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it wont kill the Xbox. Microsoft has the money to keep it going

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Ya the campaign is epic, it makes me wanna do multiple play throughs

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i guess this could be the reason they delayed to 2011

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im gonna have to avoid the internet until reach comes out i cant afford to have the story spoiled for me

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ms has the money to buy developers but they're just cheap.in the long run wat there doin right now is eventually gonna screw them

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sony has lost a bunch of excclusives they havent been destroyed

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if me2 was a timed exclusive maybe me3 could be. just like splinter cell who knows

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gears isnt gonna fail epic said they have learned from there mistakes

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this game looks impressive and its not out til next year so they'll probably fix up all the technical issues they might experience

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MS need to show off some new ip

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This game is gonna be amazing

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i think halo reach could beat me2 for goty cause its just content packed there's so much variety

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