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Nero's an edm production duo fwiw

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At least we can now hopefully look forward to Nintendo going third party after this releases.

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For some reason my first thought was that that was the actual Far Cry Primal edition of the PS4.

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I haven't had trouble with load times on PS4 since the update from last month.

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I remember the environment being crazy detailed. Vehicle handling was hard to get used to. I enjoyed it though. Was always satisfying to hack those steel rods out of the street and catch cops. Def worth it at the price it's at now.

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No biggie. Not like any of that money was going to go toward other indies or AAA devs anyway.

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Live stream of subscribers.

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Aw you guys....shucks

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My point was that the 35mm film used to capture NBC is for all intents and purposes a technically superior format (in terms of presentation) to the technology Cars was created with in 04-06.

But I now see that you were referring to the content itself rather than the technology used to create it.

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Terrible comparison for many reasons; primarily, cause NBC is stop motion and Cars is CGI.

OP is just saying that if a movie from 2015 was released on blu ray in both 720i and 1080p, one of those versions would be docked on presentation alone.

That being said, I actually think Fallout 4 looks nice graphically. It's not pushing any boundaries per say, but it was also in development far before anyone had an idea of what curren...

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I misread the first half of this headline a few times.

My mind must be in the gutter.

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Except for the damn minefield missions -_-

An hour and a half of grinding later, I'm glad that chapter of my life is over haha

Back to scavenging.

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@rimeskeem those games all played great on my $199 slim

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Haha that was for e3 so interviewers could be involved.

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Konami fire sale!

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No shit.

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Attila performs just fine...

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Smash TV

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Looks like shit, can't wait to play it :)

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Or bypass all the tomfoolery and go straight here

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