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You never played the ps3 version of the last hope?

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Woooooooow FooooooReeeeeeal??????

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4k blu ray player and a gaming console for 299 not bad.. Got mine preordered. Also impatiently waiting for NEO and SCORPIO.

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I say why to these kinds of articles. Every remastered game coming out we get loads of these articles.
Some want it obviously and some don't

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Very pleased to have backed this game on kickstarter and not MN9. And this game didnt even reach a million.

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Thats it!! I want to have the ability to play as a guy in tomb raider!!!! Square Enix isnt fair to my gender! ;-)These freakin people need shut up and let developers make the game! If you don't like it go play something else! When did gaming NEED to start catering to everyone??!

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It definitely seems so especially according to n4g regulars.

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High five!

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To quote Queen.. I want it all and I want it now!

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I wonder if this will hurt Recores sales since Inafune let so many people down. Could explain the low price point of Recore..

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Did you know if you guys owned all consoles you guys wouldnt be crazy fighting and arguing like you are now. its sad really.. get jobs and buy all the systems! It feels nice owning all the consoles and not having to be upset that I'm not getting this exclusive or something like that. Its really calmed me down i used to be a hardcore fanboy now im chill and always happy when e3 comes around. Because what ever the outcome i win.

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nice! I cant wait will be sitting next to my XB1s. Would of loved to see it at E3 wtf Sony?

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Hasnt Kojima always favored Sony?

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Are people today really this stupid??? Whats to be confused about?! Its all about choice! No one is getting left out!

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The amount of censorship in this game is ridiculous. No buy from me. Sorry nintendo but we're not 8years old anymore!

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Really i thought the activities in SR were alot more fun than gta4. I never beat any gta game and i have played em all of course. But ive beaten every SR. That game holds my attention where gta i get bored and quit.

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My point is the age of full retail games is officially over now we get half a game and pay $100 to get the rest of it digitally. Nintendo didnt start as a smartphone developer if they did then obviously I wouldn't care, but they didn't. And to see a company who used to release full polished games turn to this is really disappointing. Thats my point.

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I would love alot of games to get remastered such as shemmue 1+2 ,jsrf, panzer dragoons and how about saints tow 1+2 to name a few.

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