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Bite it, Sheila.

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Seriously did anyone think they modeled 18 quintillion planets? How many zettabytes would that require?

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Cause it was way easier, required way less money and they knew people would still pay full price for it.

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All of this because one guy got the game early and said there were bugs...

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It's crazy that one dude posting an off hand comment about the game is making headlines now.

Or, well, not crazy...just gaming "journalism".

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He looks like a total dick tunnel in that picture.

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Like clickbait articles on N4G

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My girlfriend isn't a gamer at all, but she was ridiculously into watching Uncharted 4. It was our ritual for like a week and a half to play a few hours together before bed.

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I know it's cool to hate the first game, but aside from the driving mechanics it was fine.

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It feels obvious to me that the 4k capabilities are in preparation for the next generation of VR headsets. Regular 4k gaming on a tv isn't very exciting for the vast majority of people. Even if the adoption rate was 100%, most people would be hard pressed to see a difference with a tv below 65-70 inches

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I mean, they're virtual followers you get in game from completing activities and...any side stuff.

So no, if you avoid all of the gameplay in the game, you won't unlock story missions.

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Just cause they're happy now doesn't mean they're not bummed about where Xbox is going.

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I don't think Nintendo's realized that all the casuals that bought a Wii are the people who have happily switched to playing games on their phones. Almost everyone left who uses a console now cares about power.

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Generic Clone? Is that what we're calling modern specs now?

Ferrari couldn't release a 200 horsepower car and get upset when no one bought it.

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Must be exhausting being Reggie, having to believe the bs you tell gamers year after year. Like being an optimistic server in a crappy restaurant.

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Definitely exaggerated. In 60+hours I can only remember once or twice when it got unplayable.

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lil too subjective. If it holds up to the trailer, then it very well may be the best looking open world urban environment we've seen. Open world is too blanket a term though (ie it'll be a while til we get an open world city with the same detail as the Wasteland in Mad Max)

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TLOU's story feels finished to me. The uncertainty of it feels appropriate. Not sure what they'd do with a sequel...

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June 21st I believe? Someone correct me if I'm wrong

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