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As a Vay fan from many years ago, I love to see it mentioned. It was my favorite game for a long time, I enjoyed it even more then the much more popular Lunar series (which I also loved). #2
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its going to take Nintendo again to show the capabilities of their system. #38
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If they have plenty of Ram SSDs wont be needed really. But SSDs are due for some more price crashing, but vendors are still trying to get rid of old stock first.

With all the digital content they want to sell you however I think they will want a bigger hard drive. Unless they choose to gimp it at first with small sized SSDs so the fanboys will constantly upgrade hardware with each refresh.

I wouldn't mind small SSDs if they allowed external storage thoug... #1.5
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Most brodudes play CoD on 360. It could very well still have beaten halo sales only taking 360 vs 360 sales. #1.3.1
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Multiplayer is the new DRM basically - if you want to have fun with friends you gotta buy the game to get on their servers; and online passes generate additional revenue from renters and used market.

For EA you can pretty much confirm multiplayer for every game now. #6
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While im not making excuses for them I think Bungie just became bored, thus why they left the sequel machine that MS made them to be.

We'll see if 343 gets tired a few games into the series, although they do have a great advantage of finally moving to a next gen console, lots more innovation will be possible with vastly superior hardware. #1.1.1
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games already funded just need about 600k to get the next big stretch goal #1.1.1
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Consumers comment on $60+ games

"I cant say I'm Happy" #10
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Not necessarily due to this video, but this game blows my socks off. You have single player that can be played online or offline then a persistent mmo-type ofgaemplay (no subscriptions. You can actually walk inside your ships, there's an FPS mode for boarding ships and the graphics are all built on Cryengine 3 but since you dont have to worry about this game coming out on consoles hes actually making it push the PC to its limits.

It's also the second highest crow-fund... #1
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Since SWTOR kinda bombed I say Mass Effect MMO is in full development now. Not really going to steal any subscribers so no need holding it back. #14
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I think this guy forgets that a console is made up of weaker PC parts, its pretty much impossible to surpass PC. With that said however, 1st party console developers close the gap a lot with the benefit of working with one system and knowing everyone has the same specs, but when PC developers actually put effort into PC games they are impossible to beat. Sadly we live in a time when modders do more graphical work then paid texture artists.

Hopefully times might change...
... #12
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Gaben has already said that HL3 was not being worked on because the inspiration/excitement wasn't there anymore. Instead of churning out uninspired sequel after sequel like some companies Valve does things when they are excited about it.

This is not to say no work has been done, but they just are not aggressive enough about making it to feel confident on doing some kind of reveal #1.9
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just going to leave this .gif here

looks like gifs dont work attached soooo #1.1.3
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This is just putting a spin on being lazy...I've never seen such a blurry mess, i was looking through PC video options thinking there had to be something wrong, but nope its that bad and theres nothing you can do about it. #6
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Yeah this is pretty bad. I think the guy expected the "big picture" button on steam to magically produce physical hardware. All it does it make it easier on the eyes for bigger screens, instead of browsing through a text library now you have big pretty buttons and controller compatibility. #13
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Im sad to see they copied the madden card game over...which in actuality is a great concept and really fun until you see its 100% pay to win or trying your best to exploit and grind for cards.But I havent played it yet so i wont pass a final judgement, but i cant see it being a good thing unless you can earn a good chunk of money without grinding. #2
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this 4k stuff is overblown anyway...Much like the ps3 and 360 "support" 1080p but most of their games run below 720p nativly and go through an upscaling process.

the ps4 and next xbox will probably support the resolution but the chances of seeing a game made with 4k assets are slim to none. So even if you did have all the proper hardware game developers are probably not going to invest in 4k resolution textures to make use of it.

The biggest thing i... #3.4
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just going to say this is a pretty good review. I love checking out nearly any games related to "Space" and I bought this game during the steam summer sale.

Its a fairly solid game and a lot easier to get into then i first thought it would be. Building up your small fleet and customizing the parts on your ship is good fun, but after so long it does become a bit tedious. But for what it is, its a good game worth trying out and I look forward to what the developer bri... #1
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Give them mario party and let god sort them out #50
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Sounds like they are going to need another season pass #4
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