Well bam, there it is


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well all move is, its a cheaper kinect with a controller.

and people love cheap stuff (*cough wii, xbox 360*cough*)

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let it begin.

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sly raccoon?

this article is a win

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yet their going to pick up an overpriced camera.


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joke of the year

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good review

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how do look in the mirror knowing you support this, i for one hope sony patches this. exploits make games gaming worse ala cheaters

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*runs off to a best buy*

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halo 3, halo wars, halo odst, halo reach

all on one console, within 3 years

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if this game came out for ps3, i would of bought it day 1, since its on a console that broke on me 5 times, sorry

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another exclusive, for ps3

this is too much

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lol, no cons? every game has cons. i dont care how good it is, this review is not valid in my eyes. sorry

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this is getting crazy, ps3 and 360 fans are having a war on this topic. (even thought we all know sales dont matter)

Off-topic but let me lighten the mood:

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also i must add, anyone who sources vgchartz fails. no questions asked

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omg, i get 4 disagrees for saying i like ps3 (and turtles), its burning hott in here

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ps3 will be 2nd place, dont you worry about it. when the new xbox (insert high number here) comes out, the xbox 360 will not even sell one hundred consoles

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oh yeah, grab the popcorn, its gonna get hott

ps- i like ps3 and turtles

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jacky T is the man

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yeah, to get most of those features you need to buy xbox live which is another 60 bucks.

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you are right ingiomar,
playstation clan is being a d-bag for talking down to the only franchise xbox still has left

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