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FOV added with this update.

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It's essentially a new game at this point.

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Star Citizen also has a budget of over 150 million so far. NMS was maybe 4 or 5 sans marketing?

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Same. I play video games to unwind and have fun, getting frustrated ruins the experience for me. Also I have a gigantic backlog and work full time-I don't want the few hours I spend gaming to be wasted replaying sections.

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W3 took a good handful of hours for me to get comfortable with. I remember the controls feeling weird for a while, a lot like Two Worlds (which I doubt anyone remembers). Smooth sailing after that, and Gwent is still one of the biggest time sink side distractions I've ever come across in a game.

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Haven't heard a lot of people say it, but The Witness is one of the most satisfying couch co op games I've ever played. Have a group of people over and work your way through the puzzles together.

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Multiplayer was never a big feature of the game. In fact, it was supposed to be nearly impossible to even run across another person. Anyone who was expecting an open universe mmo was clearly not paying attention pre launch.

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For a while it seemed likely with many of their core product lines underperforming. I remember at that point a lot of people were mostly wondering if Playstation would split from Sony and become its own entity.

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@MagicBeanz No agenda here; own all consoles + PC. Every company should get recognized for their accomplishments and mistakes. Microsoft put together a machine that should be capable of hitting native 4k for every developer that decides to utilize it effectively. Whether they decide to or not is up to them. MS has done their part though to deliver an impressive piece of hardware; if you want to get upset about a game not hitting 4k, you should direct it towards the developer at this point.

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Curious how they approach vr for next gen. If they'll try to build a new console around the idea of a higher res PSVR2.

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It's pretty impressive how they've managed to physically produce the XOX though given the form factor. Has to be one of the most well executed console designs to this point.

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No the overkill is referring to the incessant fanboy shit-slinging.

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Except everything is like $2 more

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"2-3 months with a team of 4 people"

That's...not quite one day.

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Look, I own multiple VR headsets (including my launch PSVR) and love the concept and experience of it, but even for me it's clear that this wave of VR is essentially a really expensive open beta. There aren't really any games that are compelling enough for me to want to come back to. Setting it up is kind of a pain too. It still feels pretty clearly like the future of gaming to me, but the tech isn't quite there. 4K/HDR gaming on a tv seems like a mostly bullshit concept at this p...

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Can't imagine a 49-inch 4k tv really being worth it, you'd have to be like 2-3 feet from the screen.

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You'll get a better picture if you stand in front of it fyi

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Okay you done?

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Oh stop, a used $50 OC 2500k will still run almost anything without issue.

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It's pretty embarrassing to watch to be honest. I know I'm not the only one who owns multiple platforms so these comment sections are always toxic waste. I'm just convinced in my head that none of these fan boy arguments are being had by anyone over 16. I'm sure 90% of the people bitching about checkerboard 4k have never even played a console on a 4k TV.

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