all things must come to an end.


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If you go through my comment history, I have never ever discredited or spoken against nintendo on anything.
Heck, I barely even speak outside of xbox stuff.
My original comment was more about the credibility of vgchartz and professional sites' use of vgchartz rather than anything else. I don't have an agenda against nintendo (something that you're directly implying).
Are you to say that I have no voice when it comes to things that I don't own?? Tha...

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What "other way around??"
I don't have a Wii U nor do I own a PS4.

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I'm just stating that vgchartz is purely based on estimates and they've been known to be completely off on games in the past.
I'm mainly an xbox guy and street fighter 5 isn't even on xbox one so your argument against me is null.

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While vgchartz is a good indicator for console sales even if it is off by 1-3 million sales at times when the numbers are adjusted, I think vgchartz has had a pretty poor track record when it comes to tracking actual game sales. It's all purely based off estimates. I really wish these publications and websites realized this so they'd stop publishing articles based off of vgchartz.

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I haven't finished the game yet, but I'd buy a story DLC for this game in a heartbeat. Well, given the dlc receives the same amount of care and attention as the final game.

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Bring it. Love the darker roots displayed here.

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Can't believe the beta is so close.
Also, great cover art.

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For many review websites, 10 doesn't always mean perfect.

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Man, I had planned on starting the story last night but fell asleep.
Oh well, I'll have to wait until all the way at night today. :(

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yup, there's an option.

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So excited to play this.
I've had this thing pre-ordered on my xbox for some time now. Just 3 more hours now and it will be unlocked. :)

Too bad I've got exams and presentations to do this week. :(

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Jesus, these scores are just so incredibly divisive.
And some of the things that the game is criticized for in the poorer reviews are praised in the more positive reviews. It really is odd lol.

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Do you honestly still believe that big-name websites like ign and gamespot get paid by publishers to deliver better review scores?
If that was the case, then both Destiny and Division (among countless other big name games) would have scored highly in the reviews.
If you've ever worked at any of these places, you'd know that the reviewer of any said game is given full authority and flexibility to judge and rate the game as he or she wishes. Policies and regulations ...

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Yeah, I had a difficult time clearly discerning "M. Bargo's" criticisms of the game, honestly.

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Honestly, anyone find it funny that the author's name is M. Bargo.... as in embargo?

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it was retracted because the embargo lifts tomorrow.

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You got all that from a gif?

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When they showed this game off at the conference, it was probably my favorite reveal.
Can't wait to see more at e3.

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Halo Wars + L4D 2 = so much win, imo.
Two of my most favorite games of last gen.

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cool, thanks for the info.
I really want to avoid major spoilers, so thanks!
will check it out now.

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