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Wasn't the whole theme of the switch reveal video was taking the switch with you??? On an airplane to a party on the roof and multilplayer parties ect ect. But with the extremely limited battery life that doesn't really seem logical...

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Maybe one day after they prove themselves i feel burned by Nintendo for killing the wiiU i am not switching day one like ive done in the past. Nintendon't got their shit together on launch or the launch window. Not switching anytime soon heck even mario wont be out till the end of the year. Ps4pro and scorpio should suffice untill switch has some games and a price drop. I cant believe people are blowing up over the switch because of Zelda when its on it'll be on wiiU!!! One game??!! $...

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That was........ lame
$300 !
2hr batttery life!
Paid online service!
smh i had high hopes too

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Id rather recruit Michael Jackson. I think this broad is worthless. Moonwalker limit break awooooo!

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Exactly! No game ever rated M should have to censor itself! gta5 wasn't! Which is definitely closer to to reality than some androids slahing each other up!
"OMG she shows her butt cheeck!!? Think of the children"!! GtaV gotta have sex with topless prostitutes to get your health back? "no biggie"..

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The rating system is the cancer of all games.

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If only everyone (ie retailers, Playstation and xbox) wasn't so stupid over an AO rated game then we'd have total uncensored greatness!
what a wonderful entertainment world we'd live in if retailers and digital distributors sold AO games. Basically, developers can give the finger to the esrb that way.

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Do you guys ever get tired of saying the same thing everytime there a backwards compatible article? Has it ever occurred to you that people still have older games that they haven't finished? Or like going into a gamestore and seeing XBOX 360 titles for 5 dollars or less. I sure am enjoying playing 360 games on the One that I never played or played through. Im sure if Playstation offered PS2 or PS3 BC you guys would be doing somersaults. I know I would! I still own alot of my ps3 games an...

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Good make alot of these people who arent tired of fps yet happy. Then crank out the 360's jrpg catalog please.

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Man I really want a recore sequel....

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Proud to have backed this game! it's so fun and smooth!

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Man I hope they reveal it's features and all that at e3!!

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True that! Have you ever heard the Sega CD versions?

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Yeah.. lol like sega would even touch the ecco ip! like they touch any of their other ips for that matter!

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Maybe the sega cd music was calming everything else was angering. Never played the dreamcast/PS2 ver. Though...

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So would you say dragonquest heroes and builders sales numbers so far on ps4 with an install base of 50million+ consoles are good?
Whatever.... bottom line is I wish the series could be on all platforms that way more would sell and we'd get more dragonquest games! instead of.."oh the game sold shitty on ps4 better just make em for 3ds and mobile" what a grim thought! F*** this stupid console loyalty BS! if you love a game series I MEAN IF YOU REALLY LOVE IT you want it ...

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But its releasing in North America on 3ds, switch and ps4? Scratching my head at your comment. So why even bother releasing it here at all if it only does well in Japan? lol

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Will hell have to freeze over in order for pc and xbox (which have a much bigger install base) to get this game?

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Do you think itll make it to the west or be censored like always?

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