Well bam, there it is


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wow, im going to have to sell my car then to afford all these games

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at least we know who to ignore now

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says the man who admire Bill gates, you have posters of him dont you

on-topic, no video means no proof

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hey everyone is a fanboy one way or another

of course there is so much on this site,theres sony fanboys, microsoft fanboys, nintendo fanboys, for some reasons apple fanboys, and the usual spamming of clothing websites fanboys.

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1000 degrees for sure

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it looks great, not a goty but who doesnt want to kill zombies with a guitar

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the only game you have and you have to rub it in peoples faces.

tsk tsk

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psp phone next

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agree but i still hate the guy on your pic

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i guess they want everyone to buy reach

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and in the real world, unemployment is rising and free is better

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N4ps3fanboys is right, i should sell my ps3 because its in last place.

play games not sales

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you see, both services have their negatives but if im paying for that service, it better work

no excuses

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i would LMAO if people thought that was real gameplay

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too bad they cant sync them

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i just thought of something funny,

referring back to the top 5 360 exclusive article, ps3 is getting 5 just now

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lol, who would buy splinter cell collection when they didnt release conviction (i think its called) for ps3

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cause gaming is that important

no sarcasm,

jk sarcasm for sure

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no it acually needs to come on 360 with most of its userbase know what the show it

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i bet skittles killed him

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