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"all things must come to an end. "


A September release is looking pretty likely, which would be great news. #1
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They can always continue the story with new characters (in addition to marcus, baird, and cole train) and new threats while still calling it Gears of War 4 and then transition to non-numbered games like what 343 is doing after Halo 5: Guardians.

edit: at opiewinston
Hmm, yeah, I can see your point. I'm very excited to see another dark Gears of War game again. #3.1.1
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"get when free...."

Isn't it free right now though? #2.1
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Pretty awesome.
Congrats, Remedy. #2
You live in Russia? #4.1
Considering how well these sort of games do in Russia (Warface being a prime example), I'm not incredibly surprised to hear this news. I really want to see some gameplay, should be quite interesting. #3
Very interesting. I quite like this, actually. Seems like a pretty cool ARG. #8
Sigh... this is so unfortunate and depressing. #2
dedi for customs is going to save soooo many headaches. #2
According to Frankie and 343, HALO 5 is definitely going to be darker than previous Halo games. #11.1
Can't..contain..excitement ! #2
Exactly what I was thinking, haha. #1.1.1
For anyone that's played the beta, I honestly don't know how they can say with a straight face that the mp is like call of duty.
It plays nothing like it, IMO. #2
I think it's safe to say that Vince and zampella were the primary drivers of the franchise, IMO.
But at least IW will have a veteran onboard for their next game. #1
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Damn, if this is true... #36
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If true, this would definitely qualify as one of the titles releasing before the holidays that Greenberg teased about earlier.
And tbh, this would be pretty awesome. My football-crazy brother would go apes over this... if true. #1
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I don't normally reply to trolls, but you've got issues, mate. #2.2.1
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Damn it. Now I gotta play MCC all over again to find that sneaky little grunt.

Sigh...I can't believe I missed him. #2
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Great review.
I wish I could erase my memories and play this game all over again.
Loved it. #2
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I'm actually in agreement with you as well.
MW 2, along with COD4, had the strongest showings from the cod franchise and continue to outshine even the newer mps/campaigns of the new cod games.
I'd honestly pick up a MW 2 remastering in a heartbeat, but it'd be so much better if it was a MW2/COD 4 bundle instead. #3.1.1
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