Well bam, there it is


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i wonder if you can see the bottom of a characters shoe and yell "bam there it is"

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only on ps3

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your going to have a lot of diagrees, just a warning

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how do you feel having 22 disagres with 0 agrees because i even think you cant help but think that was a useless comment

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I cant tell the difference between that and halo 3

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halo is ms only exclusive so yeah

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works for me, unlike kinect,,, *zing

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joe danger is arcade game of the year for me, after burner climax is good, deathspank can get boring but still a good, megaman is ok, and monkey island games i never cared about.

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if you bought 4 arcade games, you just lost a full retail game purchase.

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or dont upgrade

who uses 120g of space that fast these days

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or get laid

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lol if he says gears 3 is the greatest game ever, his opinion is more useless than cliffy's

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lol it'll come with over 9 move games.
its more than the kinect launch lineup

(insert more jokes)

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i wish ever xbl owner was ps3 fanboys because they act like xbox 360 is the greatest console ever but cant explain why. Ps3 sucks because they said so, in reality they dont have one

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if i had a dollar for every move vs kinect article, i would be richer than bill gates

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@playstation_clan, dude thats so biased, its more like 99.5% of the sales


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never say the evil name, good for you

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dude, this article is already near 200, it hasnt been 10min.

Front page for sure

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omega, do everyone a favor and leave n4g, go buy a ps3 and live your life happy. Its an unhealthy habit trolling, plz do urself a favor and go seek help

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so just 50 bucks for ps move and im all set

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