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$15 for a new monster...no shit people are making a "big deal". The pricing is ridiculous.

People are tired of seeing the amount of DLC that are mentioned even before a game is released! Before people get their hands on the game devs / publishers are already shoving DLC down people's throats, with their hands out ready to grab every cent they can.

What a sad state. Nothing more than profit margins, that's what gaming has become now.
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All a matter of luck.

Getting Crota down and getting enough hits on him, repeat. Sounds simple right?

Well the amount of times I've seen Crota with 0 shields, just stand there and not go down but instead swings at the guardian with the sword and kills him...just stupid.

Nothing special about this raid, VoG was mechanically more impressive imo. Being teleported into another "time" killing oracles and then get back to dmg Aetheon... #6
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What a terrible drop rate lol. Betting they'll release a small patch to fix the drop rate because the number of people to have this is ridiculously low.

I haven't even got the Husk of the Pit yet, and I've killed literally over 100 swords of crota.

Not really interested in the the Necro, the full RoF guns are a waste of time for me since I mainly PvP, plus the scope on it is terrible.

Hoping for the handcannon to drop. I'll... #3
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I don't know...some people drive like idiots, but I've ran into people and spun them out simply because it was an accident. It happens.

A ghost mode would be alright, but it'll split the community in 2. The people who want ghost mode, and people who don't. Might make matchmaking take longer, lobbies emptier etc.

I understand the frustration, I've had my share of idiots spin me out, but w/e, it's always on to the next race. #6.1
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Why are they charging for account transfer?

- Warframe

- Diablo 3

- Destiny

- GTA5

^ Just some games I thought of in about 2 seconds that did this free. I'll wait for the F2P version to try this game out. Refuse to pay for the game and then pay for the sub. #10
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The DLC prices for this game is ludicrous. I was on the fence about buying this, but after I saw the prices I'm not going to bother. #30
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What a poor attempt at a troll comment lol... trolls these days don't even try anymore it looks like.

OT: Wallet looks cool, but that keychain is screaming at me to buy! #11.1
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I'm online, but I'm not logging off now. Typical PSN tbh. PSNow trial is up for free, servers get jammed up, and people can't get on.

Been on PSN since day 1 of PS3, and I'm used to PSN being crap, but it's getting annoying that it's still the same in "next gen" even when we're paying for it.

I'm not asking for free games, or any compensation, I just want a stable network now that I'm paying for it. Nothing is p... #29
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Update: The restriction to log in a few days before the maintenance has been lifted. As long as you have an active account with PSN as of the start of maintenance, you will be able to play online and access partner services such as Netflix while the maintenance is occurring. This is for PS4, PS3, and Vita platforms. - MV

^ I didn't read the article before commenting because I assumed you'll be able to play online as long as you logged in a few days prior, like it'... #10.2
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I'll wait for the finished product. I've lost faith in MS, and I might get hate for saying it on a MS story, but it's my feeling towards them.

I don't take anything they say or promise serious anymore, until I see the end product of what they're selling.

Nothing personal against MS, I'm just skeptical with anything gaming related. Devs, and publishers lied so much over the past year or so.

Anyway, hopefully I'll... #7.1.1
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I'm honestly still waiting to see how the "power of the cloud" suppose to make the X1 perform like 3 - X1's in terms of "computing power".

Anyone remember those claims?

Was that MS being MS (telling lies like kinect-less X1 would be impossible), or is that claim holding some water?

Either way the tech is interesting, and I'll like so see / hear more about it. #7
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Bungie uses RNG as a way to extend the life of the game, and to be fair allot of other games do it too, but Bungie implemented it in a really poor way.

I too come from hours and hours of Diablo 3. Got 2 characters with ALMOST the best gear possible (for the builds I'm going for), and honestly, it didn't feel like too much of a grind.

I also come from Warframe (over 600 hours). Heavily RNG based game, but even though the odds are frustrating, you KNOW... #1.3
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Yea they took allot of crap from people, and to be fair, people had a right to be angry, but as typical internet folks, we go overboard with the "I bought this, and I demand it works now!".

I was disappointed by how DC was launched, but ES certainly turned things around, so I hope they get the props they deserve. #3
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I want a Vita... can't afford one atm. Not because it's too expensive, but I'm just too poor lol.

The prices for the memory cards are too high imo though. #13
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I don't know about "what gamers didn't want" but these things weren't important for me tbh. I wanted PS4 for my personal reasons, and didn't care about what else the other console had to offer.

I won't mind getting added features like this, but it certainly wasn't on my "I want this" list for a console.

I don't even know why I bother replying to people like you, when it's obvious that YOUR opinion is all th... #2.5
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Create a US account. I created an EU account to get Warthunder back when it wasn't in the US. #3.1
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DC? smh

Server issues yes (had, not anymore), does that make it a bad game? No. #11
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Really? lol...not sure if stealth troll or not. What happens when ANY service gets DDoS'd? They get it back up and running.

What can you do? We live on the internet, and so long as there are log in servers to ping, and the internet continues to work as it is now, DDoS'ing will never stop. #5.2
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EU prisons are like hotels though >.>

Unless they get sent to maximum security, which I doubt. Unfortunate, as these losers deserve their stay to be a living hell, not a vacation. #16
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Why do these still get approved? It's neither opinion piece, or news... #1
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