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Really i thought the activities in SR were alot more fun than gta4. I never beat any gta game and i have played em all of course. But ive beaten every SR. That game holds my attention where gta i get bored and quit.

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My point is the age of full retail games is officially over now we get half a game and pay $100 to get the rest of it digitally. Nintendo didnt start as a smartphone developer if they did then obviously I wouldn't care, but they didn't. And to see a company who used to release full polished games turn to this is really disappointing. Thats my point.

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I would love alot of games to get remastered such as shemmue 1+2 ,jsrf, panzer dragoons and how about saints tow 1+2 to name a few.

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Horrible news... micrtransactions inbound

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1.Powerful hardware
2.A Controller Just a controller!
3.Better online
4.Kill the treehouse!all that censorship is stupid!!!
5. Region Free
6. Play Blu Rays! Sheesh nintendo!

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Who cares..

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I did but I stayed silent. People with god complexes will not hear us.

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I dont get how my comment was immature im guessing you guys missed the joke.... I'll explain. Square decided to change Mikis panties to diapers so thats why i said the game comes with a coupon for half off diapers Lol it wasn't an attack on anyone excited to play the game, heck I can't wait for it too! Bottom line is censorship sucks thank you and good game.

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Haha just look at kalebninja's post he/she/it seems pleased even if it is a pin up pose! Duh it fits her playful style now.

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SR2 was the best imo, layered clothing ftw!

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I hear if you preorder the game you get a coupon for 50% off any pampers brand pampers.

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@kalebnija if you honestly believe their ways aren't being forced on us then you are blind. So you ignore all news about more and more entertainment being censored or not bieng released at all.

Also target and capcom im sure make those decisions out of fear who the hell wants to risk a lawsuit because some fems are offended.

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Bottom line is SJWs of feminists should have no power to change things in the entertainment industry. They don't represent the enire peoples, so if they get offended so easily by the contents in games then they can simply not support it! NO ONE IS FORCING IT UPON THEM, YET THEY FORCE THEIR WAYS ON US!! Do you not see how wrong that is?

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Dude thats so effed up because we hate the pamper too! This isn't cool at all having the other side mad at us because of a small small group of morons WHO WON'T EVEN BUY THE GAME!! Don't hate us Japan its not our fault! America is so sex crazy its unreal dont believe these SJW just look at our music, movie and tv industry! They give condoms to our kids at school for crying out loud! Sex and violence is out of control in America dont believe the lies!!!!

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couldn't stand XIII for more than 15mins so I steered clear from the other 2. cant believe they used the name Final Fantasy for that turd.

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If you don't want turn based battles then look forward to FFXV! All the millions of fans who've played this game in 1997 wanted it back basically gameplay wise left untouched! Just a new coat of paint, lighting and maybe voice acting built for modern consoles I don't ever recall fans saying hey they need to change the battle and materia system. This should be a love letter for the ORIGINAL FANS who cried for a remake for so long, not the NOOBS who started with FFXIII!!!

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as do I feel violated that's why i'm pissed!! This should be some kind of lawsuit waiting to happen!

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This i know, but i never deleted it. it was still playable infact i played it a week ago then yesterday i checked on it and it was gone! Deleted and no one but me plays on my ps4 daaaaaaaaaammmmmn. Wth man!

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DID KONAMI JUST DELETE PT FROM MY PS4 LIBRARY?!? The joys of online consoles!!!! Gives devolpers the right to go in there and erase things without telling me or without my consent!!!! Im pissed!!!!

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