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This port is much better then what happened with final fantasy #1
looking forward to this. she's mine, she's mine #1
yes yes Disney, please remake these #1
Wow, didn't know chargers are to be sold separately. #1
Limited myself to just 10 games this year and here's one of them. #1
what the he##. #1
So glad they brought this back. #1
These games gets my heart pumping more then Resident Evil #1
HA, glad to see silent hill made the list. the sound effects in the first one still gives me chills. #3
4 maps for $15. na
but throw in zombies? i'll get it #4
Now with thrustmaster, it's one of my favorite racing games. #3
solo gameplay video is worth watching #4
pro tip: play as the monster #3
well, i got to play goat simulator. definitely strange. #2
glad to see Freddy's on the list #3
hold on, let me call you from inside my fortified cardboard box #4
rock band is a better party game then any kinect game i got #3
like how they pointed out that the restriction and addiction are separate topics #3
SoulCalibur and OddWorld caught my eye. Already got too many versions of Half-Life 2. #1
A welcome affordable addition. Not an ipad killer but great for gamers #3
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