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Battery life and power are the only real questions we need answered. I suspect they'll stay quiet on specs to avoid any windfall. It's an interesting concept for sure though.

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Yeah sick burn man

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Looks like a GTAV mod

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Palmer only has ugly sides.

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Heard that somewhere before...

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As a gamer it's exciting to see Microsoft have some killer apps. If this is indicative of the second half of this generation then console gamers have a lot to look forward to.

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I guess I'll have to cut out Ramen.

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You know it's possible to have both. No ones arguing they should've destroyed the gameplay to make it look nice.

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I feel like I'm alone here from all the posts I've been reading, but after demoing HDR on a couple different UHD blu rays, I ended up turning it off. It looks great on demo reels (sunsets etc), but in day to day use something about it feels off. Threw skin tones off and didn't play well with motion. Feels like there's still a lot of tweaking to be done to get it right.

Went to the Magnolia center at Best Buy after (because I have nothing left to live for) an...

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Feel free to go with it.

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Except that open world games have typically benefited more from having extra cpu power as opposed to gpu.

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No they disagreed with the concept of either liking this game, liking horror games in general or not being able to wait for this game.

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The question is whether it can do 1080 @ 60 fps. Most of that work depends on the cpu, which was carried over from the standard PS4. There's a chance the PRO doesn't have the compute power to actually run a lot of 1080/30 games at 60.

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It's not about whether physical sales are declining or not, it's about the fact that Sony made a conscious decision to not innovate and be on the cutting edge of technology as they typically have been in the gaming space. People were giving the same argument about Blu Ray when the PS3 launched, that it was an unnecessary and dead format. As history has proven time and time again though, people who are complacent with technology get left behind.

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Completely disappointing move from Sony. They've always been at the forefront of introducing new technology to mass audiences. It's probably most shocking because I think almost everyone assumed it would have a 4k br drive...I mean they clearly believe in the format. Very confusing on their part.

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How much did Sony have to pay to get Dana Carvey for the reveal?

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I remember being really apprehensive about theater mode when I got my Gear because of all the resolution hate I was reading, but once I was in it the wow factor lasted long enough for me to readjust.

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Just want to clarify, if it's No Man's Trash then you're implying you like it correct?

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