Fixin' more computers


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Can you prove they don't? :P How do you know you aren't an NPC inside a video game right now?

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You can build a decent rig for less than a console. One of the women I play PUBG with uses a GTX640, it isn't that intensive of a game

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This is definitely one of those PC games that will only work on the PC just like CSGO. Being in the top 20,000 PUBG players, I will tell you right now it won't survive on a console because there won't be enough players to fill a match.

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I am in the top 20,000 best players on PUBG, don't bother getting it on a console, get it on PC

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I don't think exclusive means what you think it means.

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Dude, Ive put in over 700 hours. You vs 99 others. The reward is that tasty satisfaction of being better

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I can see why, I have a slight case of severe game addiction with PUBG

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I've already put in like 600 hours. The game is hilariously fun, yet at times with any game, it can be a bit frustrating. But god damn, when you get your chicken dinner, it tastes fucking delicious.

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Personally, it is a wiser investment to place the money in a GPU for a PC as it can also generate revenue via cryptocurrencies when not in use

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6 million*

It sold 5 million in 4 months

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I thought that too until I had 40 different people on Steam basically beg me to get it. I haven't been able to put it down since. I've already clocked in close to 400 hours

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I'm closing in on 400 hours in game, that put it as my third most played game. When you start learning the map, you find the secrets and learn to deal with bullet drop and kill people. My longest kill is 640m and Ive got many chicken dinners at this point.

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You have never built a PC before, I can tell.

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You don't need benchmarks when its pretty much common knowledge the hardware used is more than enough to push [email protected] 4K has been a PC standard for well over a decade now, even the low end cards can push it

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@zivtheawesome What? Have you ever seen 144fps or even native 4K?

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Four times the resolution is a huge difference, like 30fps and 144. What you are agreeing with is a crime.

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This article is fake. DS2 was locked at 30fps because of a microsoft deal to sell more consoles. Only when the lock affected the consoles did it get fixed

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You have a 1080ti, you damn well know these numbers are exaggerated in console fashion.. You and witcher 3 and 4K @ 60fps.. Grrrr And stuck here with 2 980scs >.>

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Thirty.. Thats a selling point?

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What a disappointing end to what was set to be great. There was no way they could have screwed this up, but they did somehow.

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