Fixin' more computers


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Its a console. It uses proprietary hardware and can't be upgraded. Its highly underpowered, overpriced and relies on lies and hostage games called "exclusives" to sell. Its not a PC.

As for prices, you don't need to break the bank to play 4K @144fps on PC

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No it won't. It doesn't even have the power of one of my GTX980s, let alone SLI.

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For the same price as a console, you could get a GTX 1080 and throw it into your PC

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3 for $600.

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Its not. Use an old 4:3 monitor and crank it up to 16:9. Now you can see more on a smaller screen, giving those with a 4:3 an advantage over 16:9. Its just stupidity to remove something that makes no difference

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@babadivad No.And OpenGL is outdated anyway, PC now has Vulkan

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I buy a majority of my games (My steam library is a testament to that ) but every now and then I might pirate a game just to see if its worth buying.

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They stopped making games when microsoft bought them. The company has basically been absolved and used to launder money.

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Rare :'(

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I love how you get downvoted for a joke. People are too literal. I love playing on PC for all the mods. Mine doesn't look too far off from all the screenshots. Plus I have modded inis as well, 10x the shadow resolution, set the uGridsToLoad to 15 so snipers can actually snipe

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Im curious if there is going to be a 1090.

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Do not downvote this guy, he is 100% correct. Enthusiasts like myself will overclock the hell out of our hardware and are very much willing to pay a little extra for the extra overclocking capability. My 5930K is one of those higher overclockers, capable of easily hitting 5GHz with very little increase to uncore voltages. There are people who buy trays of processors and individually overclock each and sell the highest overclockers for massive profit.

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Pfft air cooled is for n00bs ;) But seriously, you are right, but what it comes down to overclocking capability. Founders cards are more refined for more overclocking goodness, much like how Ferrari Enzos are hand built compared to a mass produced car. Mass produced graphics cards will have a certain number of imperfections on the die, whereas the founders are handpicked for their perfection. Much like CPUs, some people will buy hundreds of CPUs and overclock each one and then sell the better...

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Pretty much. But more "buy our proprietary Blu-ray player that you need to pay a monthly fee to use." Ive built an insanely powerful PC just with the money saved from not using consoles.

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Just get a PC. No point spending all that money for a couple games held hostage by greedy corporation.

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PM me, I'll help you out and diagnose the problem. It shouldn't be crashing

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Hasn't crashed for me once and its modded to hell

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Technically it is in game, However consoles cannot run that level, thus the graphics have to be downgraded for the lowest common denominator

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Ill probably go with 2, maybe 3 1080s

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Well, time to upgrade from my 980 SLI setup

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