Well bam, there it is


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gears of war 3 odst, jk sorry i had to do this.

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hey, omega4, you fail too but they dont make articles about you

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kinect isnt going to sell, im sorry if anyone was hoping for it to, move isnt going to either, i think if move sells 1 million by the end of the year, its great news for sony. As for kinect, if it sells more copies than alan wake then thats great news for it. :p

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lol, i can do this because i have more than one bubble.

infamous 2 is awesome. i cant wait for it

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Avatarshoe: hey m4ndatory, do you own a ps3?
m4ndatory: no
Avatarshoe: do you know how developers make games?
m4ndatory: no
avatarshoe: Why do you have one bubble?
m4ndatory: *leaves*


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the 360 isnt what it use to be but at least there are a couple games gaming for it which is more than what xbox 1 consumers got

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another thing, i use to be a 360 fanboy until i saw the light. I seen ps3's impressive hardware and games such as MSG4, uncharted 1 and i told microsoft if they want my money from now on they must earn it
and right now, they havent. Im happy i left microsoft and i hope every gamer does the same
happy gaming and GT5 in november baby!!

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wow, 80% of the comments are trolling. This is why im a ps3 fanboy, xbox gamers love being pushed around like themselves in the real. Dont take BS like this, the market is big, theres other ways of gaming (PC, ps3, wii) if a company makes it clear that they rather make money off you then to provide the best experience, i wouldnt even stay.

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high velocity bowling it is

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let the party games begin kinect
even drunk people wouldnt play this

thats what i got so far ;p

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so its spec ops but only with zombies, eh, not missing much anyone else skipping black ops besides me?

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then there are 300,000 stupid people in the world, who spends 150 dollars on something without doing research first.

and 2 people miss the disagree button on you

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nice, dark too but still a game i want

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at least this is safer then the wii with a controller

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hey wat635, are you bill gate son or something.

1)you love all ms products
2)you have a picture of him
3) you sound like a kid

go tell daddy to buy you a big boy console
japanese people are smart

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3 people didn't play uncharted 2,

dont worry i pick uncharted 2 over any third person shooter anyday

EDIT: now 4 people and 2 are buthurt

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"I never said I was in favour of it just what will likely come of it. Home on PS3 is pretty pointless and if they make a similar thing on 360 it will be pointless too."

omega, you fail hard you know that. You think that both are pointless but whats the point of investing money in a pointless application when M$ is struggling to make first party games. You may now leave and ask your mommy to buy you a ps3.

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like what, may i ask? home is just walking around an area, socializing, and playing mini games. That is all i expect from home and second life is the same. plus the xbox 360 hardware is limited too so dont expect something different from the pc version

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yeah, i love xbox 360 fanboys just enjoy this idea because wasnt you the one who keeps bashing home, huh, huh. I wish you can respond but you have one bubble.

I think if xbox gets second life then that'll give home some competition but come on, it'll be full of bugs like home. but home is still expanding and m$ still didnt give me a reason for that 10 dollar price hike

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same here, but GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5, is my day one

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