all things must come to an end.


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this guy is still at it lol??

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Please, god no.

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While Halo 5's story was pretty convoluted and not executed in the way it should have been (Brian Reed....I really want that guy off the team), I thought Halo 4 had one of the strongest, personal, and tightest stories in the franchise.

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I also really love how they basically took that water and just put it into Forza Horizon 3.
I wonder what else they can carry over to other games.

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wait, what?
You're partly basing your score on what the "market" potentially might think about your review??

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You miss my point and the article's.
I'm not talking about timed or fully exclusive third party games.

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I'm not even sure where you're getting your first piece of info from.... the ps4/ps3 versions DID launch with exclusive content (base game) -
...and it wasn't just guns or cosmetics skins. A co-op strike was one of the pieces of exclusives at launch.

And even if xbox players were to purchase the game right now, they'd still be...

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If you want to know how this all affects ps players as well, this article explains it well enough in the last few paragraphs -

"Instead of reveling in glee at the plight of your fellow player, maybe consider sympathizing with them. We’ve all felt this happen before, no matter what platform you play on. On top of thi...

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Don't get me wrong, while I get (but don't support) dlc timed exclusives such as the call of duty deals, the destiny exclusivity stuff is on an entirely different level.

First off, the exclusivity is for two years. Second (this is the big one), xbox players are being asked to essentially pay the same price for the game to get an inferior product with less content (correct me if I'm wrong, but that just seems like an immensely bad precedent for anything). Third...

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I agree.
I couldn't play at all yesterday.

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For real, incredibly dick thing to say.

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I agree.

On top of all the armor and weapons reqs, we've essentially received the same number of free maps that we would have received if we paid for them in the past Halo games (that number is probably higher if you count the remixes).
I honestly think 343's post-launch support has been pretty terrific.
And they aren't even done yet.

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I mean, this does make sense.
You can't guarantee all games running at 4k 60fps if it's up to the devs.
4k 60fps means devs will have to cut back in certain aspects of the game, so some devs might not want to go down that route if they want to make a more expansive world with more things going on, more effects, etc.

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"mild e3 reception??"

pretty much every person/publication that played this game on the floor praised it.

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If you go through my comment history, I have never ever discredited or spoken against nintendo on anything.
Heck, I barely even speak outside of xbox stuff.
My original comment was more about the credibility of vgchartz and professional sites' use of vgchartz rather than anything else. I don't have an agenda against nintendo (something that you're directly implying).
Are you to say that I have no voice when it comes to things that I don't own?? Tha...

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What "other way around??"
I don't have a Wii U nor do I own a PS4.

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I'm just stating that vgchartz is purely based on estimates and they've been known to be completely off on games in the past.
I'm mainly an xbox guy and street fighter 5 isn't even on xbox one so your argument against me is null.

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While vgchartz is a good indicator for console sales even if it is off by 1-3 million sales at times when the numbers are adjusted, I think vgchartz has had a pretty poor track record when it comes to tracking actual game sales. It's all purely based off estimates. I really wish these publications and websites realized this so they'd stop publishing articles based off of vgchartz.

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I haven't finished the game yet, but I'd buy a story DLC for this game in a heartbeat. Well, given the dlc receives the same amount of care and attention as the final game.

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Bring it. Love the darker roots displayed here.

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