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Looking back, I'm glad I didn't. But yeah, I totally want to get it too! #1.1
Yeah, CD Projekt Red are setting a good example for other devs to follow! #2.1
Oblivion's horse armour will go down in history as one of the worst pieces of DLC to ever be released. ;-) #1.1
I'm honestly torn between the two! Fenix would definitely put up one hell of a fight if it did go down, though. #1.1
Yeah, that would be awesome! #6.1
Will definitely be downloading this when it arrives - will be perfect for the Vita. #3
Haha, that's so true. This generation really has created pixel counters and frame rate analyzers everywhere! It seems like people only buy games based on Digital Foundry verdicts instead of reviews or what their friends recommend. It's maddening! #1.2.2
Yeah, I had a physical copy too and you're right: digital is better so you can just pop on and off whenever you like!

How is the Jak collection? They're great games but I heard the port suffers from a few performance hiccups on vita? #1.2
You should! It works surprisingly well on the Vita and it's great to have Snake on the move! #1.1
Great comment, DarkOcelet, and I completely agree. While open world games can be refreshing - for example, Forza Horizon 2 - so many titles lack the structure to create a gripping story or better gameplay mechanics that linear games can provide. #1.1
I agree. I'm so sick and tired of the "one-game-fits-all" Ubisoft formula. I fear The Division will be yet another game built upon the same creaky foundations. #1.1.1
We put a lot of time and care into the articles we create so I would appreciate it if people ignored the summary above. #1.1
Yeah, it was definitely a stealth announcement. However, it was only confirmed for Europe on Friday, hence the news post. #1.1
Classic. #3.1
I know, right! The UK's TV ad will almost definitely feature some boring presenter talking over the top of some gameplay footage. Why can't we have ads like these anymore! #1.1
Erm, you're welcome? #1.1
That means a lot! Thank you. #4.1
Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. #2.1
I assure you it was never meant to be a boast! My girlfriend has to suffer whenever I hog the TV for review purposes and sometimes she comes out with some rather insightful observations. I thought it was a rather poignant question as it's a running theme throughout the game: why can't I just be Dracula and experience every bit of awesomeness that should bring? #3.2.1
You can assume what you like about my character, but I certainly don't feel 'entitled' to anything. What I do feel entitled to, however, is value for money and the right to highlight blatantly shady practices by businesses. #3
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