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"Elite Dangerous Beta, GW2, Firefall, Project CARS, ArchAge"


Looking forward to

Rainbow Six Siege
The Witcher 3
Metal Gear Solid
gtav PC mods
Kingdom Come Deliverance
Kingdom Under Fire 2
Anything Warhammer 40,000 #1.1
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I'm gonna go out on a ledge and say the editor meant StarControl and not Starcraft.

Anyway between Starpoint Gemini 2 Elite Dangerous StarCitizen X-Rebirth 3.0 and Space Engineers you should never ever have to be bored with Earth ever again as these 5 games will literally have you spaced out for like forever. #1
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This goes on my Steam Sale get list #1
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If you donated to Kickstarter then Arena Commander one of the many StarCitizen modules is playable right now.

Don't even need the big gun to dust off this list as GTAiv with Ice mod or Crysis 3 Pc still looks better than anything the consoles can muster.

Also the best looking games on this list are the PC versions of TW3 and MGS.

The Order 1866 is all graphics and no game play as you just move a bland iron sight around. Heck I think Arche... #17.2
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Dreamcast 2 oh boy that would be awesome but most likely new Nintendo console or some Android cell phone based home system like Ouya. #1.2
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Ubisoft is definitely in full Grinch Mode.
EA as usual for rushing BF4 out the door.
Egosoft for that craptacular release of X-Rebirth.

Valve always makes the nice list
Riot Games for giving away so much LOL cash
Rockstar for giving PC Gamers a Pc version of gtav and not some crappy port.
Arena Net for giving Guild Wars 2 gamers a Titanic load of continuous content all for FREE! #1.1
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In Rockstar I trust!

Gtaiv Pc ran like trash. No multi threading no multi core balance and the game just pretty much just devoured vram for no reason except LAZINESS! but then again Dx10 was really not that great with Just Cause 2 being the only bright spot.

Pc Gamers complained rightfully so and like a good Dev our voices were heard and when Max Payne 3 Pc was released (same engine as Gtav) running super smooth and still smooth with high texture pak I knew... #20
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Yeah more cheap games to buy that I'll never play but hey they are dirt cheap.

Steam is single handily keeping multi TB Hdd manufacturers in business. #1.2
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All I know is that the PC sure seems to be getting more multiplats than the consoles themselves this gen.

Xb1 and ps4 are both lacking a few multiplats that the pc has.

Plus I get to play ArcheAge Elite Dangerous and StarCitizen.

Pc is king! #29
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This is great news as have begun sinking a lot of extra hours into this as it is better than expected along with ArcheAge still having some issues. #1
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I'm totally pumped up for this and so are a whole lot of my Pc Gaming buddies.

Once Rainbow Six Siege was announced BF:Hardline became non existent as Siege is gonna be the core tactical shooter Pc Gamers love and the community will be large and very competitive.

Ubisoft needs to get THIS ONE right. #4.1
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Dude, Skidrow cracked Denuvo like two weeks ago. I bet this Chinese team are using his crack.

Check my post as I reported this a while ago.

Plus Denuvo is serious malware. #1.2
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Takeover who cares? The important thing is that Steam Stream will be full of PC Gamers thus making it even easier for the pc gaming community to share information. #4
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Consoles have zero effect on Pc system requirements. The sudden jacking up of Pc system requirements is all due to lazy ports where the game is just dumped I to vram like gtaiv Pc back in the day was and look how horrible that was.

Half Life 2 raised requirements and then Crysis raised them and then Metro 2033 and up next will be StarCitizen to raise system requirements on the gaming side as Windows and the average amount of user multitasking raises Pc system requirements o... #14
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What about Dear Esther? I was exhausted. #9
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WWII never gets old. Simply Good vs. Evil and Good won.

Also going back to WWII would mean the end to all the high tech gadgetry and bring the series back to its glorious COD AND COD 2 core game play when it was all about skills instead of perks and power-ups. #2
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Ah yes the goodies we PC Gamers get. Fast Mech action and transforming Mechs at that.

Looks really fast paced. #7
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Easy he or she is the one everyone else is cursing or this player hasn't died once in the last 10 minutes. #1
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It took me two months just to login so yeah I guess it has longevity (login bug joke).

Trion world's has to do three very important things to be able to celebrate ArcheAge 10th anniversary.

1. Fix problems quicker and be able to recognize and fix future issues even faster.

2. Good flow of solid content and themed events. Dont go 16 months before adding new content and new world's to explore. Trion world's needs an expansion o... #1
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Looking forward to another Avengers Mod and of course Batman #1.1
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