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According to July 2015's hardware survey, only 34% of Steam users play at 1920x1080 resolution, with 26% running games at the laptop standard resolution of 1366x768. Out of the gamers that opt in for multi-display gaming, a full ~29% of these users run at 3840 x 1080 resolution.

And when you look at the steam stats page, you do a little math, addition, and add up everything above 1080p and it works out to be above 60%...

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If I'm not mistaken, Steam is richer than Sony

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Skyrim says hi

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NMS was a scam from the get go

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You are a space marine fighting hellspawn on mars, how does there need to be more story than that?

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You mean like how microsoft did it with a mandatory paid subscription?

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Not when you factor in other costs like games, subscriptions, peripherals, half-gen consoles, etc. Over the life of the PC, it'll cost less than a console. And I don't have to rebuy my game library every generation, which in itself costs more than the PC

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The Xbox One was irrelevant the day it was announced. While it is struggling to hit 30fps, the PC I built around the same time is still in the top 5% most powerful gaming PCs (Proof: )

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Im glad to see people are finally moving to PC from consoles. Hopefully devs will start pushing PCs, wouldn't be long after that we would hit photorealism

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People are growing up and switching to PCs

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Spiderman is produced by Sony

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Last gen graphics cards have more power than all three consoles combined. Exclusives are the only thing consoles have. They hold games hostage to sell hardware.

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The PS2 was capable of 1080i output, and they are still struggling to get 1080p out of a console now while advertising a blatantly false [email protected]

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Sup Cuckbeans?

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No. "Cloud Gaming" is barely possible with adjacent buildings fitted with top of the line fiber optic networks, let alone kilometers of barely recognizable signal over copper. On top of that, even a nice ping of 20ms or less still has double that lag because now not only is the video being fed to you through a highly compressed medium (Seriously, look up HDBase-T) but your reactions no longer matter, as it takes an equal amount of time to be received by the server, THEN another 20ms...

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Extra power? I have 10 TFLOPs in my PC

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Many exceptions to this.

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You can't kill what is already dead.

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As a diehard PC gamer, I laugh at its pitiful attempt.

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