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For what it's worth, the story and acting are phenomenal.

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Yeah but third person in ES has always been a dumpster fire.

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I thought the New Orleans stuff ended up being for Wolfenstein? I could completely be misremembering things though...

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I think the issue is that when review threads devolve into a circle jerk for a platform, it takes the focus off the game itself. So the vibe ends up being "Yay Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft's bottom line!" instead of discussing the game or congratulating the developer for their hard work in creating something genuinely great.

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As a fan of video games I look forward to playing this.

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@Phantom also that was never promised

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Rich people suing other rich people

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They get a surprising amount of play time. So easy when you have 5-6 people over

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Probably at least 37 million

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Wow so many opinions

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I think that's what you meant to say...

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@Scar Yes, progress. What's holding a lot of people back is the pessimism you're displaying. If you like your odds of living alone in the wild be my guest, but I'm pretty sure you'd rather stay inside your regressive, climate controlled house surrounded by technology and conveniences.

The fact is, we're living in the most peaceful and safe time of human history. It's only going to get better as the world becomes more connected. You can be pissy abou...

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Humans are superior to other animals-that's how we literally escaped the food chain (not to mention create the food chain). Other animals just have the ability to exist, humans have the capacity to change the universe.

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I think that was including marketing...the actual production budget was about half of that iirc.

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Vanna White...What mammaries!

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My parents divorced when I was young-I appreciate it

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