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"Elite Dangerous Beta, GW2, Firefall, Project CARS, ArchAge"


I just don't have time for this but it does sound design good.

Between Breaking Point archive GW2 Elite Dangerous I'm out of game time #1
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Gtx660ti sli 2gb vram ultra 4k I'm getting 50 fps

HD7970 cfx 3gb vram ultra 4k I'm getting 60 fps

And this is without a true multi gpu profile from shadow and without driver updates from Amd and Nvidia so my performance will increase a lot

This is not a demanding game. Looks good but not better than The Witcher 2. The 6gb vram thing is just lazy programming #1.3
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Everyone seems to have totally forgotten that Ryse was originally suppose to be played Kinect ONLY

i think Creek did a wonderful job converting it and still staying with a good deal time. #11.1
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Yeh Titanfall Wash Dogs and Destiny all were way overhyped and failed to deliver as all are average games with a highlight here or there

Shadow of Mordor had no hype but it is truly a wonderful game. Nothing boring or repetitive about it so far #12
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My specs

Nvidia GTX660ti sli 2gb vram ultra 4k 50 fps

AND HD7970 CFX 3gb vram ultra 4k 65 fps

And once Amd and Nvidia have a new driver release my performance will improve.

6gb was a stupid over estimate and may have been done just to get some free Press. #1.2
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Hard to believe I have been Yong GW2 for 2 years.

$50 and not another dime more but an amount of updated content unseen before in gaming.

Best MMORPG I ever played #1
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Luckily the game is good because that 9gb ultra texture file was crap.

I'm sure a Mod will do better #23
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From someone who has played the Pc alpha and beta of both the answer is a resounding yes.

DJ24 kills everything with it rotation #1
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Giving StarCitizen some Competition since Beta day 1 although SC long term goals are a Galaxy beyond Elite does not mean a thing as Elite can change over time but either way Space Sim Combat trading exploration on the Pc has reach a new level of innovation and grandness.

Even X-Rebirth seems to have gotten it's act together #1
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Why the order 1866 is more intriguing than Almighty Uncharted 4 says Noone EVER #1
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Bf4 please each just stop the madness already.

Even Michael Jackson had a not so good album and bf4 is Dice's History.

Just move on ready.

Give us BF2 everything but with new tech only for Pc ps4 xb1 and we will forget about the mess called bf4 though still very enjoyable I it's bugged out glitxhy half broken state #13
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Higher = a style of people who were lame in any other era.

Tight neon clothes resembles a construction worker gone haywire #4
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So BF5 will really be bf4 but bug free and completely playable #5
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I hate COD BECAUSE it has become such a casual button masher with no strategy or tactics unlike the great cod1 cod2 which at times were the benchmark of fun to the now play blind folded and still have a 2 to 1 kdr craziest.

But in all essence I will take codaw over be hard line.

Hard-line is gonna be a joke. With games like payday2 and Tom Clancy rainbow 6 seine bfh needed to push the envelope Alot but they obviously have no clue to the innovation of payd... #8
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True dat but unlike Wash Dogs and Destiny COD:AW will Deliver

Better games less hype #1.1
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Xb1 in China is a Game changer!

It means the stores janitorial service will have to clean dust off more boxes thus cutting into his/her League of Legends playing time.

I mean China is Not a good market for consoles because of the Government and MS is not gonna make Chinese exclusives.

MS will sell Xb1 anywhere in an attempt to get those sales figures higher and closer to Sony. #9
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Very nice article

For me I want realism and intense competition so it's all about Pcars for me but such a good article I now know what the others are about #20
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No we are not reviving the desktop market as we are only a portion of it and that market includes bussines uses as well and business purchases of PCS was like 200% more than home purchases and when business purchases slowed down that's where the hit came from

Also smartphone and tablets are enough to in some instances satisfy the pc needs of non gamers so that was another hit

But Pc Gamers still are a large population that needs desktops but even with gro... #2
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Why in the hell would you wanna gimp a Pc game just to get it to console?

Build a gaming Pc within your budget or rake some leaves for cash and drop a mid tier gpu and psu into your mom's Walmart dell and enjoy the game how it was meant to be played #16
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Pc just has a better online social aspect as the games bring people together from all over the world.

Many games pit large numbers of gamers against each other in huge game world's with variable gameplay

Pc backwards compatible for life and it's Easy. Have an issue then just click compatibility mode..... Omg so hard right

Total control full customization to your liking and budget

Buh Buh but u gotta upgrade every s... #15
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