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What is it??? Are they gonna add pants to Cammy this time?

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Yup I never played em so I'm definitely picking this up.

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Doom and gloom, doom and gloom everywhere. - Buzz Lightyear

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Its not about the jiggles its about CENSORSHIP if we stay silent about censorship it'll get worse! **** censorship! I will not support this shit! Continue to cater to sjw scum Capcom because they are infact the majority lol! And you will see your profits dwindle.

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There was a patch when i first popped it in if that helps.

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Im currently playing ReCore on XB1 I'm having no issues. Load times are fine. Smooth and solid game play. Also a bit of fresh air on the system. Im enjoying it.

Lol if capcom didnt have the rights to megaman I'd say ReCore= Roll gets her own solo game.

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I thought every early adopter of NMS destroyed it by crying foul on the developer and demanding refunds so how did xboxers destroy it? Sounds like pc gamers and ps4 gamers destroyed the reputation of their own game to me. Oh well xbox trolls tho..
Also Ps4 pro doesnt have anything to worry about, its going to do great. Its got a year lead on the Scorpio and about 4months on the NX. The upgrades are a welcome addition and anyone who hasn't took the ps4 plunge will definitely get a...

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Don't worry, if i know this site there will be plenty of hate for scorpio when it launches heck there's hate for it now.

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Hypin up fake hype i guess lol

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Good to hear! All the game play I've seen so far looked fun.

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These reviews are all over the place! Some are low, mid and some high! Oh well skyrim was glitchy as heck but i still loved it. Cant wait to play ReCore tomorrow.

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It's tragic that these so called gamers feel the need to defend a plastic box to the death and constantly need to argue with each other! lather rinse repeat... this shit is so damn pathetic and needs to stop. Go play some games so called gamers!

Playstation has games
Xbox has games
PC has games
Nintendo has games

Don't let these journalists get under your skin!
Or allow this fanboy cancer to affect you.

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I say forget Ellie for the last of us 2. It should be all about Joel and Tess and their adventures before they ran into Ellie. Possible campaign co-op Boom!

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You know what would be cool? If they patch the order to remove those black bars.

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I think it means the game load times are so long that you can get up go in the kitchen and make a sandwich by the time it finishes.

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I dont care what swapmeet tiger woods said this game looks fun I cant wait to try it for myself.

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I just don't want to look goofy while I play this thing just give me some face buttons and I'm cool. Calm it down on the gimmicks nintendo.

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nintendo sorta made a more powerful 3ds (new nintendo 3ds) but sony probably stands to lose a lot of money if they make one. Don't get me wrong i love the vita and would be all for a vita pro but.. will the rest of the world be?

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Definitely looking forward to trying it out.

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Smh.... of course it does! its the Xbox brand as a whole! and that has been established ever since they annouced their games coming to the Windows platform. Companies dont make money of hardware sales they make it off software and Microsoft made the smartest move ever by putting their console games on PC! They just gained possibly tens of millions if not more PC gamers!
Sony knows this thats why they put PSnow on PC! Not to mention Nintendo is doing mobile games... software software ...

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