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"how about let people choose what type of setting they wish to play with"

So buy a PC?

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"what is this ..LAST GEN!?"

Lazy dev comment - check
Games getting gimped for consoles - check
bad fps - check
people making excuses for PlayStation - check

Yea its last gen.

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I don't think it's all just because of games. Consumers are not that informed . They don't know the line up sucks or how many games are coming out in the next 6 months. At least not the average wii user looking to upgrade.

I think it's a lack of advertising. When ps4 and the new Xbox launch you will see them on mountain dew cups and Burger King bags for months. I don't remember one wii u ad, other then at GameStop.

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I may have spent more on hardware, but I made it up on games. My current PC ran about $1,300. I have 37 games ( 3 are FTP) and spent around $300 on them. Also my PC games library had newer games like blops2 and Dishonored. I spent around $8 a game. Total spent on PC = $1,670 ( $70 on gaming mouse)

On my ps3 I have 32 games. Almost all bought new at $60 a pop. So to be fair, I'll say $50 a piece , becuse I don't remember exactly how many used. ( it was maybe 2 but.......

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"Why The Playstation Vita Is The Best Thing To Happen To Me Last Year"

Wow, your year must have sucked.

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I like that they used the pic of the X51 for the steam box. I have a X51 and its a great PC.

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It was still cool.......................... ..

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Since this is a video game site, and that rocked. LMAO/lol/wtf/OMG!!!!!!........ ......And at least this happened. Its better then just reading other peoples opinion of what should go in a next gen PS4/ Xbox720.

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Really? Still waiting on that with my Ps3. How long will it take this Generation? Could have got a set top box for $99 and had more "value".

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Because no one else will. Then you have a $800 paper weight, with no games. If people had $800 to spend on a Xbox or Ps3 they should buy PC's.

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Portal 3 ? How did I miss that game? You guys are on top of it lol. This is a lot of speculation. The games are what matter and we will not see those for a while yet. Just wait and see who's game are the best,who's UI is better,and who has the features you want. Or buy a PC ..........:)

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Sounds just like the Ps3 arguments people had when it first launched. Lol and we are still waiting for the "lazy devs " to get on board with " the superior tech" . Specs do not matter, the games that come out do, and so far ......... Meh. Weak system has weak games.

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Feature list-
Custom Music
Party Chat
Smart Glass
Better Graphics in Multy platforms
Skyrim DLC

Just a few things you should have on ps3 but do not. Like i said my PC is my Favorite now. I had now idea how great playing your own music in a FPS could be, till now. Sony sucks, my pc even does 3D better.

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Yea but after they were hacked i quit using PSN like i used too. a lot of my friends moved on and it was never the same. their free stuff does not matter if no one is on line or talking, the fact they do not even have proper custom music this long into the cycle just shows how much PlayStation sucks. I just bought a PC and I am loving it over my PlayStation. My PlayStation has become my Blue ray player, i still play the occasional game on it, but the fact that they can not give the consumer ...

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Then you are missing out............its a great game.

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Fan boy.

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Wii-U Launch title......maybe? I'd laugh if it was, with everyone picking apart the graphics. Where did 2012 release date come from? Did Rock* give a date?

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Still think its for the Wii-U

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OH MY GOD this would have never happened with Blue Ray /s who cares. Bonuse give one to a frind who's to cheap to buy it, or to me. Whatever you like. Im the better option ,really i am.GIVE ME The disk YouR nOT UsinG IT. greedy.

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I would have got it but I couldn't try out the online when I rented it so.....gamefly for the sp it is.

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