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They take space. I like small SSFPCs with mITx/mATX cases (my desktop is literally 22L mATX build,thus disc drive area goes for cable management) and for laptops, I traded my optical drive for a fourth SSD on my main laptop and my work/small one, doesn't even have space for it.

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No point. I may get the physical copies for limited editions or as "memorabilia" if a game worth it. Even then, I am using the key on Steam/Origin. I don't even have a DvD/BluRay drive in any of my three machines.

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You can't compare them as business studies.

One of them is a yearly franchise and other isn't. This means there is more time to hype and market the game, plus build interest as people may get nostalgic. Afterall 20 years is like what? 6-7 more Halo assuming they will be on a 3-years release schedule -which at the end up on a four years.

CoD has different lore/story on every (or every other) game, while Halo has a single lore/storyline to follow. Peop...

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Anyone with a degree in Computer Science can tell that:
a) No system is "unhackable".
b) Hacking is the wrong term, as wrongdoing is in play cracking is more appropriate.
c) It won't be forever.
d) You can protect against DDoS up to one extend...
e) Security is harder now that as you said, every kid can boot up a version of Black Ubuntu and lend computing power to someone with brains or execute a 3rd-party script just to feel "cool...

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I think they are scared. If they do an HD remake that doesn't work, they will be in deep trouble.

Re-releasing the game still will get them a descent low-risk income and they keep the remake playing card. If they ever get desperate for a quick surge money, then they can do an HD-remake and call it a day.

FF VII remake and Half-Life 3 are both highly wanted and hyped games making any development/release decision harder as they know people will be more judg...

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PERSONALLY (caps intented) I found Resistance 2 one of the most underrated shooters last-gen; both story-wise and gameplay -that co-op mode!

Sunset for me is mindless fun. May not be an art-piece like TLOU or Heavy Rain or Alan Wake, but definitely a great game if you don't take it seriously.

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That is what she said...

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My 780Ti SLI setup is ready and I guess can handle the game fine. However out of principle alone, I am not getting it.

Ubisoft with ACU screwed both console and PC gamers alike, for that alone regardless how good I can play it, I will hold off.

PS: Decrypt: Reducing the resolution on the consoles is a "cheap" and coward's solution to the problem, poor optimisation. Ubi needs to fix the console versions. Same thing applies for PC gamers with AMD ...

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DRM is a race; crackers beat the latest and greatest form of DRM eventually and companies create new DRM methods in response... It is a circle, similar to cryptography and code-breakers.
The problem with the later, that Ubisoft in this case is using piracy as an excuse.

PS: Support the devs -maybe not Ubi- and buy games instead of pirating.

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Teamviewer is free and has all the features you need for that...
Also instead of logging out, simply go to a low-level mobs dungeons, i.e. Stockade. You can't go AFK while in combat, plus at level 90 and onwards the mobs will miss instead of doing damage.

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I agree with the article.

343 matchmaking issue isn't something quality assurance could pick up. Closed betas and in-house alphas always perform "better" in terms of network-related testing. As the campaigns work excellent -other than a really minor bug I encounter- I am happy with Halo: TMCC. Multiplayer issues aren't a new trend in the industry, MP is always hard to test and scale properly. Even thought 343 quickly responded with hotfixes and a public apol...

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While I love both series: one does not simply say Halo copied from Resistance.

Halo was based upon Goldeneye 007 and Quake for the MP arena style maps, with the arcade vehicle action similar to Unreal Tournament and the campaign level-design on the original Half-Life. That was back in 1999 (when the game became an FPS as upto 98 it was developed as an RTS) - 2000.

Halo was the game that made FPS popular in consoles by building ontop of Goldeneye's legacy ...

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Remaster game of the year? If that is a thing nowadays, we are doomed. Even less chances to see new IPs or innovation...

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Which there shouldn't really be a "standard".

In photography, there is CIPA which releases camera shipments but as overall amounts across all participating companies. They do separation in terms of dSLR, mirrorless, compacts, but that's about it. You get the occasional trolls in forums, but that doesn't stop Nikon or Sony or Canon or Olympus or Fuji or Samsung or Pentax users enjoying their systems and actually using them. I.e. Sony is 3rd by a large ma...

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I don't understand why people really want a system to fail. If XBox started selling good, it is win-win for everyone.

XBOne owners will keep getting 3rd party support and Microsoft can justify to its shareholders to keep supporting the platform.

PS4 owners/potential buyers: Means Sony will get a few bundles out or will invest more into exclusives.

Competition = consumers' best friend

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Fifa 15 wasn't bad at all. Much better than 14.

Dragon Age looks good and may sell good. Only the timing for it is bad. RPG people got WoW: WoD and most gamers are/will be busy will other games. Imo DA should had been released in September or February.

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The only fault with the article is that it suggests Ubisoft became the new EA now... It was like this for over the last two years.

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A software developer myself, out of "respect" for colleagues I never pirate software/games. While I always say "support the devs! don't pirate" this time I may ignore my own advice. Even if I won't bother playing/ installing the game.

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To be fair with EA, they didn't force their own platform if you already owned a game in any other platform, unlike uPlay which is a must for games bought on Steam and Origin.

Even if I love Steam, in a way Valve forced people to use Steam if they wanted to play their games same way that EA is doing for the games.

Ubisoft in a way "sneaked" uPlay into our lives, first as an optional platform to unlock game related bonuses, then as DRM and now as ...

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When I bought Far Cry 3 on Steam, I thought I was getting the "Steam" version and uPlay was optional, like Games for Windows, if I wanted to access online stuff or like in AC2, to unlock wallpapers or whatever. I was so wrong... If I knew that it was mandatory, I wouldn't bother.

uPlay is simply a DRM system and now Ubisoft decided they don't need Steam, thus why pay Valve royalties? And no I don't hate uPlay because it crashes or takes background resour...

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