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I know the xbox doesn't have much for exclusives, but if I was a hardcore console gamer with ***a lot of money***, I'd be pretty interested in getting one for the best experience in multiplatform games, in the same way that I would have rather have played them on PS4 over the Xbox 1 before X1X existed. Outside of Sony there isn't great support for the Pro, meanwhile the X1X has excellent support, to the point it is even enhancing backwards compatible games that are eligible. I kno...

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No doubt Horizon looks great, but the question would be is it actually that much better than an OG PS4 if your stuck at playing 1080p. I would have to see a side by side comparison to judge but it supposed to look great anyway with the OG.

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"Don't worry, Sony will bring out a beast of a console, unlike the 'jaguar' powered crap that is the X."

Oh, my sweet summer child. Please tell me the cpu name of the PS4

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if only game engines could scale lower like PCs have done for decades...hmmm.

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No Ahsoka ?

I request this website to be banned.

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PC gaming is dying so hard that even Japanese devs want to jump on the sinking ship for the first time in 50 years, just so they can drown with us I guess.

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Its not about the cost of a disc, if it included both physical and digital, you could sell whichever one you dont use. They would have to add another 60 bucks or so to the overall cost to offset those loses.

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Yup, WiLD seems pretty unique. I don't own a PS4 yet, but it'll be one of my must play games when I get one. Honestly, it sold me the system when I seen it for the first time and heard of its concept years ago, but I'm just still waiting...I also thought it was pretty good looking when it first premiered (for an open world game) but Horizon has kinda altered what pretty means now.

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the 500GB slim can often be had for 250 or less, I would call $150 cheaper a decent amount of savings, not to mention it comes with a game and the Pro doesn't.

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Just wanted to share this because I was surprised how much I loved it:
(Prey – Original Game Soundtrack – “Everything Is Going to Be Ok”)

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when scalpers can't make any money off of it.

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I wonder if 4.9GB includes the DLC maps which are standard in deluxe

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finally...decent competition for the farming Simulator series.

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I think that's a safe bet, but a really crappy one for those who love singleplayer. GTA V (I played on PC) was just amazing for me, I loved the single player and the great world they created, but they cast it aside for shark cards and items to grind instead of more single player Story expansions. They took the easy way out and it paid off big time. I think they'll still make another good singleplayer game with RDR2 but I can't help but to fear that Single player content gets reduc...

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yeah its a shame Microsoft releases games on their other owned platform. How dare they!

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I hate to call it a must, but I would be hard pressed to recommend a new monitor without it, at least for AMD users where freesync doesn't add much cost (if any) to a monitor, for Acer it should have been a no-brainer to add it. 4K would also benefit greatly from it, since its so hard on GPUs.

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If it isn't a circle jerk PS4 post, N4G'ers will complain and create their own circle jerk in the comments.

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One problem with bragging about how awesome HDR is and posting pictures of it...Unless you bought a high end TV in 2016, you can't see HDR and I'm not very sure of how it would translate in a .jpg even if you did.

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how many times has things started this way...then a year or two in more "controversial" things happen.

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