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Alexkoepp, your very first comments on this site were negative towards "the competition", and you feel the need to justify your viewpoint by saying you're a "dissapointed owner of the Playstation 4" on your profile.

It's fine to love a console - I don't see the point of bringing "the competition" into it? I would like to hear your response, but you only have one bubble (I wonder why). Feel free to explain your viewpoint in a PM, I...

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Let me guess, you frequent Misterxmedia?

I believe Resogun is 1080p and 60fps.

However, *any* game can run at 1080/60fps, depending on the trade-off in other areas.

Its funny how some fanboys try to turn that resolution argument on its head, when the hardware blatantly tells a different story.

Oh, and Forza had a few downgrades between E3 and release - likely to meet that 1080/60 target. It's a fact of life with the hardw...

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Glad to see that these 19 missions are coming as a patch instead of paid DLC. That's how it should work with Day One content.

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Sign me up please :)

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The story problem goes along the lines of Tretton working for Sony for a long time (20 or so years, I believe?). He just came off one of Playstation's most successful years, with the launch of the PS4.

He's leaving on a high (especially after E3 2013), there's no better time to go.

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"The ps 4 is nothing tech wise compared the Xbox one."

Please, explain. If you're wondering how you're currently at a 1:9 agree:disagree ratio, it could be due to the utter bull in that sentence above.

Justify it. Then people may agree.

Hint: You can't justify it, it is a widely accepted fact that the PS4 has superior HW in it than the Xbox One.

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Sony are gaining marketshare in the United States. That is the key here.

Money is made more off of software than hardware. As long as they can hold a larger marketshare, especially in key regions, they will have a better chance of selling more software.

And what's wrong with saying it was supply constrained? It was. By most anecdotal reports, it was rare to be able to walk in the shop and simply buy one.

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I swear, as soon as anyone prefaces their comment with "I own both consoles", it's immediately blatantly obvious that their comment will be biased in one direction.

The OP was saying congratulations to Sony. What's wrong with that? They played their cards right, didn't treat the consumer like dirt, and now it's paying off for them.

They have come from being outsold by a wide margin in the U.S. last generation to doubling the Xbox O...

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I saw images very similar to these (if not the same ones) not too long after the launch of the PS4, I believe. It doesn't seem like a new problem suddenly plaguing a whole lot of PS4s.

I have personally had the image of the grids on Flood Zone in Battlefield 4 appear for myself. But that is the only time it ever occurs. That same map, on the same game. Don't know what causes it, because it only happens occasionally, and it's only on the respawn screen, when I spaw...

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Karam is right on that one - the ratio for the Xbox One mixed:positive is more favourable than the PS4 one.

That being said - it really doesn't say much. Everyone knows that technically, the PS4 version is better. And in other respects, the games are the same.

This article is getting hits based solely off of kneejerk fanboy reactions.

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Of course when they announced the date it would have been planned to be released at launch. But undoubtedly things come up during development, deadlines aren't met, etc. which causes release projections to shift.

Sony would want to release it at launch. It would have been a blow having to delay their premiere PS Plus title and racing game. But sometimes things like delays can't be avoided.

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I'm asking this out of curiosity, I haven't caught up on the latest news.

Is it confirmed Blask Tusk still have their multiple projects? From what I've heard, Black Tusk is not a huge studio. If they're making a Gears game - you can guarentee a lot of effort will be piled into that, they won't want a half-assed game of one of Microsoft's biggest IPs.

Spencer himself said the E3 showing was similar to a tech demo. CBOAT said the spy-ga...

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The problem with production is that Sony can't immediately just ramp it up and see the results. There is a delay between when the product is manufcatured, and makes its way into retailers. This could easily be a month, or more.

Thus, Sony could face the problem of ramping up production, only to find that once those units start hitting stores, demand is already subsiding. Therefore they'ld be left with an excess of stock, and need to ramp down production (making the e...

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It's not as if Sony have monkeys working for them. As a large company, I'm sure they have great programmers to bring out driver updates.

I doubt we would be able to see any meaningful shifts in the performance gap through solely software updates.

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Yep, no demand. That's why if you go to your nearest retailer, there is a very, very high chance you won't be able to find it in stock.

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All of the trailers have had voice acting in English with Japanese subs, haven't they? If so, it does seem highly probable it will get a Western release (and keep in mind it was initially revealed at the largely Western-orientated Playstation Meeting).

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Sony are basically selling every console they make right now. Same went for Microsoft, for a while, but it seems as if now supply is larger than demand.

We can only see definite trends in sales data once both consoles are in a situation where the supply is either able to meet, or exceed the demand.

I do agree though - for all the problems Microsoft faced, they are selling a good deal of units.

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I felt the complete opposite. It was the first game that really made me ponder it, up to a couple of weeks after finishing it.

I suppose it depends on the player really, because the emotional impact of the game is it's biggest plus. If that is lost, I can understand why people don't get the hype.

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Can't think up anything witty.

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It is impossible for Titanfall to be a "CoD killer" when it is not on all major platforms.

I can definitely see this happening once it goes multiplatform with the next named version of Titanfall, however.

For the time being, Sony doesn't need a system seller - the PS4 itself is pushing those units. I realise the sales momentum will slow, likely by February, and while inFAMOUS is not a major system seller, it would have the power to move some un...

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