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G2A is as shady as it gets. It's the primary place that encourages those who do credit fraud of some sort, to buy a bunch of games, sell them on G2A as fast as you can before the charge-back happens. G2A doesn't do anything to try to stop this, because they just want to collect their fees. The chargeback only hits the devs and they lost many keys in the process, of course they could deactivate the ones that got stolen, but that is a PR nightmare for anyone, especially an Indie Dev....

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Sony is doing fine in sales as we all know, announcing a new console now, might make people want to wait and I'm sure they are wanting to move through inventory as fast as possible and probably introduce their own slim, along with Neo.

Sony still has Gamescon, Paris game week, Tokyo game show, and maybe even do another PlayStation experience event, they definitely have plenty of options left to announce.

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Bad argument to make IMO cellphones cost way more and the popular ones sale 20 million + a year. Sony and MS will gladly fleece those with money if they can while people on a budget can use the cheaper version. One day Scorpio will be the low end option and cost 250 or whatever

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100 premium on 2tb is just another console storage scam. Wish they would get out of that habit. Even with retail pricing its about a 20 buck upgrade, I'm sure MS pays way less. That hundred can literally buy you a 4GB external when the sales come every other week or so.

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meh, clickbait for nintendo haters. Wii U didn't turn out to be popular, and a financial pitfall so they had to cut their losses, but if you aren't somewhat excited for Zelda on NX, you might want to turn in your gamer card.

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Valve should buy them,launch a dreamcast branded steam box
With vanquish port

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It'll be interesting to see it play out, there are millions of gamers still yet to choose a system, since the sales ramp up even more in the 250 range. Specs or exclusives won't matter to many of them as long as things look good enough, whatever gets them into COD, Madden, the cheapest wins

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I ended up loving the game, although have yet to finish (I get easily distracted for weeks/months at a time) but yeah you gotta put some time in before it gets interesting, the first hour or two is pretty much a tutorial before you get to the juicy stuff

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Word is coming in that it is a good port, 660m plus low settings seems like it should be good to go

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Lol a bunch of people here buying grey market Russian keys from 3rd parties, threatening to "stop supporting steam" and they wonder why valve did it, what a joke.

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Actually it just means when I'm on my desktop, that one stays on the ad block list.

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The ads on that page are out of control

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Or just a wildly inefficient way of doing things, that they had to deal with by dropping the resolution in the game that happens in

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Wish they would have did more but moders are already fixing it plus you can do things in GPU control panel too, like AA

Things could have been better but maybe they'll patch some things in, if not still
glad to see it and it's only 15 and could be had for 10-11 on preorder

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I too was just thinking about this game as I was unpacking my Logitech steering wheel from storage due to a water pipe busting. I first thought about those glorious Daytona USA arcade cabinets, then remember this game was coming to hopefully fill that hole.

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Probably bash of clans

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AMD had a watch dogs performance patch before as well, this is just another one. Probably because of the whole Nvidia not allowing ubisoft to share any source code that would greatly help AMD optimize. Ubisoft is in Nvidia's wallet sadly.

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Game would need an radical UI overhaul if they wanted it controller friendly or mouse and keyboard support, this game uses tons of hot keys for skills.

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