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This is just a list of actors who have already played knights.

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Even though skyrim's stealth wasn't particularly realistic, it was fun as hell.

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Le Joker sounds way less threatening

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They look like animatronics.

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It's only as gimmicky as software devs make it

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...Japanese couple.

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It shouldn't be a problem given that this'll be a secondary console for everyone who buys one.

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Nintendo bringing back HitClips

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After he's in the cell. Assuming he's guilty of course.

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Look at this bad ass here.

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Calling it now, holiday 2077 release.

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Don't worry he has his sources...

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Oh trust me I know it's unrealistic at best now. But the setup is kind of a bummer when I want to play now. Can't really keep it hooked up all the time with the mess it makes in the living room.

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Is that why they developed it over multiple generations?

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Gender-neutral individual dlc coming soon.

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I don't feel like Uncharted really merits a live action film. The cutscenes in UC4 come together as one of the best animated movies I've seen in years. If anything, I'd rather them do an animated movie along the lines of Tintin. It's not like an AC or Prince of Persia film-Uncharted's characters are what make the games special. Recasting them feels like a bad move.

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They should have a doctor check that out.

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Sports Bar VR

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Meh we'll see how Scorpio's power translates to the number of native 4k games. Teraflops in general are still kind of a fluffy, ambiguous number. My heart's telling me that neither will will be able to consistently pull off 4k. Though it's embarrassing to see Sony die hards arguing the Pro is just as much a 4k console because it'll run nba 2k17. Come on guys, yes it'll have one AAA title supporting 4k, but that's not what we're here for. We're excited for h...

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