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In the adult world , anyone putting his blood and sweat into delivering a product is entitled to a compensation. by who do you think that theme was done? imaginary fairies?
but you wouldn't know that because everything was handed to you by your parents.

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lol, 360 = 187w, PS3 slim = 96w
get your act together MS, and dump the prehistoric technology, you're embarrassing yourselves.

a world with only the Xbox brand is a scary world.

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Ass Creed has the dumbest premise ever in a video game.
"lets put the protagonist in virtual reality machine and make him fight peasants in the medieval era/renaissance."

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$99 is the price i'd give for a "elite" 360 , that's only if it comes with a life-time warranty.

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Next gen starts when Sony say so , price drops happen when Sony say so.

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superb, Uncharted 2 IS game of the year 2009

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hey Mooks! lets talk about games , not some constrained presentation of an engine that we still don't know how it translates into a full fledged game.

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Xbox 720 that is.

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really?? you are calling [email protected] sites like these Media?
I'm sure they have trouble paying even their monthly bandwidth.

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we got here a crystal ball engineer extraordinaire.

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It's a design fault.
Microsoft knew about it,they rushed and released a system bound to fail. gaining market share was their first priority, they didn't give a damn about the consumer who got the short end of the stick when all said and done.

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what about the best reliability?

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Microsoft lives in an alternate reality where last gen technology is superior??

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the PS3 already surpassed the 360 long time ago.
15 million working 360s /vs/ 24 million working PS3s.

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lol , even at $200 the "not so elite" is less attractive than a PS3 slim

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you paying for a 54% failure rate product and online play make me laugh.

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I think i hit a nerve there you hillbilly inbred simpleton.
well, seeing your screen name and avatar , I'm right.
i'm sorry your redneck mom got gangbanged by 6 muslim guys for 10 bucks,
it's not my fault she's the cheapest whore in your hillbilly town.
i advise to redirect your anger somewhere else, and stop being a cry baby.

and , who's this nasim you're talking about??

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for them, the PS3 represents the intruder, the unwanted alien.
the hillbilly media is scared "they want to take our jeeeerbs!"

Ok seriously , it's just a case of the American media supporting their homeboy "Microsoft", and putting down the visiting team "Sony".
Japan does it too.

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it comes with exclusive 54% failure rate.

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desperate tactics from a desperate website

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