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SoulCalibur and OddWorld caught my eye. Already got too many versions of Half-Life 2. #1
A welcome affordable addition. Not an ipad killer but great for gamers #3
Planning to stay up all night to order it. #2
thanks for sharing #1
glad that they brought this back. starting to get tired of my street fighter alpha. #2
This would get me on the wagon. #2
It should be an OUYA game. #3
been waiting for this #2
Strange people discount this video just because PS4 isn't available to consumers.
Getting access the PS4 and XBOX ONE is relatively easy compared to some of the other exclusive content GamerHub has published.

GamerHub is getting 2 Playstation 4 consoles early. You heard me right, 2. That's how much Sony likes us. #12
oh my god, that's either passion or just got too much time on their hands #2
And let's not forget duck tales remastered #1
love it #1
got this at the office, was looking forward to it too #1
I rather play divekick #2
this will help my nintendo stock #1
best game every, still worth playing #1
Should have released this before x y launched #2
need to see a review of nba live before purchasing #1
I say this is on par with the previous releases. #2
Release a Mac version #4
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