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Fixin' more computers


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You have never built a PC before, I can tell.

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You don't need benchmarks when its pretty much common knowledge the hardware used is more than enough to push [email protected] 4K has been a PC standard for well over a decade now, even the low end cards can push it

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@zivtheawesome What? Have you ever seen 144fps or even native 4K?

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Four times the resolution is a huge difference, like 30fps and 144. What you are agreeing with is a crime.

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This article is fake. DS2 was locked at 30fps because of a microsoft deal to sell more consoles. Only when the lock affected the consoles did it get fixed

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You have a 1080ti, you damn well know these numbers are exaggerated in console fashion.. You and witcher 3 and 4K @ 60fps.. Grrrr And stuck here with 2 980scs >.>

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Thirty.. Thats a selling point?

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What a disappointing end to what was set to be great. There was no way they could have screwed this up, but they did somehow.

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It is far too accurate of a comparison. It puts the developers to shame

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Told you :P Never trust EA

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Finally! I have been dying for some go-karts

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Its recalled for the screen scratching

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Ahh Mezzo, I've missed your antics on the forums

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They got that, on PC.

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TL;DR - Deadrising 2 and the DLC (counting as the other games), and Cars 2.

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Ahh yes, the 80's. Known for cocaine, long hair, and the video game crash caused by what microsoft wants to do

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Great way to not read the article

According to July 2015's hardware survey, only 34% of Steam users play at 1920x1080 resolution, with 26% running games at the laptop standard resolution of 1366x768. Out of the gamers that opt in for multi-display gaming, a full ~29% of these users run at 3840 x 1080 resolution.

And when you look at the steam stats page, you do a little math, addition, and add up everything above 1080p and it works out to be above 60%...

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If I'm not mistaken, Steam is richer than Sony

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Skyrim says hi

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NMS was a scam from the get go

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