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Yeah, it was definitely a stealth announcement. However, it was only confirmed for Europe on Friday, hence the news post. #1.1
Classic. #3.1
I know, right! The UK's TV ad will almost definitely feature some boring presenter talking over the top of some gameplay footage. Why can't we have ads like these anymore! #1.1
Erm, you're welcome? #1.1
That means a lot! Thank you. #4.1
Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. #2.1
I assure you it was never meant to be a boast! My girlfriend has to suffer whenever I hog the TV for review purposes and sometimes she comes out with some rather insightful observations. I thought it was a rather poignant question as it's a running theme throughout the game: why can't I just be Dracula and experience every bit of awesomeness that should bring? #3.2.1
You can assume what you like about my character, but I certainly don't feel 'entitled' to anything. What I do feel entitled to, however, is value for money and the right to highlight blatantly shady practices by businesses. #3
End of a generation? I'm sorry, but the PS3 and 360 were still going strong back then, and it will be some time before people stop spending money on last-gen consoles - Titanfall, Watchdogs, Destiny and GTA V are proof of that. You can't judge the PS3 and 360 by the old console generation cycles, either, considering they broke tradition in that respect.

You clearly condone what they are doing with Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and as such it's difficult to reas... #2
So you honestly believe that a frightfully more expensive version, which adds nothing but a lick of paint to a game which 160 million people already had access to, will sell better on next-gen consoles... even though there are approximately 7 million in the wild. Really?

Remakes are indeed a great way of introducing a classic franchise to new players. But Tomb Raider was rebooted 10 months ago. It's a complete stretch that any PS4 and Xbox One owners (who are mature enou... #1.2
Thanks for the comment! Really appreciate it. #2.1
A fair comment. Thanks for taking the time to respond! #2
That's a great way of getting through it actually! Thanks for the constructive comment. #1.1
I meant that about every comment BTW, not just Jay's. :-) #9
Spot on, Jay. Great to see such an intelligent discussion in this comment thread. Breath of fresh air! #8
PES 2013 definitely isn't as accomplished as FIFA 13. It doesn't have the licences, the wealth of gameplay options, believable commentary or crowds. But it is, without a doubt, way more fun than EA's trite football sim.

A big improvement for PES 2014 would be to stop people cheating online with ridiculous formations. Oh, and if everyone stopping picked Real Madrid that would be great, too. Spruce up the presentation and load times and I'm sure PES fans will b... #6
Thanks for commenting but that's got absolutely nothing to do with the article... #1.1
I remember having to win 300+ games instead of the required 100 to unlock a trophy on FIFA 11 because every time someone quit, it gave you the win but it didn't actually count it as a proper win!

Surprisingly, PES 2013 has been really enjoyable and free from rage quitters this year. I've played well over 200 games online and must have less than 10 people disconnect during that time, even if you're 4-0 up. I think it's to do with Konami's courtesy system w... #5
Thanks for the comments, guys. While it was a definite toss up between 4 and 4.5, I felt inclined to give it 4.5 due to the sheer fun I've had with the game, especially with friends. There's nothing out there quite like it.

Of course it isn't perfect by any means and there are a few dud attractions in there, but the overall experience is one that is so fresh and unique that it really sells the system and excites Wii U owners and myself about what the future holds... #3
Fingers crossed! Would be great to get back in the cockpit with Captain Falcon. #2
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