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Amazon in 4k? Yes please.

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I wish Sega would pick this up.....
Sonic 2 is my fav.

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yeah no....

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How the heck isn't street fighter 2 on the list?

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Yes but theres a serious screw up.. Joel doesn't have his flashlight on in the first pic he does however in the second pic which could mean the grill only had a shadow because Joel has his light on.

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So uh why not both?

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What a shame

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So then we SHOULD should believe them right? Isn't that usually how it goes?

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Honestly it is.. its sad I remember the super Nintendo all the way to dreamcast people didnt really give a damn about sides it was about the games. Or was it because people weren't on the Internet to spread this trash.

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You know I'm Lmfao too! Wow hahaha call me a fan boy all you want but the truth is own everything. I dont miss out on anything i enjoy all the offerings From Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. But obviously you dont seeing how defensive you get over any positive xbox news. "Omg omg omg i cant loose any of my Playstation games to xbox its all I have!" Lol pathetic. Get more than a one console kid you'll be alot happier and spend less time trolling the competitions articles. And m...

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Ain't nothing wrong with that.
I do have the game on X1 so that'll be the version i play.
It would've been nicer had Sony beefed up the pro a little more especially for the VR experience.

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Cant wait for this masterpiece

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Lol! Im fine. But I know you get hurt when Japanese games like FFXV, Monster Hunter, Tekken 7, MvC infinite, Kingdom Hearts, Valkyria Chronicles, Chaos Vein, Resident Evil, NeoGeo classics and mega man to name a few appear on the competition.
Honestly man who cares if these games appear on another platform if they also appear on the console of your choice.

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Get alife dude its f**ken video games. You selfish child grow up!

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Do you know who the Japanese developers are and how many Japanese games are in the Xbox? Fun Fact Capcom, Square Enix, Namco, Sega and Konami all develop games for Xbox One.

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Relax, he went to Japan in spring of this year. Do you expect 30+ new Japanese games on the Xbox by now???
There are plenty of Japanese Developers making games on Xbox One its not much but its a start.
I don't understand many of your guys negativity I've never known negative people to be cool. But around here I guess it's cool to be negative and hate on xbox I guess I'll never be that cool.

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Did you forget Phil Spencer took a trip to Japan to meet with Japanese Developers.

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Good riddance to that abomination! Welcome the true Xbox One in the form of X!

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Its in the early stages, none of the characters have facial animation.

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