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"Fixin' more computers"


Both MS and Sony should start giving the devs something to actually work with.. #1.16
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1TB is too small, should be minimum 3. I have 6 in my pc alone, let alone the 96 in my server #1.2
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38% play at 1080p while another 25% play at 3 times that resolution.. Which by my math shows over half with just those two show that over half of the Steam user base play 1080p or ABOVE. #28.1
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For those who didn't actually look at the article, 38% play at 1080p, 25% play at 3 times that (triple monitor) and even more so higher than that. #29
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You mean you will never figure out how to mod a game. Every PC gamer has to mod at some point, you have access to the code, you have to at some point in your life change a texture pack in minecraft, or add the E3 mod to Watch_Dogs. Gaming is about fun and enjoyment, and sometimes games aren't really fun and unique until you actually play with the game before playing the game.

Screenie I took, its subtle but adds a lot 15d ago by AuToFiRE | View comment

60% is nothing. My game library is on average 66% off. I get games for 99% off on steam. When was the last time you paid $0.01 for a game? Last summer sale for me. I don't have to buy digital content for steam or PC, I can buy in store and buy a game and simply enter its product key into steam and voila, I have the game both hard-copy and when that breaks, I have the digital copy, that I can play forever, on any PC. Theres also steam cards, walk in buy it like... #21.1.4
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Don't know why you're getting downvoted. Its not trolling if its true.. Honestly, I find the screenshots look like crap in comparison to the games I play on above ultra graphics settings on my 6 year old PC. And those "screenshots" are horribly touched up. #3.4.5
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Actually last gen ytou had 256 allocated. The only reasossn it worked is due to the insanely small, tight, linear environments. #4.1.2
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Too bad Slash is just like Santa and the tooth faerie. #3
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512mb of RAM was fine, when the games themselves were under 650mb. Now we are talking games 20-100 gigabytes. #4.1
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so you say you know more than the devs themselves? They aren't wrong. 8gb is not very much. My thinkpad has 8gb of RAM. My desktop has 16gb and Im starting to find it as a limiting factor.

Remember, these consoles will be in use for the next TEN YEARS. 8gb is nothing. #1.25
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I know I'll be playing it at 200+fps at 4K resolution.. #30.1.2
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Yes. Not only does 60fps make the game much more fluid and smooth, it also adds a buffer zone for high action areas. #2.3
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30 fps is waaaayyy too low. 60fps would be a minimum for a game like this. Higher framerates don't just give you smoother gameplay, it also acts as a buffer for high action areas. For instance, if a game is running at 30fps and you enter a huge shootout with hundreds of AI at the same time, your frame rate will start to get very very choppy as it drops below 15fps, while with 60fps if you enter the same scenario, your frames drop to 45fps, you won't see the choppiness that you would w... #1.19
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Bring it! #37
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Im liking these odds. #22
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I own an Oculus Rift. This is NOT a gimmick, I haven't felt something this "wow" worthy for many years, since the optical mouse, at least. Even games as old as Half-Life 2 feel new and leave you in a state of awe. The headtracking is by far more advanced and responsive than you could ever possibly understand without trying it on for yourself. I would gladly pay another $300 for another.

This is going to usher in an entirely new era of gaming by the likes we have... #3.1.1
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As a modder, its not really hard to believe. #1.4
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Im actually enjoying this game as well. However, I find there is a lot of graphical glitches. Even with AA off, the graphics end up tripping out after a few minutes, still playable, just can't really see. Maybe its because im using 24xEQ AA with supersampling with a hardware override. #2.2
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As much as I respect your opinion on the subject, doesn't it feel like you are getting ripped off? No mod support, lower native resolution, lower resolution textures, lower frame rate, higher price, can only play it on the xbo and not next gen.. Why? #1.2.5
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