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"Killing pixels now and then..."


Don't forget No Man Sky is also coming to a PC...

Both consoles are loosing exclusives and will keep loosing them. Games dev costs are getting higher and higher, making exclusivity not financially viable.

Sony will try to keep their exclusives as exclusives, while MS won't mind publishing PC+XBOne, as it is a win-win for MS. Having more games into DX instead of OpenGL in PC, means less chances OpenGL OSes such as SteamOS, OS X and Linux gaming will... #8.4
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It wasn't a bad game. I would say it is worth £20-25, but not more than that.
It isn't a "wow!" game ala MGS4, Last of Us, Heavy Rain, Alan Wake or Halo (for me at least), but not necessarily a bad one, especially at the right price.
Will get for PC as well. #7.3
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The issue is that most people read one thing on the net and keep it going in comments/ posts.

I.e. The Internet Explorer is nowhere as slow as it used to be now, but still people make jokes how slow it is.

For me Ubisoft and Zenimax-Bethesda are the worst publishers.
The first for all the extra DLCs, pre-order bonuses, various editions and yearly franchises. The second for being the company that brought us in-disc an... #8.2.2
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I think Activision Blizzard is the biggest publisher nowadays.

What I don't get is that people vote EA "worst company" over banks, oil companies, law firms, patent trolls, etc etc... and people seems to forget that micro-transactions, season passes and DLCs were not EA's original ideas. Ubisoft and their million pre-order bonuses/editions is as bad, if not worse than EA in my eyes. #8.2
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Choice = less potential revenue. Sony, Microsoft, etc are all companies.

For me the £20 annual fee sounds about OK! It means I can sell my Fifa 14 copy for £20-25 and with that money get the subscription for "free" for a year, without loosing access to Fifa.

The real question is: Will it be a good value a year after? Will they add more games to the vault? I wouldn't mind waiting 8-12 months for a game to "enter the vault collecti... #5.4
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The EA's Vault is $30 (£20) per year. Half the price of the B4. Plus you get discounts on DLCs.

Imo the price is right, as long as they put some context.

I'll get it, £20 is simply one less fancy burger next time I 'm in London or I'll simply sell my FIFA 14 disc. I just hope E.A will support this properly and add titles #1.5.3
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It won't be 100K extra copies. However I belive Activision is playing their game right.

Activision knows that more wealthy PC gamers will never stick to one system if they want the X game. By getting Destiny on consoles only at launch, it will make PC gamers get a console. This way this way they increase next-gen console sales.

A few months after they release the game for PC, PC gamers who got it on a console, will re-buy this. Mainly for that extra DLC,... #4.3.1
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I don't remember resolution to be an issue.

Other than the 3-red lights it was about graphics, originally multiplats on 360 and then when they started looking the same people stopped and started fighting about features like Kinect, PSN down, Live subscription, etc etc... The press was pretty much picking up whatever they could.

Now it is resolution. Mostly because press can show differences easier, get more clicks and thus more revenue.

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If the game is getting released on August, it means it is code-complete from May max. Now they probably do integration and validation testing. The only code changes will be bug fixing or if something reaaaally bad comes out from their validation testing.

TBH Diablo graphics aren't demanding, even without June's SDK, XBOne should play it at 1080P. One of the few games my rMBP can play at full 3K resolution just fine. #2.1.5
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And yet iOS gets exclusivity/ earlier releases of high profile apps.
Devs develop on what they got first and what it will sell more.

As a general rule App developers say: iOS is a pain to develop-on, but the most profitable. Windows Phone is the easiest to develop on (C# and VS :D) but the worst in terms of profits.
Android offers a bit of both, but you have to go with a different business model. That is why iOS apps that ar... #4.1.4
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You are correct if you trying the same level of graphics as the console.

However for the minimum, usually lower than consoles level graphics, the specs should be much lower.

What surprised me is the six core "requirement". A game shouldn't need one... I sense a marketing discussion was involve.

In any case my 4770k @ 4.5GHz and Titan Black should be able to run it. ;-) #1.2.2
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The idea in DirectX 11.2 XBOne uses is to stream from your drive the texture to the memory. Effectively using a couple of MBs for GBs worth of textures.
PS4's OpenGL 4.0, using extra open source libraries, can do a similar thing.

8GBs are more than enough. Unless you just like to throw things in the memory and don't delete them after done using them. #1.4.1
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Well said. System wars unfortunately is a popular topic in blogs and webpages, it sells. It is part of our evolutionary behaviour to try and justify our actions, i.e. our purchases and "enforce" ourselves over others. People who can't afford something usually bash it or if they have to make a choice, they bash the other choices. You see this in smartphones, consoles, cars, etc etc.

Both consoles are capable of good-looking games. PS4 at the moment is the de-fact... #4.2
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If they start paying for their games, be more transparent what they bought, what they got for free it would be great for me.

Reviewers should get a couple of days for single-player in advance and only review multiplayer games post-launch.

Over the last years I kept coming across more and more "professional" webpages, biased, exploiting console wars and trends, misinforming people. Such sites in my opinion just hurt the communities, as they split gam... #1.1.12
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Yes. As I moved in the UK from continental Europe, I was surprised how non well-known this EU Directive is here.

PC World, Game, etc employees are always confused when I refuse to buy any extended warranties, citing this law...

Yes you can argue for more; you can even use Microsoft's claims about a 10-years life-circle and demand, through legal action, a 10 years warranty. Then again, lawyer's fees will cost you more than 2-3 XBOnes ;) #1.1.1
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Based on EU law, which overlaps UK law, you can actually claim a minimum 2 years warranty from the seller of your machine. So you pretty much pay £60 for a 3rd year and to deal with MS directly on your 2nd year.

Much rather spend £60 on a game. Afterall if there is a RoD-like issue, MS will extend warranty or you can get a 3rd-party warranty.

Still not a bad price compares to usually OEM's warranties prices, as it includes two controllers and th... #1
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This is a pointer example in C++:
int *foo; See that "*"? That declares that foo is a pointer.

int **foo; This is a pointer-to-a-pointer pointer called foo, in "Cheat-Engine slang" a 2-levels pointer.

int ***foo; 3-levels.

What is a pointer? See comment above.

On your memory you get pointers holding the address of an object (I hope you know what objects are). This... #1.1.9
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Do you know what pointers are in programming or you are just using big words?

Pointer is a variable that holds the address and nothing more to another variable/object. Nothing more. On their own they have no security implication, in fact the less pointers used the better security-wise as less fields (global variables) are exposed.

Pointers are the bread and butter of every C/C++ programmer and it will be ridiculous to claim that... #1.1.6
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Another common issue with embedded devices like consoles, TV boxes, etc or even laptops:
-In favour of a quite system, fan tables were modified.
-In order to meet demand, Sony like ALL companies supplied parts from multiple companies. Some of these suppliers may have lower temperatures limits.

Actually a combination of above maybe the problem.

In any case a 0.4% isn't bad at all! Most products got a much higher % on their launch window. J... #2.2
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All software aimed at an open-market systems and not specific embedded devices, like consoles will have issues depending on hardware configurations. Most of the times a bit of OS-tuning or drivers update solves the issues.
Two examples?
Android; even among high-end flagship models, you don't get the same experience on apps.
Web-apps: They run on the cloud, with a browser just accessing them. Every bloody browser renders stuff differently, forcing web-devs to write... #1.1.14
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