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Not main characters, per se, but at least characters you can play. Blackbeard did have a magnificent beard, though.

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Because he killed the actual winner.

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Official score is PAJAMAS/10, but people get super antsy when we mention our scores. :D

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It's a MegaMan X costume available in Dead Rising 3. Quite handy for all your zombie blasting needs!

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The driving isn't great with a mouse and keyboard, but generally it's not a problem. You really don't need a controller.

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I fear that no amount of sleep will allow anyone to understand what you are talking about. The issues with ZombiU have nothing to do with broken buttons. The problem is with the feel of the sole melee weapon, which is demonstrably open to interpretation. Some people find okay while others find it sub par. I fall into the latter category.

The review never called the controls broken, so your asinine and out of place example is rather meaningless.

It's rat...

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Dear "KingofWiiU,"

If you read the article this page links to, you will have an idea of "wtf we are even talking about."



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But if all the websites closed down how would you come up with these hilarious conspiracy theories?

It's worth noting that controls, aesthetics and a whole bunch of other things are open to interpretation. Some players found the controls (particularly the melee controls) to not be up to scrarch, just like some reviewers, while others found them fine. Logic would suggest that these people simply have different standards, not that there's some ridiculous anti-Nintendo ...

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Thanks for the compliment! I've always thought gaming journal could do with a bit of close analysis every now and again. Majora's Mask has spent a long time in Ocarina's shadow, but I find it so much richer in terms of clever game design.

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In Persona 4? Well, realistically, the idea is to max out every stat, which is more than possible during the course of a regular playthrough, to create an ubermensch hero and salvage the world and everyone's fragile psyche.

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I'd rather pay $20 to see [insert any good movie] than $20 to watch a marathon showing of all the Twilight films. Quality over quantity.

The argument presented wasn't that short games are inherently better, but that there's nothing inherently wrong with a short game as long as it feels full and complete, and that a short game that feels full and complete is better than a crappy game you can get more time out of because it's padded with banality.

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Actually, nothing is a ten. Sort of.

This will sort out your confusion *coos,*


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All about timeless pieces that toe the line between generally accessible "reviews" and thoughtful, in-depth criticism and analysis.

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FFXIII-2 is generally better, in the 30 hours I've played so far. My opinion of it lessened about midway through when the pacing took a nose dive and the game introduces what is the prettiest, as well as the longest, most tedious location thus far. Really bungled it. Hopefully the end can even things out.

Story is still whacked out (perhaps more so, because time travel), but the two leads offer more focused and neither are obnoxious.

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"Jaded Square Enix fans, apparently still upset that the last entry in the series, Final Fantasy XII, is quite possibly the best, dramatically point to XIII as the last straw in their relationship with the company."

That is actually a tongue in cheek jab at the fans who think XII isn't good, because I think it is good (hence, "quite possibly the best").

I don't think I have to preface every little aside with "I think" or...

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Or even more agency in a future "Dark Hour." Let us gallivant around town and creepy transmogrified coffins a bit.

I think the focused nature of Catherine worked to make that separation of gameplay types less jarring. Though there's also less of disparity between abstract block climbing and abstract chillin'; and tower climbin' turn based combat and school life.

Breaking the formula and establishing a new one for Persona 3 yielded a gr...

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Plus, automatic double trophies. :o

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I've not yet had a chance to play the RE6 demo, but, if the trailer is any indication, the game is going full tilt away from RE4. And seemingly trying to appeal to everyone at once with three different stories.

Leon's looks to play something like Vanquish, Chris' to play like Battlefield/Gears, and so on.

While I'd love to think Capcom is trying to cap off all the Resident Evil canon, they did a lot of that with RE5. And with RE4 they proved...

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The comparison is warranted, though, when RE5 tries as hard as it did to ape RE4 and then mishandles it that badly.

RE5's entire opening sequence is a terribly flawed version of RE4's and its gameplay is based off the same framework (which was unique to RE4 at the time)

That being said, I don't think it's a good action game, either. 4 being so much better just happens to expose 5's flaws further. It's still a creatively bankrupt amalg...

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