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It was already a great game before. #1
At least they apologized. Figured they were going to sweep it under the rug. #1
Just what I needed. Thanks #1
Simple graphics but looks interesting #1
That's crazy. Warthog was awesome in Halo. It was the quad that was nicknamed an easy double kill. #1
I think this was a sleeper hit. #1
Yea, makes it worth owning a PS4 #2
Oh boy. It's the shoot first ask questions later games. #1
Needed this. Thanks. #1
Glad to see fighting games making a comeback. #1
That was not expected. #1
offers good replay value #1
It's better then I expected #1
One of the few 3rd party titles I want. #2
Would love to play this with VR #1
Yea, after investing this much time in it, I might as well see it through. #1
i played 2 on that list #1
True. I saw one of the VR companies tape the leap motion controller to the front of their visor to capture hand movement. I think it was OpenVR. #1
episodic games like walking dead fit the category #1
Not fond of episodic games. #1
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