is a major factor in such problems as depression.

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Knack, Watch Dogs, Destiny, Drive Club, The Witness and Deep Down are all unreleased new IPs? The tech demo is an integral part of a console announcement for developers and consumers alike to prove the longevity of the system and how it can extend to the imagination. On top of this, the "more of the same" reference to Killzone is invalid, it did not even look like a Killzone game while the inFamous was a different character AND setting.

I agree with your first stat...

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GMT : 11PM
Pacific: 3PM
I think

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unfortunately there is no way to avoid children playing them, parents must take responsibility and monitor activity on consoles

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