Fixin' more computers


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Honestly that was a horrible mistake on microsofts part. Xbox squared would have sounded so much better, and the condensed form of the name wouldnt be xbone

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You mean playing the hostage games when they could be set free on PC?

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Pfft, Ive never listened to you and I never will ;)

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Me too, thinking back, Gran Turismo 3 was 60fps/1080i, and that was on the PS2.

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Don't know why people are disagreeing with you, you are technically right. A console is 3 PC hardware generations out of date at minimum on its own launch day because of the consoles development itself. A console has nowhere near the power of even a modern entry level graphics card, let alone the power of 4 enthusiast level graphics cards in SLI/Crossfire. It doesn't matter how optimized you make a game, it'll never have the same fidelity and scalability of...

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Yes, you do. The headset won't work without the camera, as it is needed for basic headtracking. So without it, you have a $400USD paperweight.

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You need the camera to get basic headtracking, of which all these things you have to buy separately are built into the headset of the vive and rift, making them cheaper than the PSVR

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I told you all, but you didn't believe me.

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So you're saying 240fps? I have SLI'd 980s and don't even get 240 fps. Hz is the refresh rate of the monitor, just because it runs at 120Hz doesnt mean its doing 120fps. The PS4 can barely do 30 @ 1080, so the only way its going to get 60 fps or higher is to destroy the graphical fidelity of the game.

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Those baby seals want to party too, you know.

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60fps isn't enough for VR, take it from someone with an Oculus Rift, you need 60fps per eye or you will feel incredibly ill.

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Its going to cost you over $800 because you still need to buy the camera and move controllers.

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Consoles are inherently unable to deliver [email protected], let alone the required 120fps to prevent motion sickness. PSVR is going to require games to drop graphical fidelity in order to drive the displays at a high enough framerate. This is going to kill VR. People are going to feel incredibly hot and vomit from this and will lead to a very unpleasant experience. Let alone PSVR costing more than an Oculus Rift because you will have to buy the camera and Move controllers separately.

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More free than yours, plus basic income, free post secondary, legal prostitution and hot hoes. Canadia is paradise

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We have feelings, we just get them checked out for free.

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That hurts lol

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Great job. I got a challenge for you, Level 200 on steam. Or better yet, 333.

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@Floody I have an Oculus Rift, Its half the price of a console.

Did you? Because Im replying to a comment.

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Good luck getting 90 fps out of a console. They struggle to get [email protected], how are they going to get 90?

Get a PC, its cheaper.

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For the price of the console and a couple games, you could have built a rather powerful pixel collider. Consoles are absurdly more expensive over the long run, but have a cheap "entry fee"

PCs have a higher "entry fee" but you save thousands of dollars over the long run.

And I have a $4000 PC I built that is in the 1% most powerful consumer home computers based on 3DMark, witha 7680x1080 resolution with 3 21:9 ultrawide monitors, and I sti...

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