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Or bypass all the tomfoolery and go straight here #2.2
Prey 2. Those early demos looked amazing. #13
Bully 2 obviously #9
Just Cause 3? #3
Possibly the most awkwardly written article I've ever read. #5
Enter #358
I'm thankful for my red pajama pants and biscuits #542
2 years? #3.2
Bully 2 please #10
6500 pesos is like $12 #2.1
Lol you guys... #7.2
What does mine say? #2.2

Now we're arguing semantics... #2
1fps #3.1.1
Guys, I think he gets the point... #16.5
No it's like the TV show, one of the characters is just really small. #4.3
No its just that a lot of people are crying foul about having their "ownership" taken away when none of us owned anything to begin with except a plastic case. I don't think most people are realizing that this drm is probably going to become standard across both platforms and a few thousand angry core gamers boycotting them isn't enough to change that. #5.1.3
The more articles I read on this, the more likely it seems both consoles will have roughly the same restrictions-or at least the option of the same restrictions-just that Sony will have an out by saying "Well we left it up to publishers so don't get mad at us". Obviously theres still that ridiculous 24 hour check in thing on the Xbox, but otherwise I don't think there'll be much difference.

I think the most interesting thing will be to see if Sony locks... #1.3

Just as it's always been #5.1
Get with the times bro, either minimal electro or trap hero #1.1
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