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Hey aah...

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Why did you guys approve this? ;) #1.2
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They can't do much, except aggressively pursue people that DDoS on this scale. Catch them, and show others that they're serious about catching them, and punishing them according to whatever law they use.

There should be consequences to their actions, and not just be rewarded with free shit. Catch these little turds. #4
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Rewarding them opens the door for kids to do the same.

These guys should be caught, and make them an example. #16
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Not sure if serious or being sarcastic...

Console ban? lol

I haven't seen this done yet, and needless to say I haven't done this to beat the raid. Crota is easy when you do it with a group that knows what they're doing.

Ever try to do a raid with randoms? You pray for cheese like this because some people are just mentally challenged, and make games appear to be harder than they really are.

People do these things... #1.2.1
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lol these losers again. Craving that attention :D

DDoS'ing a gaming service...YOU GUYS ARE HEROES!!


Seriously though, it's pathetic. You give "hacking groups" a bad name by this childish amateur bs. There's literally no skill, in DDoS, and the fact that these lizard c*nts continue to do it shows they're nothing but kiddies who Googled how to do it.

No progression, no "bigger" targets,... #19
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lol one of these types of articles again. GTA is full of satire / parody, so even IF they "address" it, it's a parody :D #18
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At least one of the members are. They're not "centralized" in 1 location, but on a crappy interview show some clown on YouTube had with one of the members, he sounded 100% American. #1.3.1
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I like how people pointing fingers and saying who's looking dumber...this whole argument is dumb, in IRRELEVANT. Does MS selling more mean anything to anyone? Does SONY selling more mean more money in YOUR pocket?


But by all means, let's keep these pointless mudslinging arguments going. #20
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Honestly don't mind waiting for this game. Disappointed maybe, but CDPR are a world class dev team, and W3 is gonna be awesome.

Also, FREE DLC! I would have bought a season pass or whatever if this game had it, but I'm not complaining about free DLC :D #8
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I don't think people wanted to re-level their gear again to make them viable. I have to re-level my favorite guns if I want them to scale properly with the high lvl enemies.

I don't think people wanted "commendations" either.

Basically Bungie added new levels to the grind and disguised it as a more in depth way of leveling up...you don't "have to" do it, but if you want to keep using your favorite gear, you do.

... #7
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It'll be back to normal next week, but unintentional? lol

There's a lock on the weekly and nightfall strike, and the only way to get rid of it, is to complete Eris' missions, EVEN IF you have the DLC...wonder how people will do it without the DLC ;) #6.2
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If you could get it at a discounted price, get it. The actual gameplay is solid, and the game looks good. I have more fun with this than I did the last GT. #3.5
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10 year plan, so yeah, Destiny 2 (+) is guaranteed. #5.1
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PSN back up, took less than 20 minutes btw... #40.1
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these nerds craving attention, how cute :)

I know it's down for some, but I'm still connected. #35
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Around 700 hours on Warframe (went kinda hard), 300+ on Diablo, I like the grind, but Destiny grind is "lame" for want of a better word.

For example, after you re grind your Exotic gear, you have to wait for Xur to have the upgrade for that specific item, which is RNG, meaning you can be waiting weeks for an upgrade you already grind out for.

Warframe has the same "re grind for better weapon" thing. You forma a weapon multiple times to mak... #6.3
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Upgrade them by re leveling them... yea that sounds fun! I can't wait to play the same lame bounties over and over again to get extra XP.

Restarting the the whole XP tree for a weapon is just a way of adding a new "layer" of gameplay, or the illusion of depth, when in reality it's just a cheap way of making people do the same crap they already did.

There's no need to restart the whole XP tree, but hey, "Destiny won't be a grind&... #2.4
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This is Bungie's way of adding "depth" to a shallow system. I'm not re-lvl'ing up my exotics, so this new addition wouldn't bother me.

As far as balancing goes, they made the Thorn decent, the VexM got a good buff, and a couple other nerfs / buffs that were needed for PvP.

The Pocket Infinity was broken balance wise before the patch, and now it's broken in the way it actually works. This gun shouldn't even be in PvP imo, but... #3
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"Destiny: Crota’s Sword now available in public events"...since the update on Monday. #4
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Not a DC fanboy, but "never seen a bigger mess"?...BF4.

Took them about 6 MONTHS to fix the server issues where some maps were stuttering. I literally couldn't play because of that crap. I saw people playing through it because "hey I bought it, may as well play it". My brother was one of them.

The issues in DC are annoying. I played a couple weeks after launch, then played again recently. Slight improvement, but nothing to write home... #8.1
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