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The devs deserve the success of this game. DLC is priced right for what you're getting, free content, ranked / casual play to cater for their player base.Currently waiting for the new cars to be added soon :D

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Yes, but not at $60. I'll wait for the inevitable price drop in December.

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Why? Why do you think? *Kappa*

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Mass Effect 3 MP was good, for me at least. I hope they improve on it in the next ME.

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Kinda baffling as to why EA would do this...

Everyone knows PS4 is doing better than X1, and BF1 will sell more on PS4...maybe that's the answer right there. It'll sell better on PS4 regardless, so they're trying to boost sales on X1 by making any deal they can. It's whatever at this point. As gamers we're annoyed that it happens, but at the same time we're kinda used to it.

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Think you mean *all fanboys.

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You know what will also play a "central role"? Proper working servers. Yes DICE, your servers are garbage, which I suppose can also be EA's fault. Either way, plz not take 4-5 months to fix these issues like you did for BF4.

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Still on my day 1 PS4, and still have my launch fat PS3, and a PS3 slim. I also have the 360 slim... all working. I don't think anyone can deny the white 360's were terrible with the RRoD... maybe you Jack...

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Sony has been doing it for years now, and all of a sudden it's SONY who's "turned off" of the idea?, ok

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@MeleeDamage, he edited his comment to express his opinion in a more constructive way. Before he basically said "this is what FA DLC has come to" that's it. Nothing's wrong with expressing an opinion, but make it more than "this sucks".

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And this is what entitled kids has come to, complaining about DLC that is completely optional. Don't like it, don't buy it, wait till the next DLC which is the substantial DLC that people are asking for. Can't please everyone I guess.

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@ Kalebninja, that's called hypocrisy :)

You have NO problem with Gief's outfit, bulging muscles everywhere and only wearing a speedo, but you have a problem with Mika, and yes, the glutes ARE muscles.

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I think everyone knew it was coming to PS4 this time around. It sold well on X1 / PC, EA knew that, but they lost a great potential of earning ALLOT more by making it exclusive.

One thing we know, EA don't like to lose the opportunity to make more money. So yea, TF2 on all consoles :D

Still not sure if I'll play it tbh. Not saying the game is bad, just not sure it's my cup of tea.

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My comment asking where these types of articles are got voted as "offensive"... lol. Here's one, I'm glad these "journalists" realize that XBL have problems too.

Edit: I see I lost 4 bubbles too :)

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lol says who? People can't wait to jump on PSN's D when it goes down. Article after article bashing PSN. When XBL goes down... like it never happened ;)

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This current version of the game, barebones, does not deserve a 95. The lack of content at launch is a disgrace. I love the game, finally got into lounges yesterday, but still, a 95? No.

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Hold up now, for some people exclusives only matter when they all are released around Nov - Dec ;)

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No no, PSN has been up and working fine all day sir. I know trolls are quick to point fingers at PSN, but if your comprehension skills were better than that of a rock, you'd have noticed the article said "Black Ops 3 servers", meaning the servers of Black Ops 3.

Knowing is half the battle.

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I'm going to guess PSN was down today... if it was, I didn't notice. These articles pop up every time PSN has the slightest problem.

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