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I haven't cancelled my preorder because I'm the Editor-in-Chief of a video game website. Owning the console is essential to that, so there are some other factors at hand.

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Apologies, I'll correct my wording regarding the JoyCon grip. I understood that but didn't word it in a proper manner.

I believe that having to purchase external memory at all is ludicrous and backwards. I should be fine for a few months when I spend $300.

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I mean, it's a bit of a stretch.

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Definitely. Knowing that it was so much heart and soul and not just cool ideas in a guys head makes it that much more meaningful to have experienced it.

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Don't get me wrong, I love Halo and am very excited - I just worry.

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I don't consider Xbox 360 and PC other platforms. I'm speaking in consoles. PC is it's own entity.

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Confirmed for a 2014 release by Yusuf Medhi on the Xbox Wire here:

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In my haste I miscalculated, just fixing :-)

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Sorry, I meant to word that differently. Spiritually replacing it. Not in a real way, but in our hearts.

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Actually, I'm a huge Microsoft fanboy and up until a few months ago totally despised Sony.

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If I go to the store, purchase a $20 Xbox currency card, I can't use ANY of that currency unless a credit card is added. If I want to download an item that is listed as free, I can't until a credit card is added.

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Xbox One, all the way! PlayStation 4 later.

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I only recently started to write more personal features, and it never struck me to write this. It burst inside me because I waited so long to go to the doctor and also went to school etc. with it happening. My being a kid is what made me have to be in the hospital so long.

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They haven't lost me.

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The internet, no matter what we think, is a huge minority of gamers.

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I wouldn't mind getting in on that too. I'll have most games right at launch for review, if not earlier.

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No, never confirmed for the 21st.

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It's confirmed for november, just not /when/ in November.

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This is the same as on the 360 and PlayStation 3. If you download a digital game, you can't play if your account is banned...

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Free is free is free...

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