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I hate to call it a must, but I would be hard pressed to recommend a new monitor without it, at least for AMD users where freesync doesn't add much cost (if any) to a monitor, for Acer it should have been a no-brainer to add it. 4K would also benefit greatly from it, since its so hard on GPUs.

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If it isn't a circle jerk PS4 post, N4G'ers will complain and create their own circle jerk in the comments.

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One problem with bragging about how awesome HDR is and posting pictures of it...Unless you bought a high end TV in 2016, you can't see HDR and I'm not very sure of how it would translate in a .jpg even if you did.

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how many times has things started this way...then a year or two in more "controversial" things happen.

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I don't think they can price it too high, or they will relive X1 launch day with a system that is $100 more expensive. At the end of the day, I think price still matters to the majority of consumers and despite having the better hardware, I don't think they can compete with a potentially price dropped PS4 Pro. The console would have to truly blow people away, for them to pay a premium, which would be left up to Microsoft's first party, because 3rd parties will just make nicer port...

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Your gamestop trade in value probably decreased in that timeframe

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I'm a diehard PC gamer but I love Nintendo because they still put out the couch co-op experience that everyone else abandoned.

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thankfully by then 4k+HDR TVs should be pretty mainstream by then and even cheaper...and hopefully some more kinks worked out with HDR as well as it hasn't been the best of launches.

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it would be awesome if they did, but I don't see them passing up the opportunity to sell it by itself, too many people would buy it anyway.

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thats one hell of a "on the whim" investment.

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I don't think its much of a trend, I think its the fact that these games are big ass undertakings now and its done when its done. You either release a broken game or delay it.

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I dont think you know what Rebel galaxy or Star Citizen is.

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I'm with this guy, I'm still not convinced, going to need to provide more proof.

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Ah...pit fighter, such good memories haha.

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Slim versions aren't really for the consumer, it basically means Sony finally is able to make its product cheaper and more efficient. They may not be able to make it slimmer, but im sure they can, but for instance if they can reduce size, you can obviously fit more in a shipping container and probably pay slightly less for materials. When they are shipping out thousands of consoles for Christmas it would add up to a ton of money saved.

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G2A is as shady as it gets. It's the primary place that encourages those who do credit fraud of some sort, to buy a bunch of games, sell them on G2A as fast as you can before the charge-back happens. G2A doesn't do anything to try to stop this, because they just want to collect their fees. The chargeback only hits the devs and they lost many keys in the process, of course they could deactivate the ones that got stolen, but that is a PR nightmare for anyone, especially an Indie Dev. ...

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Sony is doing fine in sales as we all know, announcing a new console now, might make people want to wait and I'm sure they are wanting to move through inventory as fast as possible and probably introduce their own slim, along with Neo.

Sony still has Gamescon, Paris game week, Tokyo game show, and maybe even do another PlayStation experience event, they definitely have plenty of options left to announce.

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Bad argument to make IMO cellphones cost way more and the popular ones sale 20 million + a year. Sony and MS will gladly fleece those with money if they can while people on a budget can use the cheaper version. One day Scorpio will be the low end option and cost 250 or whatever

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