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Kinda missed the point I made... no love, from THIS deal. You think I don't know the witcher's history? I followed the game closely because I was very close to getting a decent PC.

My point still stands. PC supporters got nothing out of this deal, even though they've supported the game / CDPR throughout the years. Yes it's just cards and a cloth map, imo, not a big deal, but to white knight for CDPR like they're God's gift t... #17.2.3
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lol chill dude. Acting like I personally attack you or CDPR. I couldn't care less about this whole ordeal.

If I get the collectors edition, cool. If not, also cool. I'm not going to rant and rave about losing anything, or white knight on CDPR's behalf...like some do ;) #17.2.1
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As a PS4 user this isn't a big deal for me personally. I feel it for the PC guys though. They supported CDPR over the years, making Witcher a well known, established game.

The PC users got no love out of this "deal". #17
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Don't think people care what exclusives X1 get, it's the fact that TR was a multi plat game for years, and MS just throws money to get a multi plat game, exclusive.

Good business I suppose, but lazy. Why not invest in a new IP? Why not expand on their studios? Nope. Just buy a successful multi plat title, and make it exclusive.

Doesn't matter to me personally if it's exclusive or not, but this is a trend I'll hate to see MS / SONY start. I... #18.1
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So people complaining that they aren't getting *NEW* maps free? I don't see what promise they broke when they essentially gave all the maps + DLC on PS3 to the remastered owners.

ND is releasing new maps. Am I missing something here? Other than the vibe of entitlement I'm getting.

Edit: I own TLoU on PS3 and PS4. I feel ND owes me nothing more than I paid for. People need to get over themselves. #14
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Only played the MP a couple times because I got tired of waiting. The wait felt longer than the games >.> #14
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Paying anything to get your game nominated should tell everyone how much of a joke these awards are. The whole criteria in general... #3
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It's not fixed...

When I press the Share button, most times, there isn't the "Press (square button) to save video clip" option. Been this way for a while now. It works sometimes, and sometimes, though it feels like MOST TIMES, it doesn't works.

It's annoying and frustrating... but w/e. Maybe one day it'll be fixed. #8
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Since they're marking times down as spam,


^ to convert PDT to EST or to w/e timezone you're from. #6
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Which is why EA isn't dumb enough to sell to a market that's not buying. #6.2.1
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Don't think the master race cares that much tbh. Console peasants like me, enjoy sports games more it seems. #6
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Because you don't want it, that means the rest of the community doesn't... gotcha ;) #22.1
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How are people losing their jobs = a win for anyone though?

This shouldn't be "good news" for anyone or any company. Terrible thing what happened to the employees. #19
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Because that's what they say about people that finish last... "they saved the best for last"... jus saying ;) #8.1
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Not sure if serious or trolling...

"completely different"? -__-'' #4.1
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Some people will buy this, but not me. This should have been a themed expansion like BC2 Vietnam. At it's core, it is a themed expansion of BF4, but EA / DICE thought they can squeeze more money from people by releasing it as a complete game and adding "Battlefield" to the name.

I refuse to support games like this. What should have been a $20-30 DLC is priced as a full price game.

No thank you, and although I have nothing against Visceral, I h... #2
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Why would Valve need a kickstarter program? -___- #3
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Or I can just plug in my PS3, which I do from time to time, and use it as a media player.

SONY really needs to make the PS4 a media player as well. #6
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IDK... for you maybe, and nothing's wrong with that. People are entitled to their opinions / likes / dislikes.

For me though, I'm glad Strider is coming to PS+, was thinking about buying it. Didn't get Dead Space 3 when it came out and with all the games on PS3 I simply forgot about it, so I'm glad that's coming also.

The other games? Meh... some people might enjoy them. #2.4
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No news on MP3 support. Wondering at this point if SONY still cares about that aspect of their console? I understand it's a gaming console, but my PS3 was also a media device.

I still use my PS3 to play movies, but it's annoying to switch consoles back and forth because I don't have the room for 2 consoles side by side. #5
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