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Woah nice!

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80mil ps4s out there and thats all?

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Trumps not into infanticide like your Vagina monster who couldnt win a rigged election.

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More like hillary clinton

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Same old same old

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Dude you need to quit gaming you take this sh!t way too serious.

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Id say so

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Xbox cant win against these people! First they cry no exclusives or japanese games and here is xbox trying to get exactly those things and people here are still trashing it!! Some people need to get lives for real

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Hell no! lets let nintendo be nintendo and sony and micro do what they do best

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Shannon Loftis??

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Go away

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Sonys not paying for anything... they allowed shenmue 3 kickstarter to be announced on thier e3 stage.. deep silver is the publisher, NOT Sony or Sega. Shenmue 3 will be on xbox one trust me save this comment unbelievers. Anyways ill be playing this game i backed the 500$ tier. Pc and ps4 ver for me!

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Screw this dirty cheater!

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Umm yes it is it launched with xbox one and ps4 the switch is a head start on next gen. ;P

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Golden axe by vanillaware???
I can dream...

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The greatest video game ever made finally returns to PC and XBOX® One® as well.

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Deep silver is publishing Shenmue 3. With that said i believe its coming to the box of x

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To the people who disagree should be ashamed of themselves because if they truly loved Dragon Quest like I do, then they should want it to survive no matter the platform! just get in peoples hands!

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You get no respect from me you big baby! To say single player games are not complicated?!? How long was nino kuni2, god of war, the last of us and the last guardian in development...
Lol treat gamers with respect..

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