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"all things must come to an end. "


The ISIS is just a cruel organization that needs to be crushed. They've done so many wrongs to so many groups of people. #4
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Halo 5 was not delayed.
Halo games always have a minimum of 3 year rev cycles, Halo 5 was never announced as a 2014 game, and releasing the MCC IN 2014 was their plan from the beginning. #2.2
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I have to admit, I chuckled in the beginning at the closed-circuit dig.
Very slick ad though. #1
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Hmm, this hasn't been on my radar for quite some time.
I'll have to check it out. Is it like deadly premonition? #2
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I'm going to be doing this in so many places on the map.
I can already imagine my car parked somewhere over a green vineyard on the fields, watching thunder clouds and sunshine roll on by. #1
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Well, people like to jump to conclusions.
You really just have to think about it.
If Microsoft is perfectly ok with people monetizing games from their game studios division (halo, gears, forza, fable, etc.), why on earth would they be opposed to minecraft, a game with an especially monstrous youtube following. #2.1
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Yeah, it's new.
But you can still play on the original version of the map if you want as well. #1.1.1
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Pretty wicked. Not to mention the armors (those reflective visors!) have been massively improved from Halo 4.
I cannot wait to see Coagulation now. #1
Can't wait to jump between Halo 1, Halo 2, and Halo 3 in one sitting. :D #5
Well, no one's going to refute your opinion of the game. It's your opinion and that's all that should matter. #13.2
I wasn't talking about the budget.
Days ago, activision reported that they sold $500M worth of destiny copies in the first 24hours. That's why I was wondering about this #325M in a week figure. #1.7.3
Well, most of the reviews hit the webs days after its release, so we won't know the full impact until a few weeks in. #1.3.2
Nathan fillion was in destiny?? #2.1.1
I dig the art style, but the gameplay just seems, I dunno...just average. #1
It's supposedly coming out today. #4.1
Sounds just like my type of game. #1

erm...what? #2.3.2
I think you're the one trolling.
Different people wrote those reviews. #2.3
Damn, and that's just the 3ds sales. #1
I still can't fathom as to how bungie screwed up on mission structure variety for destiny.
They should have focused more on that over anything else (well, with the exception to gameplay mechanics). #2
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